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Warrants for Espionage

Author - Ms Initially No, policy writer

Psychiatrists have perverted justice in Australia; obstructed the Constitution rights matter to do with holocaust-prevention; and attempted to tamper with Legislation and Government Office, that issues warrants for espionage.

The dilatory tactics, and misdirection must not be allowed to continue; and the crimes against humanity, prosecuted.

Australia must action warrants for espionage activities, immediately, when there is an emergency risk status, never again to be taken into medical contrivances. The warrants are for jail for espionage crimes, not anything else. That attempts by medico-pharmaceutical personnel to cause misdirection of Radiocommunications, via the medico-pharmaceutical espionage devices, necessitates warrant then for crime of espionage emergency risk, tampering, sabotage of Radiocommunications infrastructure, so necessary to action immediately. That means jailing the medical practitioner, usually psychiatrist that tampers with the Radiocommunications.

The action of a warrant for espionage crime, is a physical arrest, and detention always jail, never Spital contrivances of medicalisation, and conditions apply packages of shrink-wrap. That the crime has to be obvious, if there is an espionage crime to be arrested.

If there is anything perverting that Radiocommunication, into a 'mental health', that isn't a term to be allowing for, due to the intercorporate cartel using that term to obstruct, convert, and sabotage.

Improper thinking, isn’t a criminal charge, when there isn't a crime. Improper conduct, involving devices, that violate Radiocommunications, is the crime of espionage. Anything small, ambiguous, that isn’t obvious to the Warrant Officer, that is alerted, would not be Emergency Risk Espionage Crime Warrant.

Espionage, isn’t that which Officials should ever name their devices, securities, disabilities. If a Government Official is conducting espionage, they are corrupt. Government Official should not be instructing espionage, must be warranting espionage crimes. There is the Restricted Orders on the Radiocommunications from Minister, for reasons to curb the espionage activity, and tag, or alert, for police.

When an intercorporate cartel is obvious, it isn’t difficult, and in Australia the espionage conduct is obvious violation, war crime, that cannot be hidden, because it has become too extreme in violations, and been named by civil rights activists, whom defend human rights of Australian citizens, abide by Australian laws, and petition for the holocaust-prevention-writ, to be complied with.

Constitutional rights 1-V-51-xxiiiA, is in force, and should not be obstructed, or misconstrued in ways that violate, instead of giving that right for all Australian people the right to refuse medical provisions and services.

When warrants for espionage crimes, are flagged as emergency-risk, action the warrant immediately, is there, and confiscate the espionage devices and arrest the operatives that are using those devices to perpetrate war crimes, tampering with documents, intruding on Radiocommunications, violating unarmed civilians, citizens.

Horrible experience is - if not actioned immediately, those warrants get used by the espionage criminals, to perpetrate further crimes.

The Radiocommunications Act 1992, has Division 2, that pertains to Restrictive Orders and Contravention of orders. The Legislation is Ministerial Office. The warrants must be actioned by Police. If there are Military action, that is something else. The Radiocommunications that should not be subjected to medico-pharmaceutical cartel, and legislation that is unconstitutional, such as the Mental Health Act. That the RANZCP fellows attempting to misdirect signals, via emergency-risk, is false-signaling, and Espionage crime is the RANZCP fellow, as well as the other criminal, that was warranted for espionage activities that were emergency-risk.

The RANZCP fellows, psychiatrists, have corrupted the purpose of status of orders that are ministerial, and pertain to policing directions.

Police must be able to act, on a warrant for arrest for espionage activities of a criminal.

The RANZCP fellows have perverted that, arrest warrant, by misdirecting policing to a non-criminal, usually someone whom is being subjected to a stalker app, that has been thefted of biometric ID; or someone whom names the security matter, that is the alert.

When there is an alert there, that should mean, another person whom is able to contact the warrant officer, can get the alert through to police. And if there isn't anyone other than intercorporate cartel, that hears the person out the alert. That is when the horrible criminal, attempts to have the good citizen enslaved, tortured and arbitrarily detained under unconstitutional Mental Health Act, Aged System Act (that is legislation not permissible to pass through Parliament, legislation that must be Voided).

When that a RANZCP fellow perpetrates the crime of interception and converts the alert, must then be flagged as further espionage, war crime, perpetrated by the RANZCP fellow. The RANZCP fellow is usually is an attempt to persecute the victim of crime, person whom spoke the alert (whom isn’t an espionage crime). If a RANZCP fellow attempts to send that signal, of emergency-warrant conversion, the RANZCP fellow is then to be arrested, for that extreme crime of espionage; though, the other warrant, that got converted, also has to be recognised, and actioned.

There isn’t an excuse to arrest non-criminals!

Forced human experimentation isn't permitted!

Warrants for espionage crimes that are emergency-risk must be actioned as soon as received – that the criminals must be arrested, jailed, and all devices removed. That is for the police not to be restricted in their order, that is regularly in place, when there is that warrant there, to the arrest criminals, that are conspiracy to, actions, and intentions, that are usually already occurring. That emergency-risk might involve the 227, 2 (a) sabotage on a vessel, aircraft, or space object; (b) threat to the environment (c) involving remote espionage device firing with intent to cause risk of death, or injury to persons (d) substantial loss risk via the espionage device, or substantial damage to property.

Attempts to stop espionage operatives immediately, for those activities, involves more than the ministerial actions to curb the conduct breaches – the arrest warrants, must be actioned, or the intercorporate cartel, attempt to use the arrest warrants, to disturb people sleeping, and various other violations, if not that which is the most horrifying of all - converting the warrant into forced medicalisation.

Reasons why forced human experimentation are not permitted. Reasons why forced provisions of medicine, dentistry are never permitted. That and coercion or coercive-control via medical practitioners, isn’t permitted either. Reasons why converting High Security Radiocommunications, and Telecommunications, via medico-pharmaceutical devices that have corporate secrecies, must not ever be allowed for.

That when a ‘disability, thing, security’ is impaired, damaged, weakened by espionage fired at the ‘disability, thing, security’ that the person has, or is to work with, that is their instruct for Government workforce. That is where misdirection, has to be proven to be Espionage, on the ‘disability, thing, security’. That is Attorney General department understanding for this reason – it is Ministerial, sometimes Military, and sometimes Police Force. It is a Burden of Proof, issue, for a Government Officials.

There isn’t an excuse for Espionage, the medico-pharmaceutical intercorporate are serious cartel conduct, in Australia. That the criminals conspire, act with intent, impunity, and perpetrate the actions of sabotage, violence, tampering, thefts, as ‘groups’ set up and financially renumerated by the intercorporate cartel. The devices of espionage, have data-theft, and biometric ID theft, on them. The devices need confiscating, and do have to be warranted by Official, whom does that work - warrants the intercorporate cartel perpetrating espionage, then arrested by Official Govt policing (or Department of Defence when necessary); and, emergency-risk, means arrest immediately, and jail/ gaol.

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