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The Nulling & Voiding of Contrary

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

For holocaust prevention, and the good of my country, Australia.

The Nulling and Voiding of Contrary

by Ms Initially No

The nulling and voiding of contrary

To make certain sense and reason prevail

It is never about destroying a country.

To say something got in

When the should not were in

And made the legislation repugnant.

As well as obstructing, a contract signed,

In 1946, pertaining to holocaust-prevention,

That was enshrined in the federal constitution

All legislation to comply with that Act

Yet for three-quarters of a century, still it didn’t.

Sweeteners got in when attempting to refine,

Quoting numbers instead of words.

Claiming the source without the words,

Meaning being then monetary only.

Put into an incorrect context,

The people looking up the source

Were outraged, frustrated, annoyed

Writing letters to demand arrests for treason.

The top jobs have to be justified –

Not only the design of the paperwork,

Being ever so slightly shifted

To marginalia and error by that –

Then claiming it were the old gateway carpentry.

If you download my bard, remember well, that there the bard Ms Initially No, is law-abiding, and demands that you always be. Leave the photos on the blog untouched.

Ms Initially No, has published 16 books of poetry, and some of these books are available to purchase at The Painter And The Writer Gallery, and all subject to copyright (c) Ms Initially No.

May our civil rights be won.

The Nulling and Voiding of Contrary
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There was a query, on the order of some words, in the poem. I won't be changing that. There is a matter of something that is legal matter, when the order is that way, to arrest the treason.

Understanding also of - A tax order contract, made against the Federal Constitution of Australia Act. That, likely exists. That Latin, contra constitutionem, likely used, in a tawdry old tract. That there is Latin there, a tract of future time, tractus future temporis, likely used, though proof of fact, necessary. Civil rights, holocaust prevention amendment to the Federal Constitution, is in force, and legislation repugnant, until made null & void. The indexing system at Parliamentary Library should have that information. It isn’t about the indexing of wages (as Australia has been urgently and strangely pushing for in a converter of true conduct necessary).

That tract, that obstructs, written by the British Medical Association, and the Judgements made in Plain Error, from 1946 to1985, though by British rule on Legislation. After 1985, however Australia not subjected to enforcement by the UK on Legislation, and should be free to not follow the tawdry old tract; and must not follow that at if a puppet to an old regime unchecked (that might be Latin, regime dotal, and regime en communaute legally mock trial out on Australia experiments that were understood to be war crime), given that responsibility to recognise the ugly truths of what UK perpetrated against Australia, prior to 1985, to threaten with ‘treason arrest’ anyone challenging the British Medical Association. Australia should not be handing out Hearth Money to a medicos claim Pope rules. It might be between a scarf and a scat, fall back measure, though it is likely to have ‘jelly issue’, because the lollypop is the whack, and traffic offense potential to stop, and test sites, were something prior to 1985, thought ‘necessary’, and UK perpetrated that, is known. The petens, the demandant, real action, might be the where people can get free from the tawdry old tract, that is outrageous.

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