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Why hush the victim of crime

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer.

I want people to understand the limitations of weapons of war, how they have limits for a reason, and that they’re not about civil rights. How could anyone not understand that?

A country must never violate their civilian population. Only an invasive cruel force of evil, perpetrates that against a civilian population.

There is nothing new in weaponry. Nothing, all been done before in horrifying ways that are horrifying.

That weapons destroy buildings, and humans, the world knows that. Nothing to prove there.

That so-called ‘invisible’ weapons can be detected by civilians, whom are fired at by those weapons. Yes, that is right, the victim of the crime, recognises what that weapon is. And no, we don’t want to go into details of that which the so-called ‘invisible’ weapon that the ugly thug is claiming ‘able the fires on everything, so much more easily, and not even noticeable to the suspect whom is a victim of crime yes we know but test there first and then go elsewhere like geelong’, this is where I’m saying, whoa. Now you are in trouble. However, I’ve just been fired at by the horrors, whom used an air gun by remote into my house, and molested the new material on the skylight. That by the way didn’t need anything on it, when I first came to Maldon. The violators did perpetrate skylights in 2018, not in Maldon, in the gorgeous heritage-listed house I’m still living in, and working in, with 3 door front shop Fine Art Gallery, where I also sell books.

I have so much, that is so often said to be the reason people are violated, the so called, ‘socio-economic’ troubles of those ‘poor-poor’, the dis for everyone to charity say and oh so sorry muck and mock, sheep skin on the seat needing a clean.

Want the legal matter I was tackling late night yesterday. That is about what the fascists are up to in Australia. They really did something horrible with a few different ‘junctions’ to get something they should never by the trams in Melbourne. Why would the RANZCP fellows do that oh don’t be silly putty on the window, type of muck into various repairs on my house after that fake hail storm, that where things were deliberately directed to do damages. Why muck into the hardware store just because I do maintenance on my house. I have to care-take the house, it is heritage, no one should be intruding on that, or the products. But they are doing that, and then they’re out on the street claiming that their music was ‘saving something they name chicken coop’ when they weren’t doing that, they were doing that Brazilian data-theft, where they take the dance into a theft and name it ‘cheekin reel’. Some fiddler can’t even stay in tune without accessing the sky without permission, then wants to claim they were ‘saving stuff’. Corrupt councilor’s wif, all puffing up with the syndicate, and using the Council codes and a comedian from UK, and some other people whom are never comedy attempting to claim the theft as ‘cohmodygooold’. Pathetic. They don’t do that. And that isn’t the Trade Secret, that is the concern here. That the intercorporate fascists even attempt that, is stupid. They’re sabotaging everyone that is attempting to stop fascism.

Trade Secret thefts that the RANZCP fellows theft, they sabotage something that is great, destroy life. Then attempt to take over, for no reason other than to make up fake diagnosis. They usually don’t even remove the weapons. The RANZCP fellows keep firing the weapon, and attempting to theft more Trade Secrets, and when they do that to a writer, it is ridiculous. All they’re doing is attempting to let an author know about how their weapons sabotage the author’s work, and what the RANZCP fellow is doing that is so wrong that it might incur the wrath of a number of countries, whom have been intruded on by their horrible sabotage. I would want there to be further understanding that civilians being held in hostage-like situation, be understood first.

Reason is, best practices, is this – the RANZCP fellows have gone too far, and need to be shut down and shut up, for malicious injury, their anti-competitive conduct will not be tolerated further.

The word ‘hyper’ used by RANZCP fellows attempting ‘Hyperinjunction’, something like that to put a bar on discussion the matter of Trade Secrets, the RANZCP fellows intent to sabotage, theft the secrets of, make public disclosure of, then claim. The RANZCP fellows must not be permitted Headstart Injunction, and nor must they ever be permitted to put bars on discussing matters to do with prosecuting their espionage assaults. Or the Headstart injunction’s existence? Not interested in that so much as making certain that victims of crime are never told to be quiet after a weapon is fired at them, so often their situation cannot be ignored. I do not want ‘fake’ victims of weapons, that RANZCP sets up, and usurps the people whom actually are going to demand the RANZCP fellows be stopped from violating. Pointless usurps, that legal teams should never aid and abet. Journalists should never aid and abet.

The scandalous matter must be properly put.

As a victim of crime, I am not interested in weapons, I do not know how to use them, let alone make them – so why would I be told to not speak about the crime that just fired at me? Why would I be sent on seemingly endless loops by Government Office?

Because RANZCP fellows data-thefted the trams, and pushed to remove the conductors whom were attempt to name the crime. There is data-theft of other public transport, but that isn’t the sabotage RANZCP fellows went for, and then attempted to use in other area codes, on the victims of crime, whom were witnesses, that gave evidence, whom moved to other postcodes. That they did that with a heritage-listed township, makes the RANZCP fellows and their cartel look ridiculous.

Industries have to think about the words they use, that RANZCP fellows are using, and never go with the RANZCP fellows.

Problem with too many organisations using the term ‘clinic’ as if they are spyware checkers at a court (that set-up to look for the psy-key-hat-trick and such) that didn’t prove successful, because of allowing for medicos to do the searches for spyware. Can’t trust them.

Horrifying that RANZCP fellows used the term ‘clinic’ as if they were part of the courts, when they were not checking for devices, they were concealing, and violating civilians with tests to reroute direction of detect onto civilians that don’t have spyware/ apps/ disabilities. That there were Tribunals that were structural error held at a horrible RANZCP set up they named ‘Junction Clinic’. They were fraudulently using Court Clinic, on people whom had not perpetrated a crime, and while RANZCP fellows named the person as ‘committed for treatment’. There was no official court judge sending a person there, because the person, the victim, wasn’t called before the courts, to be a defendant.

When a victim demands a restraining order against a RANZCP fellow. Are there any precedents viable enough to be able to give strength to the Judgement of the Courts, to be able to restrain RANZCP as an organised-criminal-cartel, from intruding on circuit layout, and thereby stop the exploiting of citizens, via the fraudulent use of legal term ‘court clinic’ and unconstitutional legislation. That RANZCP may need a mandatory injunction and preventative injunction on RANZCP to make certain the circuit layout isn’t further damaged by RANZCP. And Production Injunction, a permanent injunction against RANZCP prohibiting conduct injunction against RANZCP prohibiting conduct in a field or activity that the court has found to embrace misappropriated trade secrets.

I do not want my human body, my work, my business, and people I connect with, to ever be exploited, as shields for those fighting over trade secrets. If a RANZCP fellow is attacking a product, then recognise that there is a victim of crime that will be fired at by the RANZCP fellow, usually, and that doesn’t do the factory any good, data gets thefted, even if the factory is as evil as the RANZCP fellows are. RANZCP fellows defrauding claiming exemptions for ‘emissions fines’, and naming that deterioration of machinery needing maintenance, exploiting witnesses, and calling for injunctions to command or prevent court action, and using intersections, junctions on road, to code of conduct violation to reroute charge.

People really need to understand the situation. They need to understand whom their citizens are the are law-abiding citizens, whom do not use weapons.


Black’s Law Dictionary, 11th Edition; Bryan A. Garner, Editor in Chief; Thomas Reuters.

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