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When legislation is ambiguous and unconstitutional

Author – Ms Initially No, creative visual artist, and owner of The Painter And The Writer Gallery.

Two kinds of training related to the term ‘mental health’.

1. 'Take care' that the dangerous machine for security at your workplace, doesn't become intruded on by Foreign Interference Espionage, or medico-pharmaceutical fascism. Don't take directions from sabotaged electronic devices, and don't allow them to idle, without monitoring.

2. Null & Void the repugnant legislation that is Mental Health Acts – the legislation is unconstitutional, too ambiguous to pass. RANZCP fellows (and intercorporate fascists) have taken to arbitrarily detaining and perpetrating narcoterrorism on unarmed civilians citizens (whom do not any spyware, disabilities, devices, or securities).

First of all there must not be any civil conscription. Repugnant legislation that the Australian government must make null and void –

  • Aged Care Act 1997; arbitrary detention, theft of real estate, narcoterrorism on Australia’s elderly citizens will not be tolerated.

  • Mental Health Act 2014 (Vic); Mental Health Act 2007 (NSW); Mental Health Act 2016 (QLD); Mental Health Act 2009 (SA); Mental Health Act 2014 (WA) and other state/ territory legislation (that I may not have read) that is fascist violation of citizens, civilians; war crime tests on unarmed civilians; that is exploitation of citizens, for spies evasion, fraud, and other serious criminal conduct. Arbitrary detention and torture of unarmed civilians is intolerable, do not tolerate the intolerable. The ripper acts, that legislation that should never have been passed.

There must not be any legislation that forces medical orders on Australian citizens, civilians. There must not be any legislation, that denies the facts of espionage weapons assaults, and attempts to lure people into poisons that other countries use as death penalty, and Australia uses on animals. That offense of animal riting people into espionage devices, means that there are shipping Infects getting through border crossing, via repugnant legislation (that is null & void ab initio) being used by medico-pharmaceutical violators in Spitals.

If you are a person in a business, or parliament that uses disabilities, securities, devices, and wants secrecy – then make certain the legislation that is an offense, repugnant is made null & void, otherwise the term ‘mental health’ of a device, is corrupt of purpose. Two kinds of ‘mental health’ are ambiguous in legislation, and legislation that is too ambiguous must not pass.

Legislation that attempts to address service personnel that go with the incorrect, on a piece of equipment that is high security, and that legislation naming that incorrect direction ‘mental health’, have to recognise that there is more difficulty there for their staff, while the repugnant legislation is there, that means that signals and directions intended for their detection, or instruction, are being violated by medico-pharmaceutical fascist cartel, that then direct the security band-width pain-threshold at citizens, civilians that they hostage in their equipment, and attempt to subject to repugnant legislation (as they are not persons with disabilities, or other devices, or spyware), and the medico-pharmaceutical fascist cartel, intent to impostor government, and other high security by these means.


Legislation that is in force

Competition and Consumer Act

The Australia Act

The Federal Constitution of Australia Act

The Crimes Act

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