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The toxic hygiene industry

The slow shutting down of petroleum-based by-products, probably is unlikely to do anything but enable a boom in the plastics industry for a while, unless that is considered war profiteering.

The toxic hygiene muck, has been on the increased mandate in Victoria and other States/ Territories in Australia, as a mandated shop item for customers to use upon entering the shop. This is really wrong for a government to mandate.

There has been therefore an increase in propylene glycol use, and other toxic hygiene products of the petroleum-based industries while the lock-downs in Australia continue and that’s not a superficial thing to people who have wear carbon filter masks so that these products do not harm them immediately and severely. Carbon-filter masks in themselves are not a healthy breathing apparatus, though the harm caused to a person from these toxic hygiene products is far worse if not filtered out somewhat. The effectiveness of the carbon-filter mask depending on what product is purchased. 30% minimisation of toxic fumes for non-industrial masks, is the estimate. While a person’s eyes and other skin areas absorb quantities of the toxic hygiene product, the breathing absorbs it far more. And any government mandating all shops require such toxic products, is really messing up the issue, and allowing a big industry by-product to Pfas the community and their environment, is something Australia has already suffered extensive damage from.

So, what to do when there’s that happening. Is there any rallies, conferences, or conversations in Australia looking to address this, when it’s far more of a pertinent problem for people and environment that humans wearing whatever a half-face mask is. Yet the anti-mask protest exist.

These by-products of the petroleum-based industries have a heavy medico-base, and giving more support to this toxic hygiene industry is NOT something a government should be doing. It's not something any community should be accepting either.

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