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Information must be lawful to share

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer; owner of The Painter And The Writer Gallery

Policy regarding information sharing, should be understood, though, people do question country to country matter. Sometimes a government may make choices another country doesn’t want. It is best that the people don’t share that information, in those circumstances.

Situations of concerned relatives, friends or colleagues, as to a person’s whereabouts – that is really a private matter, to inquire about. Otherwise there might be a breach. That is where policy is generally understood.

Circumstantial information, that has to do with Circuit Courts, that really is for people to look up, not share. Though, official office might share, to show or prove something about that which required, or was written with permissions. That should not be something that has a medical office dangerous machine pointed at a law-abiding citizen, in a blame-shift, with line, ‘so smug in her little house is she?’

That the Elliot Hayhoe Trust, had to be outed in Main St, Maldon yesterday, in a suspicious Visible Crime, road cross, that had espionage matter and biodata ID theft, ‘cross manoeuvre’ on it, and, intention to collect para-military data-theft from Lau Unit Trust. Visible Crime, then entering premises. There were other Mechanical Contrivances, that were also named. That, when a witness is subjected to biodata ID theft, and is being fired at by electronic weapons; and wants nothing to do with the intercorporate perpetrating the offenses. That saying that there are likely ‘gold or silver bars’ hidden under a table, in premises, that are perpetrating the crimes against humanity, unlawful thefts, defrauding, treason offenses, might be revealing too much.

The fires of espionage at a victim of crime, all night, while the intercorporate extremists ‘data theft arrange’, is horrifying violation on citizens in Australia, though, the press doesn’t name it. The press instead prefers to name another country as the violator.

Then, cite a person in Adelaide, whom is concerned for relatives, in that other country. That seems erroneous, to the victims of crime, whom are citizens being violated in Australia, whom have lived their entire lives in Australia.

There should not be accuse, on an entire family.

There should not be accuse, on a township.

There should not be accuse on an entire country.

There must be understanding of whom is responsible, is an intercorporate, intent on profits from very serious crimes against government, and horrifying violations of humanity.

There isn’t an opportunity for the Lau Unit Trust to say that they intrude on the circuit layout, and biodata ID theft perpetrate, violate the light spectrum, that this is ‘tell’ for the community, or ‘tel a thong’ or ‘telecommunications’, it isn’t legitimate, to cause harm to a human, or sabotage an ecosystem, intelligence directions of circuit layout, and expose the details of foreign, and high security data-theft, in a parade of horribles. The parade of horribles is known to expose for their own purposes to train their various shell-groups, syndicates, to sky-access, by a colour code costume arrangement, and j-walking, parking, and other traffic violation, then such as loitering, logomachy, littering. That there is poisons standards on packages of some foods, and sky-train access on that, as well as worn poisons such as detergents. This is all perpetrated on a daily basis, and is a visible crime, if a person is aware of that interaction, with a phone-like device, that could be inspected by an government authority more closely, to recognise the violation on the poisons standards.

Scandalous matter properly put, when there is details there from another country’s reporters (CNN) that Australia agrees to the reporting of.

Victims of crime, that are Australian citizens, don’t want the blame-shift, and for horror happening to them to be said to be ‘another country’ and ‘other people’ whom are said to have offended the government there. Victims of crime, Australian citizens want to be able to name the crimes of the intercorporate extremists, without unnecessary details, and with good results for Australia, and humanity.

Reinforcing the laws already there -

  1. First of all there must not be any civil conscription.

  2. Null & Void the repugnant legislation, legislation that should never have passed is null & void ab initio.

  3. All legislation must comply with the Constitution.

  4. If provisions/ services that may be given for peace order good governance are used for war crime, electronic weapons tests on citizens. Then, do not fund those provisions/ services further (that are indicated in 1-5-51-23A, of the Federal Constitution). Do not allow an intercorporate to null & void your citizens.

Reinstate the thousands of years of knowledge of Australia, for strength of country and people, and creative arts as well as traditional fine arts, languages, laws and culture of nations of Australia, with treaty.


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