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Stopping BIG tax avoidance scams

If a person is anti-vax, they’re working to stop tax avoidance, that may have a vacillation, such that an arrest that must not be delayed further, but that something is delaying that, there. A concoction, a scam of tax avoidance, that medico-pharmaceutical companies have tried to name their immunisation from dangerous conditions on legalese concoction. The medico-pharmaceutical intentions to invert law, use induction and intentionally make serious errors and mistakes is criminal. That the serious errors include slavery, torture offenses, makes for a horrifying crime that shouldn't be delayed the policing of.

Anti-vacuation, when laws need to be nullified isn’t an easy concept. That additionally when there’s a need to stop piracy that bypass, avoid, remove, deactivate or impair. And the medico-pharmaceutical companies doing the piracy violations, want to put ‘impairments’ into accounting and human rights violations.

Then, the technological means that control access to work, is an ‘automatic protection’ that must be monitored, to prevent theft of the protection device. The dangerous conditions on such a machine, require that.

Medico-pharmaceutical personnel have got into all sorts of dirty tricks and sabotage, including annoying vacuum cleaner companies and fittings and fixtures manufacturers, with terrifying so called ‘surgeries’, that ‘evacuate the plumbing’, that of abortion, and pre-op colonoscopy. That there’s stealth weapons to simulate that horror, and harm a person's body, that is beyond a threat and menace, it’s outrageous violence, is that there as well, and must be stopped, along with the tax avoidance.

When money is paid for an employment position, to do a task, of monitoring a dangerous machine, and that task of monitoring the machined is shifted into monitoring people – that’s then a criminal intent on action deliberately negated, as a security task. There has to be enough staff for such equipment, if someone’s called out for a minute, or the dangerous machine cannot be maintained, and the monitoring system for the machine then endangers the medico-pharmaceutical personnel and others. The license must automatically be cancelled, when such occurs. That and people harmed by the dangerous machine, compensated, by the person responsible for the dangerous machine.

When legislation needs to be made void, rendered void – the laws are capable of being eliminated in whole, without incurring expense or hardship for the economy. Such as is the situation in Australia, with the legislation needing to be rendered void, to comply with the Federal Constitution of Australia Act. A confusing term, might be – practically avoidable, meaning that the legislation can be made void without expense or hardship.

Enslavers always claim that the people they torture and enslave, need to be managed, and that is false as is that the people enslaved want that, and are pleading for that. Enslavers, and the eugenicists, the medico-pharmaceutical companies for 75 years in Australia, have got in the way of implementing the abolition of civil conscription. There is no hardship in being free from enslavers. Economies are never wealthy on slavery, because civil conscription denies what is industry potential, and gives enslavers a false position of security.

What the eugenicists, the medico-pharmaceutical enslavers taken into inverted laws, by placing pseudo-medicalisation of ‘habits’ on humanity. While, the habits that are to be refrained from, are for medical personnel, and some forensic policing – such as might be considered ‘contamination’ in a circumstance where contamination must not occur. The food industry, also has this, habits to refrain from while doing a particular task.

For foods, old theme was, hot water on the jars for anything that is to be ‘cultured’. That and not wanting ‘cross-cultures’. Eugenicists mucked into that, and made it about what it isn’t. Though, food industry may have had different methods, and didn’t understand that there were other cultures that could be part of food preserves, and such - it wasn't anything other than ignorance, and discussion of such. That medicos then took that discussion, for their unlawful jars of people’s body parts and scolding people, attempting to say that a living person needed that rather than objects. That it wasn’t only a verbal scolding, that alienist/ psychiatrists wrapped people in hot sheets and burnt people’s skin.

Psychiatrists scolding people’s habits, and culture in writing, verbally – is horrible enslavers rhetoric. That then, of tax avoidance and other crimes, such as taking people’s body parts unlawfully, is something that must stopped, and the concealment recognised as an additional crime. Concealing evidence of unlawful activities, medicos are notoriously violent, and then they’ll say they’ve got a vial of this or that, in the closet.

For medicos that of avoiding financial costs, or harrowing; and using the accusations of mitigating damages and washing of mitts, to evade or escape tax liability, by attempting to blame the people whom are being harmed by the medico. Inverted law here, is an outrageous scam, and persecution of victims of psychiatrists violations, is where the costs of such persecution on the victims has been horrifyingly extreme, and should never have been tolerated.

That a population is restrained, by mechanical means, and censured and told to refrain from arguing against eugenics, medicos and pharmaceutical companies; and that this is also done by stealth device and programming indoctrination that is induction technology - is where populations have been held back from their industry.

'Confessional’ laws are being used by medicos, in confession and avoidance once again – converting the charge, the crime, to avert liability, into medicalisation of another. That’s not acceptable for medicos to be using old confessional rules to scam the economy of a country, and violate the people – the crime should be clearly seen for an attempt to conceal illegal evasion of law.

That annulment, and nullifying unlaws, and avoidance of marriage has eugenics program matter to induct a schism in marriage, is where the attempts of medicos to conceal illegal evasion are really invasive and cruel distraction device technical sabotage crimes.

To vacate is to nullify, to make void – and slavery and torture legislation necessitates such that legislation in violation of the Constitution be nullified, so the legislature is not in conflict with the Constitution. The vacated judgement in Court, what is overruled or said to be Out of Order in Parliament – that, in Australia and laws of possession, should not be going against the people to delay the nullification of legislation that needs to be made void, because it is unlaw, that of civil conscription, which must not be allowed.

Surrender of insurgents, that are in positions of power, that of medico-pharmaceutical insurgents, cannot be said to be ‘surgery’ and ‘detergents’ in an induction program – and fool the Australian People, the Australia Courts, and Parliament.

There must be no more ‘exemptions’ for medico-pharmaceutical personnel, for ‘immunity’ from tax, and other legal charges that include slavery, torture, and treason offenses. That excess of privilege is a serious crime, and there really cannot be ‘special dispensations’ for medico-pharmaceutical personnel, to then dispensary/ chemist of the crimes, that when include murder, must also be legally understood for what that is, and not said to be a ‘financial charge’ for further tax avoidance.

The scams of medico-pharmaceutical companies are that horrible, that wayward, and menacing, and cannot be given concealment awards, and be a means to enslave and torture by naming medical internment facilities, 'wards' and 'theatres'.

Criminal intent and actions of medicos to make the situation vague, then, shift their trust funds into diamantes, and then demand people go on a diet of the medicos instructions, and take products with dangerous conditions, and such is horrifying when combined with physics, of dangerous machines that are left involuntary. That this should never be able to conceal stealth weapons interference device that is ‘circuit’ based retrieval aimed at a person’s head, to make the stealth situation ambiguous to detection. Then to outrageously take possession of that person violated by the stealth weapon, and their property, is further outrage – that must be outed. People must recognise what medicos have conspired to do, and actioned. That the unlaws needing abolition, nullification, voiding – that it is that legislation in flagrant violation Australia’s Constitution, that has been enabling such horrifying outrageous criminal intent and actions by medicos.

The person being violated should not be subjected to an ‘emergency evacuation’ from insurgents either. Stop the insurgents, that are medico-pharmaceutical, treasonous offenders, a menace to public peace, liable to become a public burden, that are violent acts of treachery and that of financial theft from the Australian economy – tax evasion, that cannot be said to be a wanderer. That medico-pharmaceutical companies have done that, and have even used the butterfly named as such, as a logo for some of their organised concealing of financial theft from the Australian economy, and crimes and against humanity.

The crimes of psychiatrists and their accomplices, are not vague, or abstract, or in anyway indistinct or uncertain. The Federal Constitution of Australia Act, is very clear on the abolition of civil conscription in 51 xxiiiA, in forbidding forcing of social ‘provisions’; that such as medicos must be stopped from attempting civil conscription on the Australian population. That medical provisions must not form ‘civil conscription’.

A person of ordinary intelligence knows what is prohibited, restricted and required in 51 xxiiiA. That and common sense at what is a crime. Forced human experimentation, slavery and torture perpetrated by a medico – that’s one of the most horrifying crimes. It is not the victims of psychiatrists’ violations that need to be prohibited, restricted and required to be obedient to psychiatrists that enslave and torture. Medico-pharmaceutical personnel have been given every opportunity to know that civil conscription is prohibited, and are not exempt.

That attempts by medicos to Value Added Tax and Vatican Fragments, that are very old approximately 300 BC, are not ways and means to scam further by stealth, Australia’s economy and people.

Claiming human veins in the same as Mining Law makes claims on a mineral or mineralisation rock in the earth, or discovery veins, is not lawful – not a means to possess people, and dispossess them.

The right to free speech, not being suppressed, because a crowd reacts negatively; that has to be contrasted with Verbal Terrorism that is hate speech inciting hate crime, hostile and warmongering propaganda, that has stealth devices, medico-pharmaceutical, that induce people to accept the Verbal Terrorism, and are ushered to do audience tasks, of participation, or appreciation. That when approval is not there, it should not be given, and people must resist the urge, or ushering by device, as well as the hushing of heckling, that is a natural response to medico-pharmaceutical personnel inciting terrorism upon humanity.

Australia must nullify the unlaws, and stop the trickery and malice of stealth weapons aimed by medico-pharmaceutical personnel, vexation of necessary compliance with The Federal Constitution of Australia.

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