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Recognising & Defining the Seditious Psy

Psychiatry is a branch of the medico mafia that conducts such invasive cruel studies and treatments upon those people they forcibly exploit, it is emotionally disturbing to society to recognise the reality of what the psy do to people behind closed doors. The psy’s behaviour is so abnormally abhorrent to ethics, to humanity, to reason – that society would rather believe these criminal psychiatrists, when they tell the lie that they’re healing and curing the people they torture to death. To recognise the truth, would mean society would have to disestablish the idea that the psy are on a pillar of ‘elite science’ and see the corruption that placed them there, and that the psy more rightly belong in the pillory.

A person suffering from a psy who is forcing neurotoxins into that person, causing tics, those victims of psy must be given freedom from the psy's torture of them. The psy are a company of people that must be suspected of attempting many devious means to keep their exploitation racket running. These devices must be detected and that which the psy perpetrate on society, to disorder humanity, must be brought to an end.

The public prosecutor won’t stand for this prehistoric exploitation racket, that the psy run, once the notorious public enemy that the psy are, a branch of medico mafia, that inflicts systematic widespread public acts of outrageous horror is spoken of more widely, and the mainstream media gain the guts to report the truth of this horror. That the Mental Health Acts of each State/ Territory, are a legislated act of outrageous horror, and must be torn down, as acts of Slavery, acts of Torture, acts of vile, cruel Forced Human Experimentation that are unlawful, and cannot continue to be disguised as medicine, that must be made public through Federal government apology, and writ for the states/ territories to discontinue the acts of debauchery that enable and allow for forced psy.

We are in an age of recognising the propagated lies of the medical mafia, and the psy’s seditious attempts to overthrow the government via use of medical equipment modified for espionage. This wrong against our society that has gone on far too long. These monstrous psy that have been paid with tax-payer hands. Community action is needed, the people’s spiritedness to transport the psy to prison. Let any attorney’s puerile attempts to defend the psy be documented by the press in a toxic puff of bad publicity.

These monstrous psy have played with the people’s humanity, and attempted to destroy human endeavour, attempted to crush the challenge to charlatanism of the psy’s pseudo-science, and the risk that goes with those people that light the night’s sky in our venues that entertain skies-the-limit possibilities – by threatening to take their children away and discredit their civility in pseudo-medicalisations. Then, to say that the entertainers' jobs are 'non-essential', adding to the affront, while the psy are given more tax-payer funds to inflict cruelties on children, adults, and the elderly.

The psy have attempted to break our community heart by calling what we love harmful, and forcing the implementation of a cold machine-vision, that would even make even a lizard recoil. That’s why we must, as a people get in touch with our sense of reality, our truth and pulverise these violent, cruel psychiatrists. Make sure the psy are punished for their offenses, and punitive damages awarded to the victims of these vile, cruel psychiatrists. The psy must be booted out of existence. The psy’s jargon recognised as non-sense – ‘glossolalia’ as the psy intended to call those who spoke out against the psy’s forced human experimentation racket, is what the psy write and speak – the people in their heart of hearts know that what the psy say is toxic garbage.

The psy must be left no recourse to reinvent their vile device – no pupil ever allowed to train in the psy’s debauchery, and the instruments the medico mafia invented to puppeteer the people into a purchase of useless, wasteful, toxic rot, must be forbidden.

The psy must be recognised in the dictionary definition, thereafter as – pure whitecoat evil.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jul 27, 2020

I have been lied to and tricked into taking concoctions of psychotropic drugs since I was 14 just over a few learning difficulties and troubled upbringings that I would of gotten over with time anyway. I am now 37 and less than 2 years ago I went through HELL to get out of the system and detox off these disgusting drugs apart from 1 which gave me some very strange physical and mental symptoms and will have those memories for life, more traumatic life experiences from the ones I stupidly put my trust in. The abuse and trickery that goes on in these clinics, most people have absolutely no idea. What the hell has this world come to, it blows…

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