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Professional Writer and Editor

Initially No, is member of ASA, and APRA-AMCOS.

University qualifications for product of authored books is RMIT Professional Writing and Editing, their University recommended style. Monash University Bachelor of Arts, qualification for Ms Initially No, is more essay and understanding to the matter of citation.

Books by Initially NO, include -

authored biographies, 'Percipience, outside the range of understood sense' and 'Naked Ladies'.

Poetry books, including - Coalfire Cream, Afraid of Myself, the much loved Riotous favour, Err and Grr, and Weird Stuff Happening.

You might also want to buy 'Suicidal ideation is...', Curl up and Disappear, Felicity, AmeliorationLost in the Bright, or Psychiatry must Die!

Coffee-Table Picture Books (for people old-enough to drink coffee) BEINGS volumes 1-6. purchase here or contact Initially No for a signed copy.

Novella, 'Wolfing it down'

Children's picture book, 'Symbiosis - The Adventures of Tinsycat'.


Ms Initially No, has recently produced exceptional quality articles that should be a column in a newspaper.


Initially NO is member of APRA-AMCOS, some of her songs have been said to be 'popular unknown'. The song-writing of Initially NO, is registered, and should not be used unlawfully. Royalties and good contract with creative song writers, is required for the music industry to be strong and safe.

Songs by Initially NO, whom is singer, guitar-player, trumpet-player, songs that are composed with lyrics and music by Initially NO, said to be 'popular unknown' are


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