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Weapons Electronic disturb weather patterns

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer.

Over the years there have been many books, articles written, and photos taken, to describe that which is disturbances of weather patterns by intrusions that are weapons electronic. Not anything that hasn’t been said, and written before, by other people.

Depending which country a person lives in, whom the perpetrators are – and most always medico-pharmaceutical corporations, with international secrecies. And each country, and electorate of each country, the earth’s weather patterns will react differently to the intrusions of extreme violations with weapons electronic.

As a civil rights activist, that intended to be working in Parliament as Senator, or at least on the Ballot Paper, have candidates to vote for to Abolish Psychiatry, make certain that the legislation is in order, not repugnant, or in Government work that would be able to stop sabotage and slavery, torture arbitrary detention (that is forced psychiatry). Unarmed-civilians, citizens, law-abiding, are never the disturbance on weather, or the peace, or the good governance, or the order.

The disturbance is the RANZCP fellows, the psychiatrists.

The necessity to void all legislation that is non-compliant with 1-V-51-xxiiiA of The Federal Constitution of Australia Act. That necessity is irrefragable, impossible to refute, has to be accomplished. The Constitutional rights amendment of 1946, is a holocaust prevention writ.

Legislators have to recognise when legislation is irremediable, as in the entirety of the Legislation, is a violation, at law, and not to waste time further attempting corrections. Justice demands that nulling & voiding of the Mental Health Act, the Aged Systems Act, and any bill that attempts to arbitrarily detain, for falsely push an agenda that violates the right to refuse provisions and services of medical, dental, pharmaceutical.

Legislation that aids and abets, is propaganda for organised crime, intercorporate cartel and fascism. Legislation that makes a court a Structural Error, to apply that legislation – that legislation must be nulled & voided.

The espionage must be countered, the intercorporate cartel, including RANZCP fellows that are horrifying violators, must be said to be incapable of being pardoned, irremissible.

Licences, that are being usurped, by medico-pharmaceutical personnel, with criminal intent. Dangerous machines being modified, and unlawful tests, that really don’t have approval of the Government, and if they do, that is corruption of purpose of legislation, agreements, that are in force.

Medico-pharmaceutical corporations, have perpetrated sneaky offenses, to pervert standards. And usually the tests, are named trials to overlap on the courts, to conceal the issue, and then, exploitation of a good citizens biometric ID, without the citizen’s permission.

There were tests in the sky, that were obviously concocted, in West Bendigo, Victoria, the electorate that I live in, and would be running as a candidate for, if I hadn’t been sabotaged, in extreme ways, by intercorporate cartel. The tests in the sky involved images in the clouds, that left a square matt around them. Horrible. I wanted to leave that up to authorities to police.

It is disturbance to cloud formations that is occurring in West Bendigo, in an obvious way, and clouds not able to stay in the sky. The sabotage is deliberate, the spectrum violations of security management there, are perpetrated by a medico-pharmaceutical intercorporate cartel, that in Victoria, unfortunately is made worse, by RANZCP fellows, psychiatrists that have taken positions of power. Instead of stopping the code of conduct violations of weapons electronic, and making certain at-risk espionage warrants are actioned, the RANZCP fellows, and psychologists, and other medical staff, have perpetrated spies evasion tactics.

That a drug works WEL (weapons electronic licencing) to pervert restrictions, prohibitions, to get around the necessary detection, is horrible crime, and anyone uttering such a phrase, must be understood for that potential violation, if the personnel uttering that are espionage perverting justice, and propaganda for that.

Horrible. People, including journalists and ministers just don’t want to talk about that. It is necessary to say enough, to get the task accomplished, of making certain area code, people, good business, are never disturbed to the extent they have been in West Bendigo electorate.

Politicians that don’t comply absolute agreements, such as an amendments, such is an amendment to the Federal Constitution, that all Australians have to agree to, though, with a holocaust-prevention-writ, people have to agree to that, it is honourable to agree to that. It is a disturbance to not agree, and anyone not agreeing is acting as an irritant, on that legislation that must be voided. To obstruct compliance order on the executive, of an international agreement (1-V-51-xxiiiA of the Federal Constitution of Australia Act) is an irrational ruling. Parliament and courts must be guided by reason, lawful consideration, and facts.

Politicians that are not capable of political leadership in Australia, as the politicians are irreconcilable, and are liable for their offenses of obstructing justice. Legislators that do not work in harmony with legislative rules and agreement; because of adherence to a hopeless political program that usurps Australia’s purpose, allows for too much corruption, repugnancy, and violation of First Nations Australians, and citizens that are unarmed-civilians that are law-abiding.

Citizens of Australia want – inviolate, they do not want to be violated, they want to be free from violation, not broken down by torture, infringed, or impaired.

Speaking to disturbances perpetrated by electronic weapons has to be done without aiding and abetting the intercorporate cartel, otherwise the conversation is propaganda for a regime that the world knows all too well – the attempt to control a country by outlawry, is fascism.

Australia subjected to irredenta. The answer, is in stopping usurpers, that sabotaged Australia 240 years ago. The usurpers claiming to control, though, are not controlling the intercorporate cartel, that ‘troll’ the population.

Knowing whom the people whom are belonging to this place on earth, to Australia, and all Australia’s 600 nations, and whom belongs and speaks to and takes action for the particular nations in Australia, is always First Nations Australian people.

Australia, wants and needs truth to be spoken to. It is important that First Nations Australians speak that truth.

It isn’t enough for the word ‘climate change’ or ‘climate disturbance’ to be uttered, without people saying that which that means – the medico-pharmaceutical intercorporate cartel needs to be stopped from violating. That is what I would say for the West Bendigo electorate.

Licencing, restrictions, permissions – they’re there for a reason. Fines and infringements should never be disregarded, when the perpetrators are using espionage. However, it is monstrous, when someone is blamed for a fine or infringement they’ve already paid, or wasn’t anything to do with the intercorporate cartel, and that person is a good citizen, and always live in Australia, and would not want to damage the environment, or infrastructure, or people, or good business.

The licensing, restrictions, and permissions of devices espionage that may be disguised as medical, pharmaceutical, or dental must not be awry or spies let in become extremely bold and fascism take hold of Government.

Of course people have a problem with their country being sabotaged, thefted from, and their people being violated. Understand the problem is the medico-pharma that have no interest in looking after 600 nations of a country and respecting traditions, writing, art and work.

There should not be sabotage by medico-pharmaceutical cartel on good citizens. Good citizens are patriotic to that which is already there, and understood as a strength for a country, internationally.

Don’t let anyone get in the way of civil rights, and necessity in Australia, of speaking to those civil rights – First Nations Australian people being given positions of power to speak, whom are never that personnel (medico-pharmaceutical) whom are disturbing the weather patterns, perpetrating extreme and deliberate sabotage.

Allow the people that have good policy for this country, to be foremost in speaking to the policy. It makes sense, that First Nations Australian people understand the 600 nations of Australia, with the detail necessary to that purpose.


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