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Protection and immunity

Author – Initially No, policy writer; author; visual artist; owner of The Painter And The Writer Gallery

Describing the equipment of subversives accurately, so that they won't exploit civil rights in Australia further. Describing without compromising protection or immunity of personnel that have that status. To name that which has usurped that status, and make certain they don't get away with that further.

People not wanting to get mixed-up, in what they view as a whistle-blower attempt, though, that surely requires contract law, very specific 'disclosure'. My writing here is journalism and view on Australian policy, in a country that is 240 years post invasion status. I have been subjected to severe civil rights abuses for 2 decades, that included arbitrary detention, torture, and 2020-2023 whitecapping of my Fine Art Gallery has been most obvious. There is no question of my citizenship status in Australia, and there is no question that I have always been law-abiding, and that I haven't worked in government office, nor anything that could be compromising to protection or immunity of National Security.

Australian citizens have been violated, and we want that to not continue.

Confusion for the public, and will always be? When to be silent on matters of criminal activity, and when to do something? That and in legislation citizens want to not have any ambiguity of that which is meant, though kept silent on repugnancy, is an outrage.

There is some ambiguity with the term ‘disabilities’ deliberately, and usually they pertain to something that is Government piece, or property of Government, or something to assist a person with to be able to work with Government. A ‘physical disability’ for instance, is a piece that is electronic device with licence and restrictions regarding the physical. That physical disability must not intrude on law-abiding citizens, or their businesses. Disabilities must not be used for crimes against humanity, or for concealing crimes such as counterfeit permits, or mess with directional matters and signaling to delay detection of spies evasion.

When the medical is corrupt concealment tactic on search warrant, and the presence of a medical officer, is going to get in the way of locating the electronic weapon, there is that difficulty. There must not be a blame-shift onto the people that the medical officers deliberately persecuted, via unconstitutional legislation. A person must be charged with offenses of espionage, terrorism, or treason; to warrant such as strip search for unlawful electronics and other not-permitted items. People whom had nothing like that, and were subjected to persecution, are victims of horrifying crime of being exploited, while the spies evasion was perpetrated by the medical officer, and shell group, that connects via the medical officer’s electronic devices.

There must not be packages and serial numbers, or patent applications, such as ’16 year old patent’ attempting to conceal for an adult’s device, via a violation on a youth 16 year old human (that the medical officer is naming ‘patient’ for ‘patent’), whom was subjected to the search warrant and arrest, instead of the medical officer and ‘mobile group’ that are intercorporate cartel, using a court data-theft on a ’16 year old patent’, and have dangerous machines, and devices. The contrivance there, too often to ignore. And accuse is on the police officer, whom then is compromised by the charges in espionage, if that of the intercorporate cartel and medical officer perpetrating the ’16 year old patent’ is not recognised as the necessary target for strip search. That a rerouting of detect, onto a human gut, should not be medical officer, saying, ‘oh just a gut gurgle’ tactic, known contrivance by medical officer, whom is narcoterrorism sampling, and scans, and spectrographic information on packages of poisons tested on humans, that the medical officer names ‘patient for patent’.

There must not be contravening of safeguards relating to terrorism offenses. RANZCP fellows are perpetrating contravening of safeguards on warrants for strip searches for espionage devices, and terrorism, by serious cartel activity. Attempt to blame-shift onto a victim, whom knows that RANZCP fellows are perpetrators of crimes against humanity, by saying that the victim ‘contravenes a condition’ that refers to the ‘patent’ naming the victim the ‘patent’, whom is then subjected to the poison that is pharmaceutical package, and the dangerous machine, then is pointed at the victim. That is mechanical contrivances of RANZCP fellows, and there should be safeguards to detect that contrivance, so that the victim is never further persecuted; and the RANZCP fellows are arrested, strip searched and jailed for their offenses, instead of being said to be ‘with patent/ patient performing colonoscopy’ and ‘often happens with this medical treatment’; and ‘that is why this patent is’ and puts in bid for funding, and application for renewal of patent, that is horrifying weapon being fired into street wiring, and people in their houses, and businesses, whom are being subjected to witness intimidation.

Horrible painful, harmful violations, these electronic weapons that must not be permitted. That there is then attempt to ‘animal riter’ via another weapon, that was aimed to destroy farm animals, in sabotages and there may be court data-theft that RANZCP fellows are using. That is an OSI that may have 8 layers, and the victim eating is then said to be ‘farm animal’ and Orson Wells book that is meant to out the violation, not necessarily detected.

The layers, the excessive entanglement – reason for material, fabrics and weaves must be an industry approved for thousands of years of a country’s understanding, for the country to be strong, with that, and not allow for cartel crime, foreign interference espionage controversy, and medico-pharmaceutical violators to pervert that in extreme ways.

Excessive entanglement, is where there are officials involved, and victims, and the perpetrators that are intercorporate cartel attempting to profit from that entanglement, and push a package, and funding for that scam. Usually the scam should be obvious, if the victims of the Excessive Entanglement, are not persecuted, and instead are listened to and enabled in prosecution.

When intercorporate cartel are sneaky in their hiding devices, they have group that is working to conceal the electronic weapons fires. That if the device is in a pocket, another might have a hanky in the pocket contrivance, and known, is that there have been critters in the hanky and placed under a door, with less legs if the patent is that many years. Strip search might reveal a button that is espionage device. Cannot allow medical officers to blame-shift to accuse anyone and everyone whom has a button on their coat, or jacket, or a hanky in their pocket.

That RANZCP fellows, demand people swallow poisons, or they’ll be injected with zoo animal drugs that are extremely painful, and the victim doesn’t then have control to attempt to not take the poison. When the RANZCP fellow gets a victim to swallow a poison pill, that RANZCP fellow then has potential to unlawfully use that as ‘swallowed the package’. An innocent person, a victim of narcoterrorism, is then being accused by detect, instead of the medical officer or intercorporate cartel with the device of espionage.

On this day 7th of January 2023, the alert is to ‘lamb’, and that isn’t food, though, the contrivance is, and intercorporate cartel in Main St, Maldon, are up to tricks with espionage devices, via the café that uses the word ‘weaver’ in their business name, and the old name of the business that was gold exchange, for a café, that is really anticompetitive conduct, so not a real business, an unemployment (as in the people that work there are not gainfully employed, though they do get an income from crime). When there is ‘benefits’ and ‘subsidies’ given to such a criminal establishment by Government Office, there is a serious defrauding, and potential corruption there, that must be attended to. The provisions of 1-5-51-23A (of The Federal Constitution of Australia Act) must not be used to aid and abet criminal activity, and must never be used to increase war crimes.

Australia insisted on UN CRPD, when ratified, to be subjected to ‘safe guards’ and when this was questioned, there wasn’t always an answer that was satisfactory to the victims of crime, whom were being accused of having disabilities, that they didn’t have. The victims of psychiatrists’ violations, not even knowing about security and defence matters of secrecy, subjected to the poisons package and data-theft tracking, while RANZCP fellows led authorities astray on the ‘safe guards’ issues with disabilities/ things/ securities/ utilities/ mobile applications for patents. The victims of psychiatrists’ violations never formally charged with crime, because they were not the crime, they were instead subjected to the unconstitutional legislation (Mental Health Acts), that RANZCP fellows demanded the drafting of, and inveigled government office for that purpose of obstruction the legislative necessity of making null & void repugnant legislation. Holocaust prevention isn’t a ‘colonoscopy’; though RANZCP fellows making officials feel uncomfortable when that amendment to the Federal Constitution of Australia Act, is mentioned, via the ‘patent’ that isn’t permitted; and threat is ‘they push that one again, and you won’t be able to read the ink works and the cartel will get in and it will all be over’. That isn’t the way to follow the legal matter. If a strip search is required to find such a device, then understanding the hostage-systems in espionage devices, and the victims of psychiatrists’ violations, is essential; as is nulling & voiding repugnancy in legislation. Diversion signalling should not get in the way of that.

Restrictions and conditions on warrants, not the same as restrictions and conditions on patents that should never be allowed, or forced on victims whom are then subjected to restrictions and conditions that are appalling war crime.

RANZCP fellow is never a Prescribed Authority or an Issuing Authority, for a warrant for suspected espionage terrorism that is search, seizure, arrest and detain. RANZCP fellows must never have powers to detain and perpetrate narcoterrorism. RANZCP fellows must never have the same the same protection and immunity as a Justice of the High Court (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Act 1979, Part 3, Division 3, 34ZM). That RANZCP fellow are actively usurping by devices that are dangerous machine, and serious cartel activities, that include inveigling food industry and packaging.

Corruption of conduct must not be tolerated, with words such as ‘omit to perform an act’ in a strip search for espionage devices; being data-theft by medical officer watching the strip search; then being used by RANZCP fellows, again and again on victims. The RANZCP fellows using the term ‘doesn’t admit to being suicidal’. That a victim, finding that strange. The RANZCP fellow is very deliberate in the attempt to colonize the victim’s humanity, as Security Defence Circuit Layout, while the RANZCP fellow installs foreign interference and data into the radiocommunications of an area code. If a person with disabilities, whom is suspected of having a utility device, or pharmaceutical application hidden, doesn’t admit to security and defence personnel, or police that they have the espionage device, yet keep being detected as having that; then the security defence name the person potentially suicidal, because the security defence personnel are thinking about blowing up or otherwise destroying the espionage device. So, they put the criminal they suspect under watch, as suicidal, to see if they do anything to reveal the espionage device. RANZCP fellows are mucking that, with diversions, firing at human body parts, and coding human body parts are medical conditions and restrictions of packages, then attempting to get into parliamentary divisions. Very dangerous if no one says anything about the violence that RANZCP fellows perpetrate to get misdirection on the people that are not the espionage terrorism, that may be working to stop the espionage terrorism, in employment, or victims subjected to excessive entanglement.

That which is transmitter, ‘I thought that would teach err to hide it there’. Is that awry? Or is that after several misdirects, a misconceived ‘teach how-to behave’, on the ‘weaver’ espionage-catering organised cartel conduct, that flicks that onto the owner of Fine Art Gallery, next door, whom is writing this. That means, likely a ‘shrink wrap’ is reacting, to a violation, and horrified that food package is being said to be something that is data-theft prohibited data-theft that pertains to policing of serious crime, in UK, and very offensive to the meats industry, that they are being involved. That is an Industry, that is high security, and must always be high security. Safe guards have to be strengthened, so that there is no further misdirect. That the ‘weaver’ espionage-catering has got the ‘package’ that is prohibited data-theft and other unlawful and violating.

The strict liability for a warrant to not be used recklessly; that means, that of authorities never aiding and abetting RANZCP fellow and cartel activities with patent/ packages conditions and restrictions, to be overlapped with that warrantee, and safe guard systems, and to flag, and notice any situation where that is happening. The strict liability pertains to warrants for espionage-terrorism offenses. The treatment of the subject in connection with that warrant (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Act 1970, Part 3, Division 3, Section 34Zs), that treatment, pertains to the warrant for espionage-terrorism offenses. That RANZCP fellows contrive the use of the word ‘treatment’ including perpetrating violations of narcoterrorism on victims, and naming the violation, ‘necessary treatment’. Horrors.

Secrecy regarding ‘disclosure’, and contempt of court, in regard to warrant search seizure and arrests. That is understood by authorities. There is however, victims of crime, whom are being denied court justice, and exploited by RANZCP fellows, and their extractions in devices of espionage. That RANZCP fellows, play on the word ‘disclosure’ of that which the RANZCP fellow accuses as in improper thinking (though uses another more derogatory term that usually refers to workplace technical issues). That ‘disclosure’ is about the search, seizure, and arrest warrants for espionage-terrorism offenses, that RANZCP fellows are attempting to conceal their disclosure and data-theft of. The RANZCP fellows are the crime, the breach, along with an intercorporate cartel.

Fear for journalists, is that they might breach, if they are using devices, that might pick up something that they’re then responsible for. That anyone using such devices should have lawyers whom do due diligence. For myself, there is interference on my humanity. That means, the intercorporate cartel are the breach, and for myself, to say that, in a document, this is to make certain that the offenses are not repeated into prescription of poisons via the medico-pharmaceutical intercorporate cartel. Dower, regarding common law, and Dot, that usually pertains to transport, and other serious security defence systems that have a world-wide context, must not be violated, and said to be ‘medical dose’. Know that is contrivance on this day, 7th of January 2023, and reasonable to mention.

Don’t allow for RANZCP fellows, or any other medical office, to use Operational Information, and then perpetrate sabotage and data-theft. The violations in Australia, extremely obvious in regards to obstruction in 2016, the 70th year of delay and denial of holocaust prevention, amendment to the Federal Constitution of Australia Act, via Supreme Court of Melbourne, demand that victim of crime, Australian citizen, not be further enslaved tortured, and subjected to ‘operation’ of electrical device and chemical horror. Then moving a group of Melbourne poets drinking in a pub, to do something they’ve never done on St. Patrick’s Day, to go onto the street away from the pub and protest against ‘abbot to rabbit’, or something like (normally just stay in the pub on that day). A RANZCP fellow should have been arrested by the Courts on that day, the situation required automatic reversal, instead there was Structural Error on the courts. That and matters of humans never being permitted to be said to be ‘bricks’ in any language in Australia, nor any deceit that is being said to be ‘medical term’ and ‘incomprehensible to a lay/er contrivances’ to Court receipt. Court Registrar, isn’t Medical Registrar, though RANZCP fellows want that mixed-up, and for their psychiatrist registrar to be ‘top layer’ in the ‘scrambled’. (That only said there, because, too many times, RANZCP and serious cartel activity mucked, into that which a regular human has for breakfast sometimes.)

Disclosure pertains primarily to person under warrant. That must be understood, in regard to special powers relating to terrorism offences being apprehended.

That for a victim of crime, whom is Fine Art Gallery owner, to be fired at by espionage device, while the non-business, that uses the word ‘weaver’ and old building that was gold exchange, and then starts data-theft on strip search matters regarding ‘warrant in pantyhose’, and ‘pantry entry’. The espionage fires, are nasty assault on victim, and the criminal cartel, really should not be idling when known to be intercorporate espionage violations. The ‘weaver’ trying to name the weapons electronic as ‘terrible list’ and other contrivances by espionage, that can never be named innocent, or ‘in a century’ or ‘centipede’, or ‘centrepiece’ without that being said to be espionage violation. Their devices are mobile phone like, and hair pieces, waist-belts, most obviously. Though, ‘we’ll never be able to charge err again if they find what is up our ask’, is in transmissions, ‘it is note to colony’.

RANZCP fellows should never have financial assistance from the courts. That the RANZCP fellows have used the Judge’s terms, ‘this is the limit’ on victims, to arbitrarily detain, torture the victim until they agree to a pension, and are then the victim is obstructed in prosecution, by that which was a judges writ on the RANZCP fellows ‘application for assistance’ for litigation for patent infringement, that and folly of that in Ministers guidelines, in regards to moving Court instruments.

That the ‘weaver’ cartel cater (adjoining wall to my real estate) is ‘not security or intelligence but I am usurping their line in’, and that having been violated during 2020-2022, in extreme ways, must be totally denied that which are cartel pharmaceutical. Address is there, to say this – definitely requires a warrant for espionage devices and arrest on staff and customers that are violation; that and ‘do not have citizenship’ is there and claims to have ‘u visa’ from New Zealand understanding. Now, that all being there, and misdirection on my human body too often, means I may have got the information required for the authority that requires the warrant directions matter. That isn’t something I want to be doing, without workplace contract, licences and permission, and wages. It is an awry, that means there is sabotage by serious cartel activity, foreign interference espionage data-theft, by New Zealand, ‘loan is repayed by we want a little extra from Pfizer forces new Zealand to top us up like for the journey into the city and back’.

Security Assessment, and prescribed administrative action (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Act 1979) is other than myself. That Security Assessment, must not be cartel, RANZCP fellows, or the ‘weaver’ muck and mock violators that are next door to my Fine Art Gallery.

Applications to the Tribunal for adverse or qualified security assessments (Part IV, Division 4, Section 54, Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Act 1979), that tribunal isn’t a mental health tribunal. It is another tribunal, Administrative Appeals Tribunal, pertaining to Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Act 1979.

There needs to be full compliance with civil rights. No further encroachments in Australia, and inverting of the justice system by ‘medical lies’ and tribunals of injustice, that are structural error, and require immediate reversal, so that RANZCP fellows, and the medico-pharmaceutical intercorporate cartel are formally charged with their crimes, that are offenses of espionage and narcoterrorism.

I think it is horrifying that anyone would be lead astray by cartel money.

My beautiful Fine Art Gallery, would be making large sums of real money, if it weren't being whitecapped. Let the law-abiding people, and their businesses exist, don't shut us up and shut us down.


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