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Ms Initially No

Creative visual artist, collections of her art works. 

University qualifications in Professional writing & editing, and Bachelor of Arts.

Author of - publications, including 'Naked Ladies' and 'Percipience, outside the range of understood sense'

Performing arts, training and registered Actors Equity, song-writer, whom is Initially NO was previously trading as - The Painter And The Writer Gallery.


Telephone - 0476407441

The Painter And The Writer Gallery

Fine Art Gallery

Australian Sagacious Art

Visual art you must see


Author - Initially NO
and publication, 'Afraid of myself'.

Ms Initially No  

Creative visual artist

Author, policy writer, poet

Song-writer, performing artist

Owner of Fine Art Gallery



books by Initially NO

Fine Art (c) Initially NO

Demands for civil rights in Australia, are going through a difficult time, the change is about correcting the incorrect direction.

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