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Tobacco without propylene glycol

Commercial controlled tobacco contains large portions of the petroleum-based substance propylene glycol. This has been the main issue that has caused tobacco to be a hazard in closed spaces, and reason why it was banned in venues.

LC member Tania Maxwell has been urging more stringent laws regarding ‘illicit tobacco’, and missing the reason why people are seeking tobacco that is free from petroleum-based toxins, that the medico mafia, and clinical based politicians like Maxwell push to pollute the world with.

Ultimately, Abolish Psychiatry party policy on tobacco, would be about ensuring the public get the products they want, without toxic hygiene intrusions on their plant-based needs. The same would apply to other plants considered ‘noxious weeds’. Responsibility is needed for anyone growing such a plant, however, Abolish Psychiatry believes such plants should be permitted, for anyone who obtains a license for responsible maintaining, so that the plant doesn’t spread into the rest of the environment.

There is no reason why plants, that are a living organism, should be considered a 'shadow economy'.

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