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What psychiatrists do is criminal

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Don't let anyone deny that.

What’s wrong with ‘those people’ that ‘need’ to be drugged, tied to beds and electro-convulsed by psychiatrists? That’s similar to asking – what was wrong with 'those people' that 'needed' to be chained and whipped so they are more obedient to their exploiters a century ago?

Recognising who is wrong, after years of exploitation and propaganda; it’s a tough thing for society to do, in any era.

Society will fall for the exploiters trick every time and denigrate those people that are being used forcibly, for the exploiter’s profit.

That blaming of the exploited, must not continue for the people being violated by psychiatrists. Recognition that forced psychiatry is exploitation, needs to happen.

What the psy does to exploit people doesn’t easily fall under the definition of labour, consider though, forced psychiatry is highly profitable to the psychiatrists and life-destroying to the people exploited by psychiatrists. While the lucrative exploitation may not fall under the traditional definition of slavery, it definitely is exploitation of a very cruel, invasive life-destroying kind. The general public should be able to understand why forced psychiatry is criminal and why this forced human experimentation racket is diabolical, and must be stopped. And the victims of psychiatrists bearing the marks of exploitation are not the wrong.

What is wrong with people who are drugged up, tied to a bed and electroconvulsed by psychiatrists? What is wrong with them is that psychiatrists are criminals, and criminals know how-to pin their crimes on those they exploit. It’s traditional criminal methodology, passed down by the psychiatrists' guild of violent exploiters.

To blame those who are in chains, or those who have the marks of years forced drugging, electro-convulsion, being tied up, shut-down, shut-up in isolation, denigrated as a 'diseased' person, and not permitted autonomy by authorised psychiatrists… is to blame the very people that the criminal guild of exploiters (that get government handshakes) want the world to blame. The horror, the terror of that violent exploitation, that is marking the person who is exploited, marking them down in the general public’s eye as wrong. What the general public should instead be recognising as wrong are the makers of those marks made on victims of psychiatrists, by those vile exploiters, psychiatrists, and the well-oiled current government complicity in that vile, disgusting exploitation.

The general public must stop seeing the people who bear the marks of violent exploitation as ‘disgusting’ and recognise the confidence tricksters who inflict that ugly violence on people, as disgusting. The general public must start seeing past the awards and government complicity, victim-blame and stop going with the well-honed propaganda of racketeers who profit from this ugliest of crimes – torturously cruel, life-destroying forced human experimentation. The general public should be disgusted, outraged by the violent acts of psychiatrists and demand that invasive cruel forced and coerced psychiatry be criminalised, and any legislation that allows loopholes for psychiatrists’ exploitative practices be abolished.

Abolish Psychiatry is walking in the footsteps of traditional abolitionist parties, in the abolition of exploitative and torturously cruel forced psychiatry, looking forward to the eradication of the perpetrating force of destruction, that is psychiatry, and criminalising psychiatric practices.

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