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Requirements & Judgements

Author - Ms Initially No, Policy Writer.

Ms Initially No, is Professional Writer & Editor qualifications, has published books, and owns a Gallery.

It is necessary to say that, in 2022, while Ms Initially No, is working on writing, there are some intrusions to her workplace, and some of these, involve, extra-information, that is old, and Ms Initially No, has put this in quotes and crossed through it, due to that being what that is, from another source, and the exact citing, unknown, though, best in this context to be given here, to allow for any authorities chasing up data-theft, or understanding of difficulties with asserting human rights, that there is that there, in radiocommunications intrusions.

Looking at the obstructions to the Constitutional right to refuse medico-pharmaceutical corporations in Australia - that of 1-V-51-xxiiiA.

Regulation of medical practices, to make certain the medical practitioner didn't harm people was and still is extremely important. That demand for regulation should never have been obstructed and perverted.

The regulation of medical practice. That was meant to be about the monitoring of the medical practitioner’s use of para-military equipment, dangerous machines, that are Physics Standards and Poisons Standards. The medical practitioner then started monitoring, those they wanted to name patients/ patents.

A constitutional guarantee against civil conscription; not to be infringed on, not to be trespassed, the 1946 amendment. That amendment, still in force, means, the medical practitioner also has to be monitored to make certain that the medical practitioner doesn’t perpetrate forced human experimentation on a person whom is wounded and in a situation of vulnerability, where they may not be able to fight the medical practitioner.

That analysis by regulators, was where a medical practitioner argued that their treatment was new, and exemplary, for some people; and that of sometimes it is death and attempting to try something that might get around the violent machine that is pointing at the wound, and will not be stopped easily, due to the enemy having advanced capabilities – was there. For lay people the machine was not referred to, that said to be ‘tiny bugs’, rather than speak to that which was there. This, known history of the way para-military equipment has been spoken to.

Analysis also there, to ask for content of enemy machines, of personnel or civilians, whom were fired at by the covert weapons. That whenever Government has allowed for that of experiments on personnel and civilians deliberately, there has been disaster.

That of forced human experimentation, being civil conscription – something that 1-V-51-xxiiiA of the Constitution, doesn’t allow.

A medical practitioner needs to be monitored, analysed, regulated; as does any workplace with dangerous equipment, that needs containment, and has risk, due to the equipment being para-military, and Industrial secrecies. That, being part of the employment contract, which is nothing to do with civil conscription on the medical practitioner.

The 'development of National Health Care Schemes' (Mendelson, Danuta --- "Devaluation of a Constitutional Guarantee: The History of Section 51(xxiiiA) of the Commonwealth Constitution" [1999] MelbULawRw 14; (1999) 23(2) Melbourne University Law Review 308), is to do with the care-take of dangerous machines, things, not people, though, personnel, medical practitioners, need to not be perpetrating anything criminal, such as altering the dangerous machines in a way that is not permitted, or mixing poisons in a way that is not permitted.

That the care schemes, had financing for medical benefits, were that of medical practitioners taking out insurance for purposes of damages to dangerous machines, so that the medical practice would benefit from the insurance, and not be left with damaged equipment they could not afford to repair.

Management of dangerous machines that needed care – '1995 legislation enabling the introduction into Australia of purchaser–provider agreements' (Mendelson, Danuta --- "Devaluation of a Constitutional Guarantee: The History of Section 51(xxiiiA) of the Commonwealth Constitution" [1999] MelbULawRw 14; (1999) 23(2) Melbourne University Law Review 308).

To have a Competition and Consumer Commission, involved with regulation, of essential care issues regarding dangerous machines, that are a risk and potential hazard to the wider-community and other businesses, and government security – should mean that the Medical patent relates never to theft of other equipment, nor contrives to theft the identity of humans (in samples and measures taken), nor forcibly test the equipment with physics standards, or poisons standards on citizens of Australia. That would be essential to the compliance with management and care, to make certain no medical practitioner corrupted purpose of their practices, and violated people, or environment. Sabotage is not permitted Competition. That and potential perversion of justice, on people whom were given an injection to be immobilized, needed the Commission to examine the complaints against Medical Practitioners, instead of Commissioners taking money to ignore, ‘quash flat’ the exposure of horrifying human rights violations. That and examining the doctored patents – which was covertly termed ‘special doctor patent relationships’. That doctor be patient about the situation, while the commissioners attempt to resolve it, not accusing or anything, though, accept there may be some corruption in the patents, and people whom have been named patients, have filed complaints, that are about the medical devices used, and how they were used, and also about what some of the perverted medical practitioners did. That, and how the write up was doctored, or contrived in such a way that seemed ridiculously similar to an incident at sea involving criminal Infect activities that are covert, and no medical practitioner should know about.

Prohibition against civil conscription, does involve regulations on Medical Practitioners, to make certain that Medical Practitioners do not attempt to perpetrate forced human experimentation. Civilians, citizens, must not be conscripted by Medical Practitioners. Medical Practitioners must not attempt to use the para-military equipment, in a way, to induct buying of a product, or contrive to bring a person into a clinic, or otherwise violate the Australian people.

That there is that of Assignment of Benefits, and Agent status, would then, be the covert (whom was then said to need a cover letter). Civilians, were then used by medical practitioners as cover letters, and the benefits were of something that was usually deliberate violence via a physics dangerous machine and coercion to go to a clinic for assistance (that the covert, or the medical practitioner arranged) that needed monitoring by the Commission. That, more often than an accident, or incident, being civil conscription, and totally unacceptable. The covert, wasn’t necessarily Australian Government, is another controversy. The control of the Government, by a disability, device, a thing – that had an corporation's pharmaceutical secrecy and international standards of which partially were hidden from Australian Government. That the ‘health’ of the disability/ thing, said to be similar to other packaging in that there was a used by date, where the insurance ran out, and there was no guaranteed how the device inserted under human skin, might disfunction.

A deliberate violation by medical practitioners and pharmaceutical organisations to slow Australian citizens down; so that guests from overseas with pharmaceutical devices, would be able to field test, and have control, and superiority, by sabotaging the competition, the rebellion, and the natural proclivity for a country and the people that live there to want to reinstate their authority, and domination, in their own country, as far as art, music, writing, accent and traditional attitude, and policies.

Legislation that is ambiguous, or in flagrant violation with the Constitution, is not-valid/ invalid. That there is a contrivance that says something to – ‘if involving lid there may be something that must be held down and not said because there may be some benefit in expressing that which is experimental and may be forced without too much inconvenience to the Governing Forces, or the populous’ – an outrageous perversion of justice. There must not be civil conscription, there must not be forced human experimentation. That there is - ‘in vale lids are better than the age lies to get the switch from, though there is another sector with which we could imply were sick when they were not, the child labour shortages being as they are so far as redundant attempt to give to many when few are there wealthy enough to have it all with the habit out and such’ – ugly eugenicist tract. Really, horrid. Australia cannot continue to allow for forced human experimentation, that and contrivances that coerce and trick the population into being sabotaged, violated, mucked with by horrors; that then claim to be ‘saving lives’; and ‘treating the ill’ and that, as well, the words there, meaning that of covert for the other, which in 2022, is an intercorporate cartel, very obviously medico-pharmaceutical, and very obviously not in Australia’s best interests.

Australian citizens, and their businesses, and their lives sabotaged by medico-pharmaceutical corporations and a Government Office that obstructs the right to refuse medico-pharmaceutical corporations – it is horrible, and terrible for the economy. That those perpetrating the sabotage know that they are violating a country, and are perpetrating that deliberately. Do not allow for inflation of medico-pharmaceutical corporations further. And, make certain the Constitutional rights 1-V-51-xxiiiA, is complied with by voiding all legislation that is in flagrant violation. Void The Mental Health Acts; Void the Aged System Acts - that joker legislations, is violence upon the people of Australia.


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