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When Prosecution must not be stifled

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

The necessary prosecution that civil conscription gets in the way of! If civil conscription were abolished, and psychiatrists weren't allowed to force themselves on the population and, pervert the justice system; then social workers wouldn’t be defying the justice system further by dipping in for 'provisions' to make things even more horrible, by taking a law term ‘stigma’ for another purpose of criminal intent.

A bribe to abstain from prosecuting a person, that relating to the word stigma, or stifling of a Prosecution. Reference is usually to property damages, and may’ve got misused by enslavers.

Defaming property, that includes the people, with real-estate, such to that stigma is malicious attack on such or harm to property and person, that has no reason in it.

To say that the defamers are groundless, in their defamation, makes them homeless, because they have no ground, or basis for their slander, by espionage device, and their property, being prohibited device, makes anything they own, liable to be confiscated. So if they had real-estate to their name, if the defamers ‘burn and sabotage another’s home’, then they forfeit their own real-estate and any other assets. That Stigma a serious offense, when the offender must be prosecuted, the Prosecution must go ahead, or something else happens.

Marking a house with an espionage device in 2021, in deliberate attempt to damage reputation by stealth or more overt means, with pieces of wrappers, lollies, cigarettes, paint, or chalk, that program embedded in an espionage weapons firing, to do with offenses regarding those substances, and actions to do with those substances, and concealment via the offense of littering. That there’s various horrors that such is. When there’s no substance or reason, the offenders behave in ridiculous ways. Regularly homes that are not kept to standards, can be more easily marked unfairly. That and sabotaging maintenance work, in a district, by scary espionage weapons. That sometimes it is not just a property, it is a whole area that is subjected to an espionage, designed to stifle prosecution, and defame property and people.

The inverted law matter here is – the use of the words ‘stigma reduction’ to mean something that is pointing at a group of people, and saying, that – all they need is a ‘provision’, as if the people being subjected to defamation of property and person, or even about people with very little property to their name. That’s not what is scary about defaming property and person, and primarily real-estate, so it’s a taking of a law matter, for funding grabs for social provisions, and stifling prosecution further. That, being horrifying for people when, their property is sold, for reasons of condemning their person by medicalisation of stealth weapons on their person, or such that, when the person needs to stop the criminal espionage weapons assaults with prosecution.

To not think about what an electronic stealth device does to urge, command, usher, induct, and otherwise indoctrinate crowds to think within a go-with-the-flow of the programmed frequency spiel – isn’t recognising what sabotage by stealth weapons can do to property prices.

When law enforcement isn’t attended to, and inverted law matter allowed to be encroach – there ends up being a criminal recruiting of people in the community to go along with the sabotage, instead of the crimes being warranted and gaoled, and criminal intent and actions marked with that crime on their identity of whom they are, and their property associated with that, not necessarily defamed by them, but confiscated for reasons of criminal prosecution making that necessary. It is horrifying when instead of that, people are pseudo-medicalised and forcibly taken from their home, by the criminal intent, whom work with the medico-pharmaceutical companies whom are setting up the defaming of the property. That’s why having civil conscription, forced medicalisation, is against a country’s economy and people’s prosperity – it allows for that crime that takes heritage, and people whom have knowledge of a place, or area, and then takes them into a situation of torture and slavery for the purposes of profit and power of medico-pharmaceutical companies intent on monopolisation. Medico-pharmaceutical companies do not have respect for humanity.

There is no crime in reporting criminal activities, or what is meant by a criminal’s mark for a meet, unless criminal intent and actions are involved. When, it is Prohibited Devices, and that is what is needed to be found as evidence, there’s no reason to mark non-criminal intent and actions, with such. That, it is a crime to mark non-criminal intent, with criminal intent, that crime is stigma damages.

Mistaken identity, accidentally getting the wrong street address – all that which goes with finding the stealth print or electronic espionage that is being programmed and fired. That, and if it was incorrect, ask is to the public not to perpetrate the mistaken identity, that got pointed at by the criminal intent, or police awry. Usually, the address of the criminal intent, is doing an assortment of incorrect things to their real-estate; that, should be the only reason for mistaken identity, as far as defaming property and person.

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