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The enemy have one of our leaders

The enemy to the people must be humiliated, and the enemy to the people are those whom want to enslave and torture the people, disable and retard their industry and reputation as a country.

If there’s any hesitation in doing what has to be done to stop the enemy – whom are these people that hesitate?

That no one should have to be told they have to put up with another’s unreasonable demands so that they don’t get tortured and enslaved. That putting up with another’s encroachment on your life isn’t being ‘good’, it’s negating your duty to the community. Society must not allow for the crushing of human purpose, not allow for the perverting of human rights. The strength of the community that exists when all people are allowed to exist free from slavery and torture, is essential to a strong economy.

When enslavers take a person whom is a strong slavery abolitionist, they intend to take something else. The enslavers want to break the slavery abolitionist into pleading for their life. What does that mean to the rest of the population when the enemy has that strong person begging? The enemy have taken a powerful person, and want to call them ‘poor’, and say they ‘tamed the shrew’. That attempt to crush people whom are needed for a society to be strong, that’s what the enemy that sabotages and destroys a country does.

It is always the civil rights activists that get attacked and murdered first, when there’s an attempt to take over a country by a malevolent force, that intends to ransack, lay waste, make obvious their position to the world, as dictators.

That Australia has been fighting eugenicists for a long time, psychiatrists whom enslave and torture, humiliate, so that they can say that Australia is a ‘poor country’, with people that need ‘help’.

Dominance should be for a reason, and only what people absolutely want, allowing people to have control and be able to be free from torture and slavery, and know they’re powerful, and authorised by their own integrity; that way, enslavers, torturers, terrorists and molesters will be broken and not be able to ruin what people love and cherish.

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