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Zero conviction in medical staff

Author- Ms Initially No, policy writer

Forum for discussion must not be of the Spital!

When in 16th Century it was said - 'The sanitary needs in your Spitals are not meeting standards. There is no excuse for criminal and civil responsibilities not being met by the Spital. Standards Insanitation/ insanity are a legal one not a medical standard to be met, before the Spital will be allowed for, in any capacity. There is no excuse for feeding people food intended for stock such as chickens and pigs. These people paid for a good care-take facility with bed, breakfast and dine facilities. Where are the tables and cutlery you promised to bring in that you said you had bought. You fed people like they had no manners, and worse than that you stole a broach and other items precious to us' - That, was said to someone whom was perverting the course of justice, violating people, drugging people, stealing and claiming to be 'of the healing profession' and 'professor of sorts' and 'physician to the soul' and 'resting house'.

People died in the Spital, and the servants sometimes bribed to steal things, and take the deeds of Realestate, in pies to the criminals whom were perpetrating the Spital violations.

There is the reference note to the meaning there, of insanitary/ insanity/ insane/ people in sanitary - do not ever deny that again, the word referencing is important. There is also references to other care-take that is unsanitary in the Spital's sanitoriums that were referenced to as 'insane' and 'insanitation'. The terms should not have transferred the writ on those Spitals, onto the people whom were tricked into travelling far and not realising they were going to be horrified and violated.

They were resting houses that were supposed to be luxury escapes, so that the person upset, injured, doesn't have to care-take their property, servants are given the task, while elsewhere. That elsewhere not visiting duties. Not a regular Inn, that has demands, was claim, of the Spital Treat.

That Military attempted to name the crime - Attention to Treat, to the Officials, to stop further violations on their men, and wives or loves of men whom died in battle. That Military wanted the Spital's claims to be stopped, and the crimes of the Spital recognised, before another township's people were rorted of good hope. That attention to treat should not then have been claimed by medicals and their 'travelling show tuners'.

A negotiation, to consider and discuss terms; the subject matter handled in writing and speech, should not have been perverted by a Spital, that already had complaints-legal against the 'travelling show' and the Spital's legal violations. That complaints-legal and complaints-military, should never have been take and used by the Spital to say those complaints were medical, when that which was complaints about medical facilities, were about the improper conduct of medical staff. The medical staff were said to be violent, abusive, neglectful and that the people wanted justice treat on this, a legal discussion and reparations, and for the medical staff to be gaoled/ jailed. This in 2022 and in 1600s, 1700s, 1800s, and in 1900s.

Unfortunately the crimes of the Spital were not stopped in 1600s. There is a necessity for every country to watch out for scams, and rorts of poisons handlers, and those given licences for dangerous machines. George Eliot (1800s), has some references in her books to crimes of the Spital.

Australia really has to think about the care-take of facilities, things, homesteads, operational matters of businesses particularly corporations that have international secrecy clauses and are making false claims. Australia must ever use the word care on humans again.

Australia also has to think about, telecommunications breaches, and how the zero might be used, by the intercorporate cartel, that is medico-pharmaceutical in Australia, and the medico-pharmaceutical this year 2022 and for decades prior. The criminal conduct of the medico-pharmaceutical cartel is obvious to anyone visiting Australia.

Words, how they are used, and the discussion, or treat (negotiation to discuss terms; subject matter), must be about clarifying the understanding for Legal reasons, and making certain the legislation isn't repugnant, or unconstitutional.

Australia in 2022 must shut down all Spitals that are non compliant with standards. It is a legal and legislative, and human rights, as well as a country to country matter, that Australia arrest the violating RANZCP fellows, that have data-thefted, murdered, violated, and sabotaged - that the medico-pharmaceutical intercorporate cartel, that is instructed by RANZCP fellows have perpetrated serious cartel conduct, and must be punished with the full force of the law. That RANZCP fellows have obstructed the Constitution compliance in all legislation; and violated unarmed Australian citizens, in horrifying ways.

Forums for discussions, that are legal treat, must not be usurped in purpose.

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