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What need to be said and understood quickly

People need to know and will further question after the abolition of forced psychiatry is announced –

  • That the Mental Health Act of Victoria has needed abolition due the nature of this legislation being out of keeping with all concepts of human rights, justice and ethical conduct a reasonable person would accept from a government enforcement agency.

  • That abolition of forced psychiatry must be done swiftly to stop an horrific series of escalating violent or volatile crime from continuing to escalate under the government legislature.

  • To stop witness intimidation, another reason to abolish the Mental Health Acts in Australian States/ Territories, as well as other forced and coerced medical orders.

  • To place close scrutiny on the medico charlatan’s who lure people into buying products, procedures or programs that are harmful and have a covert psy firm, controlling and the person thereafter, or attempting to, and have so far attempted to silence the people speaking out against covert weapons deployed by Foreign Interference Espionage, through the vile, cruel exploitation rackets that have formed part of the State/ Territory legislature for 120 years. The Mental Health Acts need to be abolished, so that psychiatry cannot be forced, or coerced in anyway and enable the interference and silencing of truth to continue.

  • Foreign Interference Espionage that is developed in Australia, by an international firm, with an Australian-base – is still foreign interference for any business in Australia that the spy firm interferes with. That these firms have a medico-basis to claim legitimacy makes them even more dangerous to the Australian people if not stopped from escalating threats and menacing upon the Australian people, their lives and livelihoods and the environment.

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