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Stopping Arbitrary Detention Slavery Torture in Australia

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

author - Ms Initially No, Policy Writer.

1. A Tribunal or Court that allows forced psychiatry is a Structural Error.

That Tribunal or Court is defective, if that Court/ Tribunal, allows a mechanism prior to any Tribunal, for an intercorporate to perpetrate – arbitrary detention, forcible collection of personal data, torture, indoctrination, and commands a requirement that the person to be submissive to forced human experimentation. The mechanism doesn’t charges the person with crime, medicalises, and therefore the mechanism itself is crime.

The Defect of the Court/ Tribunal allowing for violation of the Australian citizen prior to Court/ Tribunal. That the victim – has to apply to the Tribunal, to stop the Carte Blanche that the RANZCP fellow has used, and that takes more than a fortnight. The victim, whom is literally subjected to violence of forced Poisons, Physics, Interrogation, extraction of information including bodily fluids and force into Arbitrary Detention – for a fortnight prior to Tribunal Hearing – the victim is not the defect/ sabotage, or the distortion/ disturbance of spectrum. The victim isn’t the emissions issue, when they don’t have a spectrographic device, or transmitter, or radiocommunications device to be monitored, audited, and give information on the use of that is detected as a breach of licencing. That the RANZCP fellows, are naming people disabled, or disabilities, or securities issues; when it is the RANZCP fellow that has the securities/ devices, that if include data-theft, then the ‘thing’ that the RANZCP fellow has is the RANZCP fellow’s violation, never the person thefted from.

That the victim of this Structural Error of the Court/ Tribunal system (that allows the Carte Blanche write-up) has not charged the victim with crime, and there isn’t a crime to charge the victim with. That is a deprivation of basic Constitutional rights 1-V-51-xxiiiA (that provisions and services of medical and dental may be given for peace order and good governance, but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription.)

When The Civil And Administrative Tribunal has perpetrated this Structural Error, this has tainted the Tribunal Process, for ALL Civil Administrative Tribunals held, making the Tribunal unreliable, and rendering any punishment fundamentally unfair. The error is so per se prejudicial and requires automatic reversal. Automatic reversal will enable the Tribunal to make amends, by Punitive Order on the criminal RANZCP fellow.

An example of reversal, is – charging the fellow of RANZCP with offense of using a document intended for the Radiocommunications Act 1992, that the perpetrating RANZCP fellow used in order to blame-shift, via medical, chemical, paramilitary contrivances that are intentional, and subversive, concealment by claiming a human is the non-communicable dis-ease. The charge of a radiocommunication, not permitted, that makes humans suffer, if the electronic device is pointed at the human body, that has no devices inserted. That RANZCP fellows have intentionally and forcibly injected a victim with a Poisons Standard, should not make the victim a Poisons Standards carriage issue (knowing the situation and the radiocommunications devices of RANZCP attempting to conceal by redirecting the detect, into tracking that poison injected forcibly, and the victim’s bodily information, and official numbers such as drivers licence, or data of birth.)

That the victim of crime must not be the ‘offense committed’, then said to be ‘person acting defensively’ then committed/ arbitrarily detained in the Spital. That, the Structural Error, not permitted for the Tribunal to perpetrate, and not in the Courts/ Tribunal’s best interests.

2. It is Plain Error, to be dismissed, any prior history of judgement, that has allowed for the Structural Error.

The Plain Error, includes any obstruction to Constitutional rights, by a Judgement in Court, and how this can be proven by citing the transcript, and how the Plain Error Judgement reads as anti-human rights; and not in Australia’s best interests, and not in humanity’s best interests to pervert a holocaust-prevention-writ, that is the amendment 51-xxiiiA, that was a referendum, and includes an enacting clause, is in force and demands to be complied with in all legislation.

3. All legislation must comply with the Constitution (V-109).

That Parliament must not pass or allow for Legislation that is contrary to the Constitution 51-xxiiiA, that medical provisions services must not be forced on the population. That Australian citizens have the right to refuse medical provisions and services. Medical personnel are never permitted to force themselves, and their concoctions of poisons or physics standards, nor detain, or extract from an Australian citizen.

That legislation that is a false-pass in Parliament, is known as Joker legislation, too ambiguous and Unconstitutional to pass – and therefore must be avoided/ voided (the legal terms here mean both the same thing). That the Executive Government has a responsibility, as do the Courts/ Tribunals, to name the false-pass of Legislation, that is in error. And demand that the joker legislation must not be allowed for.

4. The Restrictive order, should not be in place, on the victim of psychiatrists’ violations, because the Restrictive order must be on the criminal whom is perpetrating the violation of Radio Communications Act 1992.

Compare The Radiocommunications Act 1992, Division 2—Restrictive orders, 222 Restrictive orders – to that which is Restrictive order of Mental Health Act, that is being used. And recognise that there is a faux-medicalisation, and that the perpetrator of that, is a RANZCP fellow and accomplices, that are an intercorporate cartel. It is the RANZCP fellow and accomplices that need the Restrictive order, applied to them and their intercorporate cartel. The breaches of Radiocommunications Act 1992 and other charges, those Restrictive orders are serious criminal offenses, of subversive acts of crime – that must be stopped.

That inertia via unlawful radiocommunications must never be used to reverse charges.

That it is very important for the Tribunal/ Courts to be able to charge the offenders, instead of the victims of crime being further violated.

When victims of crime are applying to the Tribunal to stop the slavery, torture, arbitrary detention, that has been forced – the Tribunal/ Courts, need to be recognising that of data-theft, that the victim of crime may have been subjected to.

A RANZCP fellow has power, privileges, access, immunities, accessories and disabilities/ securities. These powers should not influence, or direct the Tribunals/ Courts.

Disabilities are 'things', not people. Though there are persons with disabilities, and Employees of the Crown, have disabilities/ things, for security, doesn’t mean that their ‘thing’ is the crime. Though, if the ‘thing’ is the difficulty, it needs to be fixed.

A human that doesn’t have disabilities, doesn’t have a ‘thing’ needing to be fixed.

RANZCP fellows have disabilities/ securities, that are 'things' that are devices that may have data-theft, and if such, should be confiscated by the Tribunal as item Evidence.

That a Person with Disabilities, is defined as that if the 'things' are carried by the person, or inserted under the skin. It is simply a Court/ Tribunal carriage issue. And, RANZCP fellows are demanding a person be enslaved tortured and arbitrarily detained, and are known for decades to have carriage issues, and have referred to the human id thefted, as ‘physics/ physician of souls’, and ‘carving up of souls’, is other reference. More recently the biometric ID theft, has been referred to as biomedical matter. It is theft of reference to a human, that might include a scan of eyes, and x-ray of teeth, or urine sample put through a machine. RANZCP fellows are not permitted to carry data-theft of machines such as roadwork equipment, or aeroplane matter – and are also said to have that on devices, as well as Foreign Interference Espionage, by claiming to be ‘doctors without borders’ and ‘flying doctors’ and ‘influencer command’.

RANZCP fellows that have disabilities, such as polymer inserts, and that of RANZCP accomplices, in court as well. And the disabilities/ securities have secrecy clauses of international corporation. The Tribunal/ Courts would have a document to apply to obtain those secrecy clauses prior to allowing RANZCP fellow into Tribunal/ Courts. Otherwise the RANZCP fellow should be declared unfit for Court, until all potential espionage, radiocommunications, transmitters, are known. That and if there is any data-theft that pertains to the victim of crime, on the RANZCP fellows 'disabilities/ securities', that has to be removed, so the RANZCP fellow and accomplices don’t contrive to violate the victim of crime, external to Tribunal/ Courts.

That it is essential that RANZCP fellows are charged with the crimes that include slavery, torture, arbitrary detention; as well obstructing Constitutional rights, and Legal and Civil Rights. That this is likely to be Crimes Against Humanity And The Commonwealth, as well as those of the Radiocommunications Act 1992, and tampering with legal documents.

Stopping Slavery Torture Arbitrary Detention in Australia_02-09-22
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The Radiocommunications Act 1992, Division 2—Restrictive orders

222 Restrictive orders

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