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The Doctorate

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer; CEO of The Painter And The Writer Gallery.

When there is a qualification, there should not be any suspicious activity in gaining that qualification. Suspicious activities, as in espionage, of psychiatrists in Australia and their associate medicos, so obviously against all standards of universities. The letters that are added after their names look suspicious, as if they are high security guarded by another country. The letters that are added after their names look suspicious and ridiculous. Only fascist warlords attempt to claim super-military status of another country’s expertise.

When RANZCP fellows and their associates apply for their ‘suspicious guard’ qualifications, they apply to ‘emergency services’ have a law-abiding citizen, unarmed civilian, arbitrarily detained, for ‘lost to follow-up’ status, as if the person, has an app, or insert, or is foreign interference visitor, and needs to be checked for that which is a medical-pharmaceutical device. They don’t. The RANZCP fellow is the app, device, replacement, and does that, secretly, while torturing the good citizen, for 2 weeks. The citizen isn’t allowed visits, and lawyers are put off, and tribunal hearing is only ever after two weeks of outrageous violence on that good citizen.

There are write-ups, ‘not so good citizen’, and ‘she yelled at her mother once last year and that really upset her mother’. And other non-crimes, put into very military accuse style files.

That the RANZCP fellows, repeatedly name people ‘suspicious and guarded’, in these files, is known, and often the word guard, is au, instead of ua. That of the backwards in spell. RANZCP fellows are likely using known military codes, for the unlawful app and insert replacement spyware for the RANZCP fellow, and the espionage assaults, then directed at the good citizen, while the citizen is said to have been placed in confinement and injected with ‘tranquilizer’, and said to be forced ‘to calm down’ and these are zoo animal drugs. The torture of that person, converted for the letters after the RANZCP fellows name, and the spyware, that is then used in the tribunal, to test the legal chair, and sometimes the community member, while the other RANZCP fellow on the panel, controls other aspects of the Mental Health Tribunal, a Structural Error, that is so outrageous, fascist violation of law.

Australia is highly suspicious when appointing, in 2020 in charge of ‘immunity’, that also worked with animal drugs, on animals, and known for that.

That university qualification, doctorate, and how a group of people, whom lobbied to make poisons and physics standards tests on humans a qualification in Australia, despite that being a war crime, and using Dr, as if only theirs.

There is likely several options to break that qualification down – when it is a war crime. If there are archives on this, it might be of interest to look at that which was fought against, historically.

When there is a 'harsh' ship, that Australia doesn't want. Usurpers on the siren likely in with the 'psy land'. Australia doesn't want RANZCP fellows to bring in reinforcements. Doesn't matter what their claims are, if they fire weapons amd muck. Then they doctor call, and they want medicines and medical practitioners, and that is when the devices get inserted in so far they’re difficult to locate.

The indoctrination of people to be accepting of war crime on citizens, is outrageous, appalling, and then for the same country, not stopping the war crime on citizens to allow for further violators in, that another country close by, flags as harassment harsh, though subversive, must be detected, and have the devices of espionage removed.

Australia must immediately make null & void, the repugnant legislation, so that detect is able to get all the information necessary to stop further assaults from electronic weapons, and other sabotage, usurping of civil rights.

Insulting insulation for repugnant jokers, that usurp too much that is fundamental law, understood for centuries world-wide. Don’t spy on the corps, and don’t aid and abet criminal cartel, or foreign interference espionage, or violate citizens. When the poisons handlers are awry, and perpetrate crimes against humanity, and plot to monopolise government – that is fascism.

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