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Royal Commission into violence, abuse, exploitation & neglect of justice

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

author - Ms Initially No, policy writer

A Royal Commission must address the crime, never promote the crime.

With that understanding I sent a document today, I restricted the document, to the Royal Commission. I have sent documents prior as well. Including permission to speak at the Royal Commission, about the violators, and necessity for legal action against persons with disabilities that are violating the use of that disabilities/ thing/ access conditions of use, ACMA standards for allotments, and Radiocommunications Act 1992, and other Criminal Code violations.

What followed, was, that I was fired at by remote devices, espionage devices, that are being named 'disabilities access equipment'.

As a civil rights activist, a person whom is policy writer, I object strongly to the violence upon my humanity, and have given the Evidence, in good faith that the Australian Government will meet the Compliance with the Law necessities and gaol the RANZCP fellows for their Espionage activities, and other Commonwealth crimes. That the Intercorporate Cartel, that is naming their espionage equipment and perpetrating spies evasion, also needs to be stopped from violating Radiocommunications, and converting data, such as writs/ fieries, and data-thefting from civil rights and United Nations.

The Espionage crimes need to be stopped. Holocaust-prevention-writ 1946 Amendment to the Constitution complied with, and legislation must be got in order. All non-compliant legislation Nulled & Voided.

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