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Stop Psy Polluting Our Water!

Abolish Psychiatry is serious about stopping the pharmaceutical toxins getting into our water.

Do the current Australian governing parties really take direction from WHO? If so, why is Australia still increasing the toxins in our water by funding psychiatrists more, then those psychiatrists increase the forcing of psychiatric drugs on Australian people who want the #right2refuse these horrible neurotoxins?

Illicit drugs are not the most damaging drugs to our water, psychiatric drugs are. People who have suffered forced psychiatry know the devastating effects of these drugs, and are regularly met with denial by the psychiatrist that forces them, and the current government that allows old exploitative legislation to continue to force psychiatric drugs. The effects of these drugs are listed by the drug companies website and packet, and the effects of each and every one of these psychiatric drugs is horrific for the humans forced to take them... so why the denial and the active push by our leaders to increase this obvious destructive act of allowing forced psychiatry?

So why is no one doing anything? Australian officials are not listening to anything other than the prompts of pharmaceutical companies that benefit from the expansion of use of the toxic rubbish they promote as 'life saving', when it is life destroying.

Everyone should be doing what they can to prevent more of these drugs entering the water supply, everything that can to stop the killing and maiming of Australian life, environment - and the clean water that we all need.

There has been very little opposition to forced psychiatry by government officials (even those hypocritical parties touting a 'green' stance, are profiting from promoting pharmaceutical companies), despite petitions by Australian people, some of which are members of our party.

Abolish Psychiatry party is much needed, to stop the exploitation of our people and our everything. Do something by signing up as member, so our party can be fully registered, and get an Abolish Psychiatry representative into parliament to speak to this.

Abolish Psychiatry has just started, but we've been needed for a long time. We need to make changes happen ASAP and 2022 is a must happen, for Australians.

Abolish Psychiatry only exists because no one else is doing the job that needs to be done. Every other party is just there for themselves, it seems, for their greedy profits. Well, that's no world for people to live in, it's a world of disgusting polluted waters, extinct marsupials, and outraged, confused people.

Enough of the propaganda for pharmaceutical companies - that's not protection, that's a curse, their products are not care, they're callous.

‘In the last decade, traces of pharmaceuticals, typically at levels in the nanograms to low micrograms per litre range, have been reported in the water cycle, including surface waters, wastewater, groundwater and, to a lesser extent, drinking-water.’ – WHO, Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water.

Australians have to be more than questioning what it means for a normal healthy bird or fish in the wild to be consuming psychdrugs, when we know the effects on humans who are forced to take them are devastating.

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