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Royal Commission into the act of slavery and torture

At the heart of’ a purported to be ‘inclusive and humane society’ is a legislative act of slavery and torture that forms the mental health system of Victoria where people who are living with hate-speech being inflicted on them are also subjected to hate-crime. Families, friends, neighbours, colleagues, social workers, lawyers, politicians, police, coroners and medicos—who do nothing to demand that the Mental Health Act of Victoria be made null and void, are not contributing fully to Australia’s need for civil rights action. This means that computational systems that involve human rights are awry.

The Victorian Mental Health System is corrupt use of legislature for the shadow economy of psychiatrists and clinical psychologists and their medical mafia to forcibly and violently exploit people for human research.

Recommendation Number 1: humpty dumpty it (The Mental Health Act of Victoria 2014) and replace it with reparations for victims of torture and slavery via this Mental Health Act of Victoria and previous Mental Health Acts that have not been recognised as an act of slavery and torture in the legislature. No need to build walls to do that.

Recommendation Number 2: Defund the Mental Health Systems of Victoria, as no money from government should be permitted to be part of former enslavers and torturers, or those who profited by that term ‘Mental Health’, which was code for slavery and torturously cruel forced human experimentation.

Recommendation Number 3: That Mr Taylor, Ms Theophanous, and Ms Addison recognise and apologize for their part in allowing slavery and torture to exist in the legislature, when on November 10th, they all address the deplorable violence, corruption and forced human experimentation racket, that is the mental health system of Victoria, at Parliament House.

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