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Usurpers claiming royalty status

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer.

Civil rights should not be violated without being heard. Civil rights, should not be violated. When civil rights is being violated, that is when the outlawry is in control of a country.

United Nations, have visited Australia. There have been inspections obstructed by RANZCP fellows.

The intercorporate cartel, are dangerous, electronic weapons, and RANZCP fellows need to be disarmed.

The cartel have some keys to Courts, worldwide, on security matters, is there, and people don’t want the courts corrupted. Though, what use are courts, when they don’t stop the cartel?

The reason that the intercorporate cartel must be stopped in Australia, and worldwide, is because the cartel, that is medico-pharmaceutical, is known to increase structural error on the courts and tribunals, and that then, violates other countries.

The intercorporate cartel in Australia, planned, deliberately, in 2020-2022, in Australia to increase their violations on civil rights activists, and use a horrifying invasion war crime genocide arrangement, on civil rights activists in Australia that had spoke out against their violations.

The intercorporate cartel literally came to sabotage Main St, Maldon, and other towns, and city areas where civil rights activists lived.

Aggressive man cartel, spectrum distortion, traffic violations, including truck in no truck zone, sometimes more extreme than in this video.

Intercorporate cartel, deliberate violations of by-laws, and espionage violations.

An intercorporate cartel transmitted on this 27-10-22, with horrible espionage fires, 'i will not be able to get this across to her to not out them so soon as the judicary panel when all they've done is assize and seize and assist in data theft land', that perhaps Judiciary, was mean, or something else. It isn’t the first time those words, assize, seize, assist, have been in the transmitters awry.

The plan of the RANZCP fellows and other medico-pharmaceutical corporations, plan to assize by stealth, to session of a court every town where there was a civil rights activist that challenged them – that is the horror. They Structural Error, via espionage, and Ghost Port, and Ghost Station (while firing at a civil rights activist) and claiming that co-sign, and assign. It is never official, and no one should be thinking that to be ‘some army covert’ as the intercorporate cartel attempt to claim is that.

The assize is meant to be Judges. This was and still is RANZCP fellows. They’re not stopped in their violence. They’re horrifying criminals, the RANZCP fellows, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other medical staff and pharmaceutical cartel.

Usurping UK data, is Foreign Interference Espionage, the RANZCP fellows perpetrated, and contrivance on Foreign Government High Office.

Usurping High Office, by espionage device, should be subjected to a Writ Quo Warranto.

Serious offenses, perpetrated against High Office, because High Office ignores civil rights of unarmed-civilians whom are law-abiding, whom are being fired at with electronic weapons, and other violations, to murder them, sabotage their work, destroy everything they have, and not allow the civil rights activists any privacy.

RANZCP fellows claiming ‘Royal’ as part of College acronym, and attempt to claim ‘Royal Commissioner’ via taking seats in Royal Commissions they should never have been allowed, and then using that as ‘royal visitor’ status. The RANZCP fellows wanting perpetuity of a king or queen. How ugly Australian Government has been to allow any of this.

Poppy contrivances, for old fascist military data-theft, as the intercorporate cartel, in transmitters, say is their vax, though medically allowed sort of poppies, while the rest of the population gets something else, sometimes the horror that is the death of them. The co-conspiring on transmitters, like that. Then the intercorporate cartel, want to push that same horror that USA named horror package. Then, the intercorporate cartel fire, and name their electronic fires, ‘a pop’ at civil rights activists.

Then the sabotage, and attempts by intercorporate cartel to make insurance claims, by that which they sabotaged deliberately. The worst of that is when a citizen actually needs to make a claim, and an intercorporate cartel, has usurped, the citizen is denied justice.

RANZCP fellows, the cartel, those violators intention to stop anyone from telling the truth.

Can they Australian people tell the difference between truth and false? If they can, they’re pretending they cannot.

There is someone whom I really wanted to talk to, about this, whom claimed to be an expert. And then denied being an expert. Then worried that all had been given it all away in a book. I’m not going to say whom that was. It could be a number of people, including myself.

It is RANZCP fellows, that are violating ‘horizontal lie’ and that is to do with resting, and sleeping, and the intercorporate cartel, are using a warrant cut, into a war-rant, and arrest into a-rest-harass – and I’m certain there is some comedian on stage telling a joke, or TV situational comedian having the means to put together an act that speak to that. It doesn’t make the comedian wrong, or the person on stage telling the joke, as long as they understand there are victims of crime, being fired at with espionage every night, and that needs to stop the horrible violations, and demand the RANZCP fellows and the pharmaceutical cartel to be arrested, and put somewhere so they don’t harm the population anymore. Though, because the comedian usurps position above the civil rights activist, and doesn’t speak to that which the civil rights activist is being subjected to – people name the crime situational comedy, and don’t think of the situation of communications devices.

Mainstream media, are doing some good work, to make certain First Nations Australian people are heard. Though, not nearly enough.

To have a usurper quoted as ‘truth’, in mainstream media, is horrible, while civil rights is demanding their truth be heard. The criminal is supported by pharmaceutical cartel, and, perpetrated the situ-comm offense of sleeping in the Department of Defence, lying on the couch naked, a couch her superior told her not to sit on! Mysteries of the Department of Defence, let them say the Court-case is merely a theatrical performance, and never tell that which they are attempting to find out by the carry-on, and claims that seem to be false, contrived and scandalous. That is how it outwardly appears. And, for civil rights activists being fired at and usurped by that – outrageous waste of court time, by espionage cartel whom data-theft the courts in Canberra.

The intercorporate cartel that fire at humans and name that 'discharge', then use that alert to attempt to 'jury discharge'. I'm not saying that was the intent on this day, though, there is espionage used prior. Horrible assault ignored.

Fascism, people always think it a joke at first. If they’re not the civil rights activists being fired at.

The truth, people want that, they don’t want people being said to be ‘horizontal lie’ or ‘vertical lie’ when they attempt to speak to the truth, and there is an intercorporate cartel that fires espionage induction, with unofficial codes, that seem to engage officials, whom need to hear more civil rights activists to recognise the truth is really horrifying in Australia. It isn’t shallow, and it cannot be doubted.

There should never have been tolerated, the outrageous falsehood of RANZCP fellows. That was only tolerated, said to ‘cover for’ security management. A country, that covers its security with the poisons and concocted falsehoods of RANZCP fellows and other medico-pharmaceutical cartel, is fascist.

To be a civil rights activist, with evidence of intercorporate cartel, that use Electronic Weapons, with biometric ID thefted in them, to fire at the civil rights activist, with intention to murder all civil rights activists - that is fascist.

When I, can speak to that which is domestic violence, via an intercorporate cartel, that has perpetrated against me and I have given evidence to that. And parliamentarian women, don't speak to espionage violations. Am I more skilled? It seems so, that I might be needed, in some way, though my right to work is obstructed, sabotaged.

Employment applications followed, thefted, turned into mock-ups that, really, my CV sent by private email to employer, should not be subjected to that, as if it were some sort of underground ‘big news’ that needed to be conceal by other similar usurping advertises, and promotions. It is ridiculous, when that happens, and violent usurp by espionage.

When there is legislation that is passed for 'paid domestic violence leave', and intercorporate cartel were involved in a lobby by espionage that was horribly contrived, overt violation - & parliamentarian women are complaining about manners of PM. There isn’t abusive, unless it is physical abuse, espionage is physical abuse, it is an electronic weapon firing on a human body. It is painful. Speak to that, or don’t use the words of citizens whom need to stop horrifying abuse.

Australian Officials, and people, have to really think about that which is happening here. Deliberate attempts to sabotage water supplies. Deliberate attempts to destroy food supplies. Deliberate attempts to destroy houses. Deliberate violations of civil rights activists, whom have been given evidence to authorities, for 2 years, every day, and prior to that have given evidence, and written books, composed songs, put collections of fine art together in exhibitions; and stood outside Parliament to demand that everyone in Australia have their constitutional right to refuse RANZCP fellows horrifying regime of slavery, torture, arbitrary detention.

Now, how many civil rights activists are the same, as I described?

And can speak to this – that assize is theft of land, and violence on people that own property, in this context of RANZCP fellows, whom were also attempting mining claims (that were false) during 2020-2022, that were conspired in outrageously intrusive unlicenced, prohibited communications devices, that intruded night and day, and haven’t stopped intruding.

I acknowledge the United Nations did something to try to stop the cartel violations. And, International and Australian MEAA have done things to attempt to stop the cartel violations. Some politicians have also tried. That there also people in Military, and Policing, and Industries that have attempted to stop the intercorporate cartel. And all the people whom attempt to take action, are important to the task. However everyone must work all at once, to stop the intercorporate cartel, in Australia. And never allow for data-theft.

Proscription – outlawry declarations. They must not be false or fickle. That an outlaw whom may be lawfully killed in by anyone and estate confiscated, that if applicable to RANZCP fellows in another country, should not be blame-shifted, onto people whom are never outlawry.

This document was understanding in consultation with Legal terms and legislation.

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer, has every right to be a journalist. Has skills in writing in editing; and front of camera work. And, is citizen, reporting dangerous cartel activities with legal understanding, of how that must be stopped. Respectful of boundaries. Journalism as employment office; only when the news goes unreported, does an Independent Journalist that is usually referred to as author, start reporting as a journalist when giving evidence to authorities doesn’t result in action, that is necessary, to the purpose of civil rights.

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