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The difference between us

There’s a few things I might need today – and it’s best I focus on them, rather than rethinking about what phenomenon there might be around me. The idea of a bustling town, a staple that can go through a good many sheets of paper, a study that’s quiet, a study bench to work saws and heavy objects on, a sharpened guillotine for home-made paper and booklets – and an under arm that has hair, sweat and none of those distasteful toxic hygiene products. And, the difference between a duck, a goose and a magpie. All have feathers, they all take to the skies – the difference is always there and no one mixes them up, unless they be medico mafia doing horrible experiments. So why would anyone mix up a duck with a psy? That makes no sense. Yet language has placed it there like it is a magpie goose, and the duck makes haste into the skies when I bring out my graphite and sketchpad.

Old myths put forth with the Wizard of Oz old themes, to push away anyone attempting to talk or write about such phenomenon, or demanding the right to refuse medico crap. It’s where the tin-foil hat myth came from. There’s no sense in wearing a tin-foil hat to deflect electromagnetic interference (EMI) or psychiatrists abusing emergency powers to call their attempt to hide forced human experimentation under an emergency medico intervention (also EMI) for that matter. Would a tin foil full body suit stop EMI from causing pain-thresholds or other severely intrusive experiences? No, it wouldn’t make the EMI go away. I suppose that’s something astronauts experiment with – deflection material, from intense organic EMI. I suppose they’ve found something that works to a certain level up there, but down here, on earth? I doubt it. There’s plenty out there for equipment, but for people? For the animals in the environment?

The idea that a country can control its citizens covertly with instructions via EMI, has been a known experience for some people for decades. What those people also know is that the idea of treating a person ‘like a dumb animal’ and cattle-prodding them – is ludicrous. Given that some instructions are given by nefarious people who are in powerful positions, medico mafia and corrupt officials, and, you really should not listen to them, or follow them, even when they treat you ‘like an animal’. Some instructions are cautions, and they are probably well and good, some others are tests, and then there’s those who wish to exploit through encrypted devices that utilise the medico mafia’s datamine, and do things to the person who is used as a ghost bounce that involve EMI pain-thresholds. The victim isn’t in any way involved in what the criminal is doing, but might get an inkling, from the bounced security pain-thresholds are occurring (that's my understanding); and that there are various wielders of some serious EMI devices out there, including medico mafia, doing what they do and getting away with it, because forced psychiatry still exists.

What happens when people start needing to wear masks for chemical and or electrical interference that targets them through another’s exploitation of them? What exactly are people who have been subjected to the outrageous exploitation racket that is government legislated forced psy meant to listen to from covert EMI, that they’d rather not hear at all, so they don’t get whacked with a pain-threshold or other muck? No one wants to live in a society where people have to wear spacesuits and eat astronaut food. People might experiment with that for a while, as a fad, but they’d do anything to stop having that forced on them. The same with medico crap, people don’t want that forced on them.

Evidently the psy’s wrote the duck-and-cover routine for civilians during WW2 and it was called ‘quackery’ – and so has nothing to do with birdlife, unless some app rite of electromagnetic fields makes it so. Might also be worth recognising why a duck might fly off, when that has nothing do with what a person might be wanting to sketch and what another might want to draw under the cover of that person sketching, while using an encrypted device.

Too many years of recognising doubles doing what they do. So, I’m not going to ignore the reality of that potential. Though, of course it could be coincidence, it could, it’d be good if that were so – but that’s not the era we live in, and birds are very attuned to electromagnetic fields. And if you could stop this era’s newly honed and developed covert weapons with a tin-foil hat, or even a space-suit… but na, that doesn’t even make sense, it’s far more complicated than that. And if someone out there is designing pills, or a spacesuit they say are the perfect solution for everything – perhaps they should also tap the witch’s red shoes together and say ‘there’s no place like home’ and then say, ‘you’re spotted’. If there’s a spotted duck involved in this, I’d love to see it in my back yard taking cover under the rosemary enjoying the snails and avoiding any double entendre on their unshelled food.

There’s also our food, no one wants that messed with by EMI. So, instead of describing anything pertaining to that kind of intrusion on society via enemies of the people, such as medico mafia – I’m going to say that calling psy a bad apple isn’t what I’d do. That’s too forgiving of the vile cruel forced human experimentation racket that the psy run and demand the government assist them to continue. A bad apple can be cut around, or given to the compost.

A psy must be disposed of properly, so the toxic psy and their touted ‘so called hygiene and so called elite science’ don’t continue to contaminate the earth and its people. When abolishing psy, there must not be a spill left-over, as in the 1940s Operation Paperclip; and there must not be the possibility of the psy having any power of retaliation (given the psy have access to some really dangerous weapon in the guise of medical research and treatment.)

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