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The Australian Health Industry is corrupt

A corrupt system, is not a healthy system, and when the thinking of a purported health system is focussed on exploiting people and destroying their health, like disposable equipment in a laboratory... that's when you know that the purported Health Industry, is not about health.

Australians who have been deliberately tortured, exploited for vile, cruel research purposes by force, when they speak out against that – society looks at those people, through the dirty lenses of the genocidal exploiter. It doesn’t matter what the exploited do, the exploiters make it so that their victims' every move is denigrated. It is only historically that society of another future era, can look back, and recognise the truth of the situation – know and love the heroics of the exploited, and be outraged by the monstrous disgusting exploiters.

For society to recognise victims of psy, for who they are – people fighting against government dictators that are exploiting them violently – society must recognise what propaganda is, and not succumb to it. Society must recognise what is clearly gestapo actions, in the CATT (Crisis Assessment Treatment Team) and society must do something active to stop a person being dragged off to a psychiatric facility to be exploited. Society clearly is not okay with forced human experimentation, they just have to gain the courage to go against the flow of propaganda, that directs them with fear, violence and all the power that authorities wield.

When the people, on mass, won’t agree to something, the government cannot continue to enforce it. Though, how, how do the people do that? 

Ask yourself – would it be better if the government didn’t allow medicos to intrude on human lives? And recognise - yes, it would, it would be much better to not have the medicos having any kind of authority to assault people and no ability to call the assault ‘medicine’, then charge the tax-payer for that assault.

When medicine doesn't separate from the diabolical regime of forced psychiatry, that means the whole medical system is corrupt, until medicine separates from that vile, cruel exploitation racket that is the mental health system.

The violation of human rights, via mental health associated companies, that have lobbied to get legislative power to violently capture and intrusively exploit people, in the most diabolical ways, that only medicos know – that is the mental health system, that used to be called the mental hygiene system, and in some countries still is. The procuring of specimens for human research, was given legislative power in the eugenics era, and the propaganda surround this idea indoctrinated into the public, that the people being exploited, were not being exploited that they were being cared for; and that the people being exploited needed to be managed because they were potentially a ‘danger’. And the people, didn’t even question that abuse of civil rights, because, when mental hygiene bills were drafted, there were many people who were not permitted equality, many people (including women) whom members of the governing forces didn’t want to have equality, because then those people couldn’t be easily exploited, and denigrated as needing to be exploited.

The idea of being able to distrust what a person says, the idea that one person is invalid – that inequality before the law continues, through mental health legislation. Through this legislation, a declaration by a psychiatrist that a person does not have the capacity to agree to invasive cruel medical research, of novel and experimental kind – that the person can then be forced to suffer it, despite saying no very clearly. This is a loophole that allows this vile cruel forced human experimentation racket to flourish, and the profits go straight to the violators.

It is a problem for a country to have organisations that are getting unlawful legislation through parliament, to violate the people through ways and means of denigrating their abilities, then poisoning them with neurotoxins to shut down their abilities. It is an abuse of emergency powers, totally unethical, and inhuman degrading cruel gross human rights violation.

Medical corruption is the main reason for vile, cruel exploitation for human research, and the slandering of people with vicious DSM slurs via dubious measurement scales such as PSYRATS, are an attempt to victim-blame, an attempt to excuse the vile cruel forced human experimentation – but there is no excuse for that which people looking back in a future era will see. The exploitation for the idea of ‘greater good’ through forced psychiatry, or other forcing of human experimentation, are not unlike other so called medical 'sciences' that have a history of violently exploiting. Indoctrination of a society into victim-blaming, and veneration of violators, and the fear-mongering involved – makes for a society that isn’t grounded in truth, and therefore cannot excel at what is needed. What happens to that society then?

Well, we cannot see our health workers as heroes, and when authorities currently in government, like Daniel Andrews in Victoria, attempt to propagate this idea - we hear a hollow ham-actor, that doesn't believe it either.

Forced psychiatry is Hell not Health!

Victims of Psychiatrists (VOP) Virtual Rally

On April 7th

Let the world know

VOP health is violated by psychiatrists experiments

People should have the #right2know!

People should have the #right2refuse what is hell not health!

Demand the Government stop allowing psychiatrists to violate our health.

(World Health Day)

What can you do for a Virtual Rally? Organise virtual conferences, post blogs, use this as a topic for social media...

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