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The Dangers of The Patent Act 1990, if mismanaged

That humans are, and contain micro-organisms, and that those micro-organisms live and enable a person to live, and that should those micro-organisms be interfered with by electronic devices, such as espionage weaponry, that those micro-organisms are naturally occurring and should never be able to be patented, or exploited in such equipment. That modifications of micro-organisms are not ‘new’ or ‘inventive’, they’re a mangled version, of what is naturally occurring. Biometrics, is not something that should have a Patent.

Mismanagement of what is ‘inventive’ has allowed something to occur, that is wrong for the life and livelihood of Australians.

‘Specific, substantial, and credible use’, should not apply to patents on life. Patents should only be about what is not considered life. That would manage the Patents Act, in a way, and for Biometrics applications would no longer exist, because life pertains to what is a life-form, and any parts of that life-form, are life.

Understanding that weapons cannot be ‘appreciated’ (Ch 1/ 7A/ 2), that only equipment that detects weapons and stops weapons can be appreciated, and that must be equipment, not containing or pertaining to life.

Secret trials or experiments with life, particularly that which is going to affect human biology, must be consider abhorrent, and never be allowed a patent, if The Patent Act, is managed for the good of the Australian People. Such exploitation of people, secretly, is not a reasonable trial or experiment for the Commonwealth or State/ Territory to allow. Any such patents allowed, are a corruption of management of The Patents Act, and must be considered null and void, and all efforts made to stop any further use of such equipment that uses or pertains to life, particularly Biometrics that is being exploited in spyware, that is intrusive, cruel, degrading, and not allowing Australian life and livelihood to flourish. That furthermore has been used to threaten and menace the population, as well as deliberately cause suffering, to aid and abet false-medicalisation for profit and power. These biometric patents, made in secret, can only be considered a crime, never an ‘invention’. Crimes are not ‘inventions’ that are permissible, particularly Crimes Against Humanity, and War Crimes (12A Application of the Criminal Code).

Intruding on a person or persons, with interference and electro-magnetic espionage or pseudo-medical devices, secretly, is criminal. Anything said to had a patent, that does this, is not an ‘invention’ and should not have a patent. What intrudes on people, or a person, cannot be considered a ‘person’s property’, must be understood. Certainly it should not be something a person can have ‘exclusive rights’ over and rights to authorize other people to exploit – because that’s conspiracy to interfere with people or a person intruded on by the interference device. To ‘grant ownership of such a criminal device to persons that are not Australian citizens (Part 2/ 15/ 2), is even worse, in that the Biometrics crime cannot be contained within Australia, and then is being exploited by Foreign Interference, to destroy Australian lives and livelihood, economy, infrastructure, and matters of National Security.

To harm or interfere with people or a person, is a crime; and a criminal application cannot be patented. That medical claims to secrecy without the people involved being informed or asked; that the medical claims to secrecy were done without consent and by force; this means such patents that should never be granted, and likely constitute Genocide, for a group of people thus exploited. Thereby any applications that are biometrics-related, must be considered crimes, and the applicants immediately arrested and interrogated, for breaches of The Crimes Act.

Those whom have bought and sold Biometrics equipment, and deployed it, must be indicted for their offenses. There is no excuse of buying these espionage or pseudo-medical weapons. The Medical Practitioners whom own such equipment, must be immediately stopped. They cannot and do not have a special secret permit to conduct intrusive, cruel biometric experiments and the Australian population for profit and power. Proving Medical authority’s complicity in the biometrics crime, should be obvious, as a deviant act of committing Excess of Privilege, that and their violent intrusions on the population going far beyond negligence, and treacherous in their extent of intrusions into life and livelihoods of the Australian People.

Those people whom do not understand how intrusive and cruel these devices are, have no excuse for their experiments, and trials, that are known to intrude on a person or persons. That the trials/ experiments of biometric equipment are known to be intrusive, cruel, demeaning, and destructive – implicates those deploying this equipment in purposely violating the lives and livelihoods of Australian people for profit and power. There’s not ‘innovation’ or ‘novelty’ in violating people, violating people, is a crime, and a most particularly obscene crime when done in secrecy, and denied, when the people violated attempt to speak out against it. For further interference to be inflicted on people whom spoke out against this crimes of unlawful biometrics interference trials/ experiments, and those attempting to patent such, is utterly deplorable. That, going well beyond mismanagement of The Patents Act, and understood to be about corruption, that was not stopped, and must be stopped, so that these crimes do not escalate further.

It should be obvious, from The Patents Act 1990, that -

Chapter 2 Patent rights, ownership and validity, Part 3 Validity, Division 1 Validity,

(2) Human beings, and the biological processes for their generation, are not patentable inventions.

Certain inventions not patentable inventions for the purposes of an innovation patent

(3) For the purposes of an innovation patent, plants and animals, and the biological processes for the generation of plants and animals, are not patentable inventions.

What is concerning is this and the corrupt official whom allowed it –

(4) Subsection (3) does not apply if the invention is a microbiological process or a product of such a process.

[Note: see also sections 7 and 9.]

Because what exactly is that allowing for, or attempting to blur something that was absolutely prohibited? This, corruption of The Patents Act, enabling something that could destroy so many Australian lives, and livelihoods, and cause horrible disaster. That said, it is still a crime, to interfere with human life, and anyone attempting to violently exploit and The Patents Act, is responsible for damages.

Deploying an espionage weapon at a person, to name that a ‘microbiological process’ or a ‘product of such a process’ is not something that should ever be reasonable interpretation of the legislation. There is no ‘improvement or modification’ in deploying weapons against non-criminal Australian civilians, that can be applied for.

That The Patents Act, manages this, for persons attempting to make false or misleading claims to a patent

Chapter 2, Part 3 , Division 1 Validity,

21 Validity not implied by making or refusal of non infringement declaration

The making of, or refusal to make, a non infringement declaration in respect of a claim of a patent does not imply that the claim is valid.


Chapter 2, Part 3, Division 3

28 Notice of matters affecting validity of innovation patents

Person may give notice of invalidity of an innovation patent

(1) A person may notify the Commissioner that the person asserts, for reasons stated in the notice, that an innovation patent is invalid because the invention concerned does not comply with paragraph 18(1A)(b).

There should be no issues then, in policing these violations of Australian people, their lives and livelihoods.

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