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Want a position of power? Don't get in the way of civil rights!

You don't want psychiatrists sabotaging your human body, and telling you if you don't agree to their poisons you won't be free from arbitrary detention, and that justice doesn't exist, and everything is just some psychiatrists' circuitry and they own you and your equipment.

Horrid. Don't want that. Horrid. Need people in positions of power to do something to make certain that horrid doesn't continue.

In Australia, there are some people whom believe wheels are a means to power – spin. And claims of that, as human rights, isn’t where that should go. Should just be a sales pitch for a product line, and should not be a crime. Spin in espionage is outrageous sabotage, and when that is a threat and menace, on people whom name it, then, all the more reason to name that as an obstruction to justice, and our civil rights, that must not be wronged, by those whom attempt to overlay the meaning of our words with contrivances or spin-doctoring, that non-senses that which is said, and that which must be known.

In Australia,

1. Psychiatry must be abolished. Psychiatry is slavery, torture, arbitrary detention.

2. The Constitutional rights, 1946 agreement, 1-V-51-xxiiiA must be complied with.

To not advocate for both abolition of psychiatry and a holocaust-prevention-writ complied with, when claiming a position of Human Rights, in Government Office, or any office, in Australia, is outrageous code of conduct violation. Incompetence for a position of power, where people in Australia, need competence, so that people are not murdered by psychiatrists and their pharmaceutical cohorts.

Psychiatrists and their pharmaceutical cohorts, obstruct the Constitution, and justice, and the rights of the people whom have ancestors going back tens of thousands of years, obstruct their rights to Official Power. That Official Power is always necessary, in every country – the details of tradition, language, and people, and understanding of country and the nations. Australia, really needs that to never be obstructed again.

Don’t let anyone get in the way of civil rights, because civil rights are supportive to National Security.

There is that which says – persons with disabilities are limited, and it is because of their equipment. That electronic equipment can be sabotaged, and if and when that happens to a person that relies on that equipment, disaster, for that person, and that which they need to do, in a position of power. That means – to have people whom rely on electronic equipment in a position of power, is limiting. They must not be the only people in power. There must be people whom are able to work without electronics. Or, the electronics could all get sabotaged and contrived to criminal intent and action, and no one in a position of power would be able to do anything. And then, the people with that equipment get accused of being violators, and those whom sabotage usurp civil rights positions of power into horror of horror.

Question is – can a person with disabilities, do the work necessary, without electronic equipment?

The disabilities that are said to be attainted with treason and sabotaging positions of power, including Government personnel; those disabilities should be never given status as a person with disabilities, so much as - a person whose disabilities are disqualified.

People with equipment, have not done enough to look after themselves, by ignoring the civil rights of others, and allowing espionage to be rerouted to humans, whose body is then fired at, for no reason, so that another’s electronic equipment can work. Instead of doing the task of making certain the criminal, with a dangerous machine, evading the audit, or inspection, is subjected to that which is necessary, a human being fired at like a shield to equipment? Horrible! And that attitude of better you than me, even when the person doesn't own the equipment, and has to fathom the situation. That, isn't a good system, it is an insecure, corrupt system, that isn't managing the tasks necessary.

A person whom relies on equipment, electronics, needs that equipment to alert authorities that sabotage has occurred, and that the sabotage is espionage, and that crime of espionage needs to be detected. That and if that system gets sabotaged, a person needs another way of making certain that the alert to authorities gets there.

Humans are always need to be independent from machines.

When a person with disabilities has equipment that gets sabotaged, there are options, they can either be with civil rights, or they are not civil rights active, and should not have positions of power where they deny civil rights for the rest of the country, and end up getting equipment sabotaged, of other people whom do more work for civil rights, than they do.

People whom speak for civil rights, have to be speaking exactly that, not something else, that usurps purpose, and aids and abets criminal intent and action.

The crimes of slavery, torture, and arbitrary detention must be abolished. Psychiatry must be abolished, and the reparations, that society needs are, that the psychiatrists will punished severely, so they do not further conspire and intentionally act to sabotage industries, equipment and assault people.

Standing with, isn’t sitting with, and the words, of English have a way of being meaningful in a context where taking a stand, is that of speaking to, because a stand means, a place, or position – and a move. Those whom can’t take a stand, are saying that they are not going to comply with the move, and must stand aside, and relinquish their seat to someone who is going to make certain that civil rights are demanded, again and again and again until that which is already there, and agreed to isn’t sidelined for ignorance, that attempts to usurp by belittling legal and parliamentary language.

It is the people whom don’t allow electronics to get in the way of civil rights being demanded, that must be recognised and given good audience.

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