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Secrecy should not obstruct competence

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer; owner of The Painter And The Writer Gallery

3rd March, Commencement of The Australia Act – the 2023 demand for Australia to start making null & void the repugnancy in the legislation.

Allow for secrecy, but do not obstruct another in speaking the truth, that is law-abiding to speak to.

In the workplace, sometimes officials go too far, in demanding their staff never speak to the legislation that they work with, or under, and when it comes to high security, there is that. Though, it seems to be obstructing the discussion of legislation by the members of the public, whom are citizens and have every right to discuss, and not be subjected to that which is a security clause writ for the protection of military, policing, or other Government Office and Industry that relates to high security demands.

When there is an attempt to obstruct, that is something that is reasonable to name in a court, and get clearance from a judge. There may also be a court writ that is – contractual obligation, obligatio ex contracto. That then, there is also obligato delicto, tort law, an obligation arising from wrongdoing against the person or property of another; an obligation that is enforceable in tort (Black’s Law Dictionary, 11th Edition; Bryan A. Garner, Editor in Chief; Thomas Reuters.)

There is also obligations from Treaty, that Australia is demanding be put in place, as part of legislation, and constitution.

There are also obligations of the court, that are declared actionable. That doesn’t mean, that the court has to be actioned for the legislation to be inspected, and recognised for the repugnancy. There has to be an official that does the justice work, that recognising the obligation arising from wrongdoing against the person or property of another – that and the legislation that has been used, despite being unconstitutional, and too ambiguous to pass, that the legislation needs to be officially stamped null & void from the beginning. Incompetence and corruption of 250 years post invasion in Australia, has meant, fear, and contractual obligation writs, and witness intimidation, workplace sabotage – has obstructed that official null & void on the legislation, and instead of the legislation being made null & void, people have been given to the writ of null & void, as if they are legislation. That the people are arbitrarily detained, and injected with poisons that might be similar chemicals that are used in inks. That, is where the secrecy may be, that is obstructing, given the press in Australia has been part of the propaganda, that obstructs the whole truth and nothing but, of those citizens (such as myself) whom can easily speak to that, but are being denied justice, and violated.

Making null & void repugnancy in legislation, is an on-going duty to care for the legislation, and it should never be ignored, belittled, or said to be something that is used to null & void the truth of that when it is spoken to.

An injunction to demand that a person not be further violated by an intercorporate that is using repugnant legislation, to arbitrarily detain a human and subject them to narcoterrorism, or to blame-shift the court contract that obstructs the speech on certain matters that are high security references, by the foreign interference intercorporate that has secrecy clauses on poisons and electronics, that have deliberately been tested on Australian citizens, unarmed-civilians. The weapons tests (poisons and electronics, such electroconvulsion equipment), are totally unlawful, horrifying war crime on Australian unarmed-civilians. Unarmed-civilians are being subjected to a treatment that is fascist, that makes for structural error, in a court of law. Citizens unarmed-civilians, cannot possibly be, the enemy combatant, that another country might have legislation that is in force, that subjects an enemy combatant to such as the poisons and electronic weapons, for punitive reasons, to stop attempts to unpick locks, codes and keys from the high security guard.

A country 250 years post-invasion, has to think of that which isn’t compliant with principles to do with legislation, and how that which deliberately interferes with the normal course of a Fine Art Gallery’s work (such as my own), subjects citizens to witness intimidation and harming witnesses or juror; prevents or delays legal or political process; that interferes with the orderly administration of law and justice, by withholding evidence, and obstructing the truth, or by giving false information, and obstructing police officer or prosecutor – that is obstruction of justice. Obligation is to not allow for obstruction of justice in Australia, must be there.

The foreign interference, in Australia, 250 years post-invasion, must not obstruct justice, by legal writs on criminals that got past border security, with intentions to sabotage, make mining and industrial claims on Australian industries, and monopolise government. That foreign interference in Australia, must be understood to be medico-pharmaceutical based corruption. The weapons that the medico-pharmaceutical industries have, are notoriously wrong, attempt to patent data-theft from various countries and industries. It is an upset to humanity, that humans identity markers are also being used in a hostage-system, that is said to be ‘biomedical matter’, and ‘secrecy clause’, though actually is a signal redirect, and concealment, and harm to witnesses, primarily Australian citizens that speak to the crimes of the repugnant legislation, that RANZCP fellows use, and force on the population. The government paying for that war crime on unarmed-civilians, is then said to be government crime, though, there must be some consideration to the situation, and demand that officials do not fund the war crimes further.

The obstruction of process, of acting on the arrest of RANZCP fellows, and other intercorporate cartel, and the obstruction of the process of shutting down and shutting businesses that are anti-competitive conduct, in Australia, war crimes on unarmed-civilians, citizens – the execution of that writ, should not be opened up, and corrupted of purpose. A writ, warrant, or other process that is lawful demand to arrest, should never be turned into ‘medical emergency’; or ‘pandemic’. When there is terrorism, threats and menacing, there are special powers given to make certain that the writ, warrant, or other process that is lawful demand to arrest is actioned, and never misdirected. There must be no mistake in understanding when the medico-pharmaceutical corporations are suspected of corruption, they cannot be participating in inspection for unlawful under the skin concealments of terrorists; and that should never be blame-shifted onto an unarmed-civilian, and then said to be ‘done task’, so that the unlawful shipment continues, or the trespass continues.

Dragging a dangerous terrorist to court, such as a RANZCP fellow is, is not something a plaintiff should have to do. RANZCP fellows are working with organised medico-pharmaceutical cartel, they don’t work alone, it is not enough to bring one RANZCP fellow into court, and whom has made certain the RANZCP fellow won’t access sky foreign interference secrecy, or use something else to obstruct justice. If a medical officer was with the police official inspecting for weapons, prior to court, how can the court be assured that the medical officer did not obstruct deliberately, or by incompetence, that inspection for weapons. The medical officer may have a contract, that the medical officer believes they are obliged to follow (however that is not a permitted contract, and should be understood as unlawful aiding and abetting of crime to comply with).

In parliament, there must be an Obtaining of the Floor, to speak to that of the repugnant legislation. That must not be subjected to objections, and suspects that perpetrate the ‘sustained’ in Parliament, must be inspected for unlawful conduct, and obstruction of political process. To uphold and rule in favour, is Courts, not Parliament. And interference in Parliament that is medico-pharmaceutical pecuniary interests is disqualification from a seat in Senate or the House – the intercorporate crime must not be promoted, given strength or encouraged, while the whole truth and nothing but that is Australia’s civil rights demand denied, and due diligence matters pertaining to legislative repugnancy denied. Demand adherence to the laws, and demand whose contract is obstructing parliament in their obligations to the people of Australia, the citizens.

The word ‘sustain’ is very difficult at law, and must be considered such. It is also deliberately ambiguous in definition. When the word is used too much and too often, for a theory, that is not old enough to be something that is fundamental law. Theories of ‘Sustainable development’ are regularly defrauding the government, violating civil rights, and obstructing justice, and parliamentary obligations to null & void repugnant legislation.

That there has also been obstruction, in Australia’s obligations to understand that Australia must have responsible celebrations, that make sense to the people whom live here, families whom have been here thousands of years, and have knowledge of the 600 Australian nations, building materials, fine arts, languages, and stories – that are always respectful and honourable to the Australian nations, and Australia as a country.

March 3rd, Commencement of The Australia Act, means, only that Australia is being reasonable in having a special day for that, to think about due diligence, and that day which UK declared that they would not interfere further on the legislation. Whether or not that be named Australia Day, in future, is up to the people, but it does make sense, because it is a good thing, for a country’s leaders, positions of power, to be responsible for the legislation, and never act like an invasive horrible force on their citizens, particularly unarmed-civilians, that don’t have licence to combat, because that isn’t what they do for Australia. For myself, taking up arms, would mean difficulties for my Fine Art Gallery, that doesn’t want to have fine art destroyed in an escalated fight. That, and I’m 50, and have no weapons training. Australia did not demand that all citizens do weapons training, nor did they encourage it. I am qualified I fine arts – and that is where I have responsibility and training. Writing must be responsible, and always credit, name an author whom is quoted, or referenced. Visual art, must be original, to say that of what might become, if the misdirection of blame continues. Ways of communicating, that are never obstruction of justice, because they don’t involve anything that intrudes on another, are that which is my work. That said, do not intrude on myself, or my country, and the witnesses that have been obliged to give evidence, to demand justice – should be where there as due diligence from another employment office, trained in armory.

Australia must not be compromised further.

Fine arts are very important to Australia, Arts Law, has writing that is about making certain there isn’t encroachment on First Nations Australian traditional fine art, traditions.

There also needs to be reinforcing of copyright obligations to creative visual artists that are citizens of Australia, that have lived their entire lives in Australia, and have qualifications, and have large collections of their original creative works. These works must not be compromised and exploited, by that which goes against the civil rights of the law-abiding visual artist that is creative. There must not be exploitation of visual artists that are creative, by terms such as ‘education’; ‘research’ and ‘government’, and as for the medico-pharmaceutical cartel, exploiting fine art of creative visual artists, in equipment that has secrecy clauses, and naming the visual art property of the intercorporate cartel (medical pharmaceutical) that is obscene violation of the visual artists that have large collections of creative, unique work.

On this day, 3rd of March, 2023, there is much to think about – and suspension of arms, of the medico-pharmaceutical intercorporate cartel fascism, must be demanded, by the personnel whom are able to fulfil that obligation to the people of Australia, so that their workplaces, and humanity, is not violated further, by the delay and denial of that Long Overdue Honour, compliance with the holocaust prevention writ, that has one direction, that though provisions may be given, ‘but not so as to authorise any form of civil conscription’; that and understanding if the provisions/ services are funding disturbance of peace, order, good governance, war crime on civilians – then, do not fund further those the provisions/ services of 1-V-51-xxiiiA (of The Federal Constitution of Australia Act).

I have persisted in making an effort over a long period of time, to make certain that there is peace, order good governance, in Australia, and that civil rights are upheld. I have done this, while not being in Government Office, and while I’m being sabotaged, violated, by medico-pharmaceutical obstructors to justice, that then attempt to name what I am doing ‘sustain’. Understand there is a ambiguity in that legal term, for a reason, and a security matter, that sounds similar, that never should be applied to a patriotic citizen (such as myself) that has been subjected to arbitrary detention and narcoterrorism, under unconstitutional legislation. I demand civil rights, human rights and justice, for Australian citizens, and our workplaces, these demands that are reasonable and sensible obligations, they are reinforcement of the laws already understood.


Arts Law, Australia pertaining to

Australian Legislation

The Australia Act 1986

Federal Constitution of Australia Act

The Corporations Act 2001

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