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Recognising hostile propaganda

It is dangerous to talk about the details of the choices personnel make, when subjected to espionage. Recognising the errata and stop the espionage, is that which people need to do, not focus on their reactions to the errata in the espionage fired at them.

The only trouble with outing the espionage errata, that is data-theft, and mucked into criminal intent in attempt to data-theft further – is that, that errata does contain some things, that pertain to High Security.

That the worst is when, an inquiry is made and medicalisation, is used, and that becomes hostile propaganda against the people that the medicalisation is pointed at; and becomes both an impoverishment on the people whose reactions are scrutinized publicly and an accusation of – what did they do that was so horrible to make the personnel want to not live anymore. When that is the scrutiny, it solves nothing, and pushes a false path to funding something that isn’t doing the task of looking at the facts of the espionage. And, isn't protecting or serving anything other than horrible medico-pharmaceutical criminal data-thefts, and civil rights violators.

Recognising that appearances matter. A justice focus, should be that, rather than a scrutiny of personnel and their reactions, after resigning, or while still employed. Advocacy and responsible actions - they're employment, and they're empowerment.

History of that which says – don’t go with that which inducts felo de se. History that says felo de se, is a crime, recognise the crime – espionage. That was the original meaning, of why suicide, was said to be a crime, because the people that needed to lawsuit, got denied, the sewers got sabotaged – and, when anyone went with espionage, that inducted them to take their own life (instead of recognising that induction as espionage) that espionage concealed a crime. That should not then have punished the incompetent – rather, the criminal whom fired the espionage, that the personnel that made the wrong choice, and didn't intent to conceal the criminal activity.

To make a mistake, and be incompetent once, or twice, under heavy induction, isn’t the same as being the criminal, and people learn from mistakes if they survive them.

It is hostile to Australian Defence Personnel, to propagate the idea that they are suicidal, when potentially, they want to give supporting evidence, to that of the medico-pharmaceutical corporations, that are horrifying warcrimes against Australian civilians.

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