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Ms Initially No

Creative visual artist, collections of her art works. That which is given the privilege of drawing and painting, before learning English language, is visual artist, creative, Initially NO. 

University qualifications in Professional writing & editing, and Bachelor of Arts.

Not to be disputed author of - publications, including 'Naked Ladies' and 'Percipience, outside the range of understood sense'. 

Performing arts, training and registered Actors Equity, song-writer, whom is Owner of Fine Art Gallery - The Painter And The Writer Gallery (with her partner, Mr Glenn Floyd).

Maintenance/ care-take of 167 heritage-listed property.

38-42 Main Street, Maldon, Victoria, Australia.

The Painter And The Writer Gallery

Fine Art Gallery

Beautiful heritage-listed Fine Art Gallery, 38-42 Main St, Maldon, Victoria, Australia.

Open daily 10am - 4pm



Reinforcing laws for our fine Art Gallery and other policy writing, legislation.

In Australia, 250 years post-invasion, Australians are demanding  civil rights. To abolish psychiatry is to reinforce the laws, already there.


Ms Initially No  

Creative visual artist

Author, policy writer, poet

Song-writer, performing artist

Owner of Fine Art Gallery



books by Initially NO

Don't allow an aggressive intercorporate to usurp our fine art gallery!

Demands for civil rights in Australia, are going through a difficult time, the change is about correcting the incorrect direction.


Fine Art (c) Initially NO

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