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Understanding the power of the country

Author – Ms Initially No, author, visual artist, owner of The Painter And The Writer Gallery.

There may be misunderstanding here, though I see the matter as something that has been very destructive when not fully understood, and given a writ, to make certain matters don’t go too far, and also that of prior to 1986, The Australia Act, and legal responsibility written into Australia’s legislation, for UK.

Posse Comitatus, that is the prohibit of army or air-force directly participating in civilian law-enforcement operations; is to be interpreted as, don’t civilian violate; don’t test weapons on civilians, citizens; the powers of army or air force pertain to law-enforcement on foreign interference espionage; covert intercorporate cartel are not civilians, mostly never citizens; corrupt Government Officials (to be arrested, searched and seizure of evidence) they do have to be actioned by military. And RANZCP fellows have weapons of mass destruction, so of course they have to be directly arrested by army, or air-force, unless they’re near the sea, and Royal Australian Navy, then can action that.

I don’t want anyone to ignore that of any intercorporate cartel touching the end of their elbow on this day. There are serious inserts under skin, very quickly removed by the culprit. There are things shoved inside body cavities. These are horrible spywares, that have hit and flick devices onto civilians.

‘Make it possible’ campaigns should be law-abiding, never data-theft.

Medicos should not be talking ‘puss’ and ‘pass it’ in interference unlawful. It means they’re cartel violation, and likely perpetrating ‘animal riter’ conceal tactics as well.

There shouldn’t be unlawful ‘push’ app, trespass, must be obedient to Australian laws, fundamental laws, regarding poisons, trafficking, traffic offense, biomarkers of humans, slavery, torture, narcoterrorism.

That the intercorporate cartel has been transmission on ‘indecent expose’ and attempt to blame Fine Art Gallery and books. That is irrelevant unless there is an actual violation. There has to be an actual physical paper work charging with the offense, not transmissions of data-theft, High Security for Judges.

When there are pharmaceutical corporation pushing for ‘book of bank numbers’ that is soliciting offense with espionage.

Important that there are arrests, concerning, the ‘pushmans club’ espionage violation ‘re-tire read fund’ and ‘flasher app’ is spectrum nasty in Main St, Maldon, Victoria. Impostor attempts are International Security issues, are violation of fundamental laws. I have named the violators to their face yesterday, while they fired at me, to stop them. They were data-thefting Federal Policing, and attempting to hide their data-theft intrusions by firing at my human body, to elude detect. It should not do that. Whomever is stopping the data-theft should be well aware that I’m law-abiding, and have given evidence enough to that fact. Where there is soliciting for ‘disclosure’ and the crime must not conceal beneath that. I’m reporting the crimes, not disclosing government secrets, or trade secrets.

This is my understanding, and how I have that understanding is only because as a civilian, citizen, unarmed, I’m being fired at by violent electronic weapons. That if there is any signal lost to follow up, I understand from the narcoterrorist RANZCP fellows that persecute myself, and exploit my body, that they, the RANZCP also use this term ‘lost to follow up’ to ‘loco/ locate’ and they should not have the powers of air force, and that Flyer Doctors fire espionage assaults at my human body when they fly over, and other air craft doesn’t do that, even if high security air force. Flying Doctors perpetrated horrifying propaganda for violent misogyny experiments on women, in 2019, Productivity conference in Tasmania. Flying Doctors have also been associated with transporting ‘dracula boxes’ (term for people said to be dead, doing spies evasion). Australia is experiencing extremism, fascism, and by the usual suspects – the medico-pharmaceutical corporations. They’re always the puppeteer, when a government is sabotaged, and citizens are persecuted for their education, law-abiding, and intelligence that isn’t an intrusion on anyone.


Black’s Law Dictionary, 11th Edition; Bryan A. Garner, Editor in Chief; Thomas Reuters.

Legislation, The Australia Act

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