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Vic Police no longer doing asportation

Victoria's Royal Commission report, long and still offensive to victims of psychiatrists. The report uses slave-names, in their

, and repeating the insulting hate-speech that incites hate-crime upon the people whom have endured the horror of being enslaved forcibly for torturously cruel human experimentation under the Mental Health Act of Victoria.

What do you call people whom have been enslaved by psychiatrists? Commissioners please! No, not 'slaves', not slave-names; people whom have been enslaved by psychiatrists by force, because of the enslavers being given power by the government by the Mental Health Act of Victoria, you name those people what a International Court of Law would name people whom have been enslaved by their country, and subjected to torturously cruel forced human experimentation by a medical militia. Yes, that's right a medical militia, because that's what psychiatrists and their coterie are doing, exploiting people forcibly to develop stealth weapons, and using those slave-trade stealth weapons to attempt to spy on government, and push for power and control over the people of Australia. Psychiatrists are treason offenses, that go beyond the acts of slavery and torture that the State Government has enabled for 121 years.

What is needed is a null and voiding of The Mental Health Act of Victoria, and a line by line Veto of all forced medical orders; so that no medical staff can ever force themselves people of Victoria. What will also be needed is an announcement that no such act of slavery will ever be repeated in Victoria's legislature.

Psychiatrists must never be given status to police people, for any reason, and certain not police people so that psychiatrists can conceal crimes that psychiatrists need to be prosecuted for. The substituting of innocent persons, so that psychiatrists can get away with slavery, torture, and murder, as well as treason offenses must end.

That the report, in Recommendation 10, demands that paramedics and mental health staff lead Victoria Police, order Police about, says that the medico militia still has control over our State, and that Vic Police, are unable to stop that.

Police need to stop slavery, not participate in the trafficking of people to enslavers, the asportation must not continue. It is offensive that they're still being ordered to do asportation for psychiatrists.

From the writing of this Sydney Morning Herald article, it looked like Vic Police were to no longer be demanded to do the asportation. That the report shows differently is beyond disappointing, it's horrifying. Will Victoria Police being able to function as a police force under these psychiatric conditions placed upon them as a government organisation, that disables their power to refuse psychiatrists?

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