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Theftbotes and Entrapment

For over a century, a commerce, a trend that of asking people, in euphemisms, what program has been fired at them, to make them feel theft-of-reason, and such as the person having to fight, to stop the illicit-program effecting them. The financial transaction must not be criminal intent, of scamming the person into continuous experiments, and covering up the violation; and that such denial and delay is horrible, never gaoling the persons responsible for the espionage crimes, and instead blaming the person that pays to find a way to stop the program being fired at them. Policy needs to be there, to stop psychiatrists from their theftbote, and claim to be ‘helping’ the Government ‘find the enemy’ when they’ve been psychiatrists in Australia whom have been acting as enemy combatants in Australia for over a century.

That the theftbote of a psychobabble name given to the theft-of-reason program that intrudes on a person via frequencies, in a subversive way, is unacceptable. That I am not talking about thieves, whom deserve to have their equipment shut down, if they attempt to steal such as Fixated information. I am talking about people whom are being exploiting by such thieves of Fixated information; and don’t know exactly what to do about the horror they’re being subjected to by the stealth criminals, whom cover up their weapons by placing a psychobabble term on the victim.

Any kind of set-up where a person profits from enabling the weapons to be fired, and not clearing the devices issues from the person, and doing research, must be really looked at, as suspect. It is unfair to lure, or otherwise induce people to work under another, whom is intending to fire stealth weapons programs, and for that person whom is profiting, to not do clearance for the people that are reporting that of the program that was fired at them.

That reasons so far for such research, isn’t reaching the public, with reports, and queries are there as to whom and who is getting the information of the stealth programs in intrusive cruel frequencies, that intrude on the workplace, lives and livelihoods of Australian people, and in other places in the world. That the programs cover up for crime, for psychiatrists, in Australia, and enable the psychiatrists to perpetrate further crimes, and are in no way fair to people whom have been fired at too many times a day, whom are so used to the horrible intrusions, that they find ways of putting the intrusions in their place of ‘intrusion’ of stealth-illicit.

That any set up that is named – therapy, psychology, psychiatry, counselling and research – that if such is not doing the job of clearance and reporting for the people they lure in to ask questions of such as to the intrusions. That the horror of the stealth-illicit testers being paid to then query the victims, is known to be both psychiatry and psychology in Australia. That there may be some psychologists, therapy, counselling and research that do clearance, that psychiatrists in Australia do not do that, they’re weapons testers, that if they do clearance for criminal intent, is where the horror is even worse. That some may do clearance for a price, and then intent to double-cross, is there as well.

Anyone helped by a psychiatrist in Australia is suspect. That it is always about the psychiatrist doing a ‘naughty thing for them’, such as filling in a script for ‘chocolates’. That’s actually a really nasty crime, and the psychiatrist that did that is and should be in a lot of trouble. Though, someone citing that all the time, as their reason, as ‘really really helped me’ is saying – the psychiatrist is Treason, and Genocide theftbote, and now have that over that one, every time in thinking on them. That, and such as that which a person is saying, is suspect – think about it, people enslaved, tortured, and arbitrarily detained by psychiatrists and what they will do to not be tortured and enslaved quite so much ever again, after that horrible extreme.

There must be no further theftbote, the horrible crimes of illicit-stealth programs must be named, and Policy there, to put the Criminal in gaol, not innocent people into pseudo-medicalisation, whereby they also conceal for Persons With Disabilities Attainted with Treason, that claim to be, of that pseudo-medicalisation, that are turncoats, with security data and access codes, in the employ of the pharmaceutical corporation, usually, in Australia. The spies evasion tactic through the Spital, that is hostile to innocent people, is helpful to the spies evading the justice system, whom are traitors to the country, and treason.

Medico have not been pointing to the Treason, in any way during 2020 to 2022 or prior, that might give the Medical Department, any rights, to say that they intended to tell the Government Policing department their medico stats and measures – it is TOO LATE for that. Such words as ‘too late’ used on people subjected to forced psychiatry, that whom faced with the worse torture, say they’ll do the other that might be less intrusive. No, it is too late for psychiatrists and medico-pharmaceutical accomplices in Australia, to make claims that they’re in any way innocent of crimes – their Poisons and Frequencies violations, and High Security thefts and breaches – those crimes are too overt, that and their reporting system a theftbote, that results in zero improvements, and increase in crimes associated with Treasonous illicit-stealth programs.

The Policy, that would best suit this – would be some straight talking on the matter. That there’s that which is a stealth weapon in the community, and must be understood, and located and stopped and that which is firing the weapons, with the program errata, shut-down, though that may not be possible by remote, and may be dangerous to do by remote, and necessitates arrest and investigation of premises with which the weapons are located, if a Spital, then that, and the CEO that is allowing for that. That and, any business participating in profiting and gaining power from those illicit-programs that are stealth weapons on the community, that muck a person’s day, must not be allowed to conceal crime, especially treasonous crime. There must not be induction used to drive people to rally, or buy something, especially after they’ve already been mucked by the stealth-illicit programs, and want to stop further violations.

That ‘playing into the dead’ and such, is really not unique to such program errata, then the profit from grief counselling, and such, that if they’re not doing the job correctly, and profiting, then they should be put on notice. That same with marriage breakdowns that are associated with stealth program errata.

That there’s that, and this – naming a person’s theft-of-reason experience, the property of psy – that is words that begin with that, is naming the weapons-illicit, not the person. It isn’t about the person. That extracting information from someone injured by a criminal, then not seeking to find out whom the criminal is, and instead further perpetrating against the person, and blaming their thinking – that’s where Policy on stealth-illicit really has to be there.

That there’s horrible concealment via such as program errata, that damages buildings, and must never be allowed for.

It isn’t for the Government to have ways and means of allowing Persons With Disabilities Attainted with Treason to get away with murder, and other hideous crimes, that wreck and destroy; it is for the Government to have ways and means for gaoling Persons With Disabilities Attainted with Treason, expediently, without a psychiatrist detouring that into Duty of Care, and expedients in formulae of Poisons Standards, that breach what should be allowed to be named a Medical Instrument.

Australia has a Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of Persons with Disabilities – that understanding to the matter of such that is the ‘of’ meaning the connection to, or association with, with reference to. That and this – having asked that there be investigation into Persons With Disabilities Attainted with Treason, that are psychiatrists that have access to codes, keys, dangerous machines, and fall under the definition of a disqualification from running for Senate or the House, in The Federal Constitution of Australia Act. Such as I have sent has been accepted, though, I did have to fight for that demand. That and the demand that psychiatrists attainted with treason be then more easily prosecuted for slavery, torture, arbitrary detention and obstructing Constitutional Rights 1-V-51-xxiiiA.

Obstructing the Executive Government is Treason, and, if found to be in a psychiatrist’s programming data, that of a bribe, ply, induct, or take the Executive’s hand by stealth – the treasonous psychiatrists must be prosecuted.

Civil Rights, must be given a position to be listened to by a large audience that wants the Civil Rights endorsed, so the audience don’t get overcome by fear-based stealth-illicit programs, that get fired at Civil Rights Activists, such as myself, and those whom surround me.

Understanding to the matter of medicalisation, that use of the term Persons With Disabilities is this – people whom have been medicalised, and have a regular non-illicit wheel-chair, want to never to be accused of being someone whom is a Person With Disabilities, making a spies evasion tactic, that might well be bankrupt or trading while insolvent, or a traitor, or treason, or International treachery. A person with a regular hear-aid doesn’t want that mucked, by someone whom is aiding and abetting Treason, or is a installer for a treasonous Person with Disabilities. Persons with Disabilities that are security risk, merely means – that they have access to codes, security systems, and data, that makes them a risk, even if they were not perpetrating Treason.

That psychiatrists or other medicos exploiting another - whom, is medicalised, by encouraging to use the term Persons with Disabilities, in the manner of medicalisation (which isn’t a disqualification from Senate or House, and must not conceal for another, whom is a disqualification, due to being attainted with Treason) - are such as exploiters that need to be investigated.

There’s no confusion here – either a person has access to codes, secure systems, and equipment of stealth and needs a risk assessment check; or potentially does because their equipment looks like that which the Government is looking for. That, is unfortunate, though it happens, and always has. That it is a clearance matter, and actually is much better than having stealth-illicit fired at your person, or equipment, such as a hearing aid, and that of false blame, while at a venue. Don’t want your (jewellery only) ring stinging your finger for theft-of-reason either. People whom get upset by security checking, make themselves look suspicious, they’ve got to know that. Though, there may be program-illicit fired at a person, to make them get annoyed, and decoy the situation, people should realise how important it is to stop stealth-illicit. That, for this discussion, I have minimised discussion of the horror of such upon a person, for reasons, that I really don’t approve of perverts discussing torture methods.

That is why, if that happens, and anyone whom is profiting from the information of how a program errata works, or doesn’t work, by querying the victim, they’d better be doing the victim of crime a service, by getting the horrible criminal that did that to them reported or gaoled, and if the person is part of the criminal network paid to do the decoy, then, they should be reported, though and demanded to report their boss; though, that must never occur through medicos again, in Australia, given, the corruption of purpose is all theftbote.

Policy on that which is theftbote, and entrapment, is there to stop those crimes, and needs to be scrutinizing on those psychiatrists whom are profiting and gaining power, while violating, abusing, exploiting, and obstructing justice in Australia in a way that is outrageous genocide and treason.

Civil Rights Activists should be permitted to speak out against the medico-pharmaceutical companies without being subjected to further encroachments on their life and livelihood. It isn’t only Australia that needs to make certain that Civil Rights is listened to and understood, instead of crime being allowed to induct followers and recruits, and cover up for Treason, that crime must never have a platform to speak, and be endorsed. Persons with Disabilities Attainted with Treason are disqualified.

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