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Risk assessment on goods

That the obvious is that goods need to have understood boundaries of legal and security management. That’s an employment, to watch goods, for what isn’t correctly transported. There is a hijack on this by medico-pharmaceutical industries, doing incorrect shipments. It is outrageous in stealth, and conspired organised criminal intent. The risk assessment is about the cargo, being suspected by Customs. So, to get around that legal necessity, psychiatrists attempt to place risk assessment on people. Psychiatrists are inverting the law on capacity and containment of hazards, onto people, laws that are designed to make certain that medico-pharmaceutical companies are not doing anything that might be a threat or menace.

That laws on capacity for carriage of poisons, pertains to where likely psychiatrists are concealing for their pharmaceutical companies, that are regulation violators, more than any other medico. Compliance with the strict orders, on what can and cannot be allowed, as far a poisons. Any violations in shipment of goods, is to do with custody, control, of dutiable goods, and criminal intent miscarriage. That medico-pharmaceutical companies use espionage, to muck signals and shipping, to get around that, and likely have been using human pain-threshold SOS signalling, of a person held in arbitrary detention, that psychiatrists are torturing, and must never be allowed to get away with doing that ever again. Very dangerous inverting of law, in espionage and stealth weapons piracy attack on what can be terrorism, hazards, and horrible imports getting into the country.

Cargo Terminal Operators, are necessary, to making certain medico-pharmaceutical companies do not breach laws, and call that ‘feet first birth’, and try to conceal a release of cargo, that must be kept in custody, via a person being tortured by psychiatrists with poisons, electronics and isolation, pleading for release from an ITO to a CTO. The person being tortured by psychiatrists, held in arbitrary detention, must be allowed free from this slavery; and the cargo, the goods, that are never human, those goods cannot be authorized and must be forfeited. That’s it the medico-pharmaceutical company cannot access that, and that is a criminal status, not a medical emergency. Signals and directions are being mucked deliberately. The medico-pharmaceutical company doing threats and menacing, that should be immediately policed, that’s terrorism. The medico-pharmaceutical companies, need to be scared, not scaring other people and doing dangerous shipments.

That there may be electronic reporting systems awry, is why electronics cannot always be relied on, and must always be corrected, and monitored, for potential sabotage and misuse.

A pharmacist being satisfied an emergency exists at the shipping containment area, where their goods are, and fearing gaol, attempts to make an emergency status of a person, forcibly with a drug known to have constant monitoring – is really overt in criminal intent by stealth. The customs control on the shipment needs constant monitoring, there’s mirror logistics happening, and logistics that is people trafficking for psychiatrists by police, is where more sabotage occurs to legal and law enforcement intergrity. That a pharmacist orders containment on a person for a poisons standard issue emergency status, conspires with a group of psychiatrists, and uses legislation that has been redundant for 75 years, in Australia, to force an emergency status on a person whom is not anything to do with the criminal intent – is outrageous, to not be immediately detected and stopped. The person then, exploited, as if they were what needs containment – outrageous. Mirror logistics is an old side-show trick that medicos got into the idea of the bent reversals of the continuous reflection, it’s not that complicated.

Medicine, as defined in the legislature, means any poison for therapeutic use, and has very specific instructions for containment and customs control, as well as legalese on packets, and warnings for any use of such. That this should not be corrupted, is very important.

What might have been, and what is, and what must be understood, immediately, without getting directed incorrectly, that’s there, when there’s electronic devices interfering with security management. That risk assessment always applies to cargo, not people. Compliance being about what the cargo, under customs control; never a person being tortured and told that the enslaver just needs to get the balance correct, the right measurement, and the design a poisons regime, as if ‘custom made’ is what the psychiatrist is claiming to ‘tailor’, and the person is demanded to be obedient to all tests and trials, measures and such as a in vitro, upon a person by force, for the psychiatrist to puddle with, and then use as a concealment, for a dangerous poisons cargo event.

That psychiatrists are doing something like forcing agricultural chemicals, as if a person were to be exterminated, in regards to the Legislations for Poisons Standard regulation use that is said to be for – destroying, stupefying, inhibiting and repelling. It is horrifying.

A person pleading to no longer be held in arbitrary detention, an Internal Treatment Order, and while not wanting a Community Treatment Order, either pleading for fresh air, that a CTO will give – that should not be what is happening. The focus for security management should be on the importing of transhipments, between Cargo Terminal Operators, and making certain there’s not people being held in such conditions that might mirror the situation. It is the Poisons capacity, that needs to be measured, not a person’s capacity to understand the mentality of a psychiatrist hell bent on concealing for the shipment of poisons, that should not be allowed into the country. The screams of people being enslaved and tortured, should not be a means to get a cargo through Customs. There should be no more allowances for psychiatrists to substitute person for person, and people for ‘securities’ at ports.

Please don’t moralise about a person’s behaviour anymore, that's eugenics. Either a person is criminal intent, or they are not. It is none of your, or a psychiatrists business if a person has shaved their armpits, or put deodorant on, or has spoken to you lately in the way you want them to, or kept quiet about that which you don’t want to hear about… As long as the person isn’t criminal intent or actions, then, there's no reason to allow authorities to attack them. It is a crime to force a person into arbitrary detention, and allow psychiatrists to enslave and torture them, so that psychiatrists can do get past customs. Stop allowing for the forced-medicalisation of people, recognise that this is eugenics, and eugenics is criminal intent, and actions that destroys a country’s wealth, industry and productivity by deliberate sabotage, so that the whole country can be monopolised by what no one wants and no one needs – a horrifying dictatorship that pillages and plunders, and leaves the population of Australia bereft.

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