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Properly put – scandalous matter

Independent Journalism - Maldon township, Vic.

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer, must not be sabotaged further in the country of her birth, where her grandmother was also born, Australia. Law-abiding citizen, unarmed-civilian, whom is stand with First Nations Australian people, in demand for Constitutional powers, recognition of all 600 nations, Treaty and demand that all agreements be met, that holocaust-prevention-writ of 1946, amendment to the Federal Constitution of Australia Act, that be honoured, after 76 years of being obstructed. That the legislation no longer be repugnant, that the government no longer be unconstitutional – that the legislation be in order. The compliance order on the Executive is a Long Overdue Honour, and the Powers to First Nations Australian people, is the necessity to strength of our country.

The Legal matter here has a reference, to Australian Legislation, and Black's Law Dictionary. It is legal and Legislative definitions being understood here, and policy regarding that.

If there is a scandalous matter, the Courts remove that, because it is irrelevant, and the matter hasn't been properly put.

If journalists look at the scandalous, it is for the purpose of where something may have been wrongly interpreting the pay heed to warning.

In Australia - why would Parliament security listen to a farm hand for advice, rather than have their own understanding? Probably the term vetting. Not the same though. Then the horror of that violator Peter Mendoza, animal drug horror dictating concoctions on the population. Then for anyone to say that to criticise horrible violator is the Latin, Scandalum magnatum, isn’t true. A horrible dictator, using poisons and espionage to gain power, using the immunity status of informants to ACCC, must not be permitted to dictate, must be charged with crime of espionage. Crime isn't honorable, and must not be said to be high rank. To usurp purpose, is the crime, so it isn’t wrong, to name the crime of usurping and other crimes, and it certainly isn’t necessary to sanction criticism of that which scammed Australia, in a big way, prior to 2020 and after.

That animal drugs have been used, to name humans animals, in Australia, to conceal for unlawful. To exploit Australian citizens, sabotage their workplaces, so that spies could evade detection, and Infects could be shipped, scam-lobbies could be pushed, human rights obstructed, and transmitters violating security management.

When there is a big scandal, caused by an intercorporate cartel violating citizens. It is shameful, disgraceful, degrading conduct for a country, such as Australia, to continue to perpetrate Crimes Against Humanity and Commonwealth.

The intercorporate cartel perpetrate defamatory reports and rumors, that are scandalous matter, because they are reports obtained through criminal means, by violating civil rights in Australia, and obstructing justice.

There must never be attempts to aid and abet propaganda of the intercorporate cartel, only scandalmongers would do that in journalism, and the courts must forbid it (that isn't opinion, that is understood legal definition). Civil rights, the right to refuse psychiatrists isn't offensive, psychiatrists are offensive obstruction of Constitutional rights, and perpetrate slavery, torture, arbitrary detention, biometric ID theft, and exploitation in espionage devices.

There is a necessity to stop the scandal, and the only way to do that is to charge and arrest the criminals perpetrating the horrifying crimes, that have already been left to parade their ugly, and test their espionage, and deceive.

Civil rights, the right to refuse psychiatrists, that is about demanding Constitutional rights 1-5-51-xxiiiA, and, is holocaust-prevention. Psychiatrists should never have the right to force themselves, or their concoctions on people. Horrifying offense. There must be no forced medicine, dental, or pharmaceutical provisions or services forced on the population. It is Constitutional rights, of Australian people to refuse that.

There must not be further witnesses intimidated, and obstructed, while an intercorporate cartel usurps court purposes for scandalous reasons, that cannot further be justified, and must be named – Plain Error that it were previously allowed.

The shame sanctions are necessary to impose on psychiatrists. That psychiatrists have violated others by espionage blame-shifting.

Officials must know never to go with intercorporate cartel, in the induction of. The cartel might sabotage the security, and Official must know the difference. If there are other situations of the Official must not get into, then there is that as well - never violate citizens.

RANZCP fellows, need to be stopped, demanding the arbitrary detention of people, they torture with dangerous machines & poisons, take the blood from, and assault under interrogation, until the person agrees to say they are the horrible weapon the RANZCP fellow says they are.

The intercorporate cartel medico-pharmaceutical in Australia, are never official anything, they are antilaw, they make non-sense of official, they data-theft and muck it, and say human blood is the spectrum of a 'schizo' on the 'phrenic', and other muck, for spies evasion.

The worst thing about the medico-pharmaceutical cartel in Australia, is that they forcibly take the blood of humans they arbitrarily detain; obstruct the constitutional rights holocaust prevention writ compliance in legislation; and manned police to perpetrate asportation offenses.

In Australia, the medico-pharmaceutical cartel, are leeches, it is known, they take the blood of humans and they put it through a spectrographic analysis, and then name the person's blood the 'schizo' in the spies app.

History of poisons handlers, and handlers of dangerous machines electro-magnetic - oh horrors, oh them, the matter with them, keep them contained, they want us to worship their pox on all of us, get them out of here, banish them, or threaten them with the dungeon or death! - that is there as history, known. Poison handlers to never be trusted, those with electro-magnetic weapons, not to be trusted.

It is civil rights in Australia, that must be understood. Do not intrude on witnesses, in Australia, do not war crime Australian citizens. Australian citizens, law abiding unarmed-civilians must have the right to work in their own country.

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