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Psychiatrists are the worst violators in Australia

Think of Patrick McGorry, he is a far worse violator of children (in our view) than George Pell has been so far accused of being. And it should be easier to convict McGorry, given McGorry boasts of his vile, cruel, life-destroying exploitation of children on his resume.

Neuroleptics that McGorry has trialled on children have been called ‘the worst kind of torture’ by Russian Dissidents and has been used to politically persecute and torture Falun Gong practitioners in China.

Neuroleptics shut down intellect, physical ability, ability to sense your environment around you, and cause extreme pain. The biggest cause of akathisia, a very painful condition is high-strength, first-generation neuroleptic medications.

So, given Patrick McGorry forced and coerced these novel and experiment drugs, neuroleptics on children and boasted about it on his CV - how on earth did he get appointed Chair of the Advisory Committee for the Royal Commission into Mental Health associated systems in Victoria? Yes, of course we put up a petition, and protested!

So far, there’s been nothing but a cover-up of the systematic vile cruel exploitation racket of the mental health systems in Victoria and more government hand-outs to psychiatrists, including McGorry, for them to continue their exploitation.

The continual ploy of needing more perverted bloody beds and more funding for research. When what Victims of Psychiatrists need is the right to refuse psychiatrists products, procedures, programs… and their bloody ‘beds’!

Psychiatry is a fraud. Victim of psychiatrists will tell you why, they know psychiatrists better than psychiatrists will admit they know what they do, on purpose to the people they violate. But Victims of Psychiatrists, were not heard in Victoria’s Royal Commission into Mental Health associated systems in Victoria.

While there is forced psychiatry, children will continue to be coerced to take neuroleptics and other psychdrugs like Zoloft and will suicide because of the effects. While psychiatrists are given tax-payer funds, authority positions and awards, there will be no changes in the violations under this abhorrent Mental Health legislation, or in the criminal psychiatric practices currently so widespread and given legal loopholes in Victoria, and other State/ Territories in Australia to exist.

We cannot let the people who turn their lives around and become allies to victims of psychiatrists to be pushed into the ground by the perpetrators of vile cruel forced human research.

We cannot let Victims of Psychiatrists speaking out against their abuse be pushed into the ground by those that profit from supporting the perpetrators of vile, cruel forced human experimentation.

Dorothy Dundas is a survivor of psychiatrists' vile, cruel insulin shock torture treatment, and was friends of famous Australian artist William Dobell

Psychiatrists covering up for pedophiles existed way back in the days of Freud and still exist now. The silencing of children who speak out against pedophiles by mentally-illing those children is still all too common. 60 Minutes showed how psychiatrist Richard Ball covered-up for a pedophile. Psychiatrists really need to be investigated not appointed in positions of power to subvert, silence and perpetrate against victims of crime.

Louise Milligan is one of the few journalists in Australia that have done exposés that allow victims being subjected to forced psychiatry, to have a platform to be heard in mainstream media. We thank her courage -

If Milligan had been able to pursue the disgustingly cruel psychiatrists who violate so many Australians forcibly for human research – and written a book on it, there might be more justice happening in the justice system.

By the way, Garth Daniels, is still not free from forced psychiatry. Why? The psychiatrists that detain and violate him, and make money from violently inserting chemicals into his body – they are the crime. And, Bernard Daniels, who fought to free his son Garth, alleged that this was also psychiatrists attempting to attack his him, through his son, for what Bernard knew and said about the outrageous corruption of RANZCP.

RIP Bernard Daniels, may your courage live on through us all.

Yet the psychiatrists that persecuted and violated Garth Daniels are still practicing, being called ‘essential workers’ and paid exorbitant fees through our Government, Australia is now going into debt to pay these ugly whitecoats, to violate people like Garth Daniels.

How can Garth Daniels take those psychiatrists to the highest court in Australia, to stop them violating him, right here, and right now, so that he can live free from their torture?

Journalists must recognise they have a job to do, that doesn’t involve banging pots and pans and cheering on the medico-pharma industry and their shut-down of human life.

Medicos must speak out against psychiatrists. Must demand freedom for Victims of Psychiatrists.

Legal teams must do pro bono work to get forced psychiatry abolished, as they do for other human rights violations in Australia that get funded by the medicos that get funded by our government.

And Abolish Psychiatry will keep doing our best, to persuade politicians to do something, before our party is registered for the 2022 election.

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