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The Full Story


Initially No

Composed more than 50 songs, and played them at gigs, in Melbourne. 

As a performing artist Initially NO, with Actors Equity, she also worked with spoken word poetry, comedy. After years of performing characters on stage by playwrights, she focused on necessity to write, and used her professional editing qualifications.  When there is necessity to challenge and change another's directions (when the direction is unlawful directive) to get the task accomplished, a diligent citizen must always be assertive. Publishing books, with USA platform and printer CreateSpace (now with Amazon), and publisher Chipmunka UK. Why? That is for policy, and further discussion in Australia.

Demanding civil rights in Australia isn't easy. There is denial of publication, and sabotage to business, despite University qualification good work ethic, and Ms Initially No, being someone whom is law abiding. When the legislation that is repugnant, needs to be made null and void, don't null & void the citizens whom speak the truth - that must be something to allow.

Attempting to demand that there be no further unconstitutional legislation, used to exploit citizens, Ms Initially No, set up a group named - Victims' of Psychiatrists' violations, Abolish Psychiatry, and worked with people worldwide, in this. There was one thing, that Ms Initially No, didn't understand, for some time, how-to speak to that which other people were claiming was their problem, 'disabilities'. Disabilities, is high security equipment, Government, in Australia, and false-label put on people subjected to arbitrary detention and narcoterrorism in Australia. It took some thinking to be able to name, exactly the difference between people whom are a workforce with apps/ devices/ access privileges, and the victims of psychiatrists' violations, that were being falsely said to be that, so that spies and other intercorporate cartel could evade justice!  The parades of horribles perpetrating witness intimidation in front of Ms Initially No, and her fine art gallery, were fought. The legal matter was looked at, and the legislation, that is necessary to understand.

That, in a paragraph, tells something of Ms Initially No. For the full story you need to see her fine art exhibitions, and read her literature. Then, there will be more books, and fine art, and music, and speeches, unless the world prefers that creative artists become security matter, for government, or horrid criminals, that take everything and sabotage everything, and theft from creative artists, and authors that are law-abiding, and original.

Laws, legislation and literature

It is important that people recognise that copyright exists for a reason, it is essential, that authors, visual artists, and voice-over artists, as well as song-writers, are never subjected to sabotage, when their work is original, creative and strong.


Make policy, that makes sense.

Reinforce the laws already there.

Do not allow for repugnancy.

Never violate law-abiding citizens with machines!

Holocaust prevention, is essential. Don't allow for fascism, by mechanical contrivances.

Demand reinstatement of thousands of years of understanding of Australia, that every country in the world respects, reinforces, is that of their thousands of years of understanding.

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