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Progressive Statements

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer; CEO of The Painter And The Writer Gallery.

The Premier of Victoria talks of being in a progressive state; and leaves out details of the misdirected funding by use of that term 'improvements'; and all the rain-making in Main St, Maldon, Victoria, caused by violations of intercorporate cartel disturbing spectrum, and emissions of espionage pollution/ air pollution, that the ‘improvements’ funding was meant to be directed at stopping, not given to the foreign interference espionage scammers, that filled the roads with their experimental muck, that would be in much better state if the scammers had not removed the roads that were already there and solid.

That which has increased in Victoria, is fascism, tax avoidance scandals; air pollution (by espionage emissions and poisons standards); sabotage of law-abiding businesses; and an increase in medico-pharmaceutical cartel violence funded by the Premier.

According to the gravity of the offense – pro gravitate admissi.

The offense being the repugnancy in the legislation, needing to be made null & void, instead of increased.

Prohibition of forced psychiatry – first of all there must be no civil conscription. None of provisions, services of 1-V-51-xxiiiA (of the Federal Constitution) are ever to be forced. They’re not permitted in the legislation. And must not be funded further, those provisions if they cause disturbance, or disruption, or terrorize the peace, order, good governance.

When a criminal is denounced, as outlaw by a population, that is silenced on that, forbidden unofficially – there is a fascism that increases, the more the population is forbidden unofficially the denouncing of the outlaw, that RANZCP fellows, psychiatrists are, horror criminals.

Interdicting – the forbidding or restraining, the interception and seizure of unlawful, contraband; or of a particular trade found to be unlawful activity involve. That, must remove a convicted criminal to prison, and not allow them the status of civilian, citizen, right to handle their personal affairs.

A convicted criminal lacking the capacity to think about the consequences of Crimes Against Humanity and the Commonwealth, whom continues to conceal, and attempt means to evade justice for other intercorporate cartel – must not be permitted handling of personal affairs.

RANZCP fellows, have taken that denouncement, that point at the RANZCP fellow’s horrifying crimes – and blame-shifted that by espionage, onto law-abiding unarmed-civilians.

The Courts, must not continue this Structural Error. Either there is a crime, or there isn’t, and when there isn’t a crime to charge a person with, why on earth is a RANZCP fellow, being given Court and Government permission, under unconstitutional legislation, to perpetrate slavery, torture, arbitrary detention against a law-abiding, unarmed-civilian.

The fascism, the horror of that, which is dia-gnosis, a dictatorship. Defence Intelligence Agency and gobbledeygoopagnosis. When the intelligence is said to be spiritual or mystical, and that is just it – none of your business, unless you are being arbitrarily detained, tortured, enslaved, and persecuted from the crimes of RANZCP fellows, that you want nothing to do with!

The limits of tolerance for the intolerable RANZCP fellows, was supposed to end in Australia, in 1946 with the holocaust prevention amendment to the Federal Constitution, and in 1986 with The Australia Act (releasing Australia from any legislative force from UK) yet the progression of fascism since then has been a horror on the civilians, citizens.


Applying for that, to prevent a wrong, is a stop, to that legislation that is repugnant, that legislation that is null & void from the beginning of 1946, and if not that 1986. The rubber-stamping of the legislation already null & void at law (due to being unconstitutional), is mere formality, however, when there is fascism, it is best that the formality be made official, so that no one with perpetrate the wrong of forced psychiatry ever again.

There is also that of – interdictum quod via aut clam

An indictment against RANZCP fellows whom forcibly and secretly altered and occupied property (they were not entitled to).

That people whom are of profit to a country, whom have skills that are the object of any human desire, advantage, education, equitable – taken by RANZCP fellows and the intercorporate cartel, and violated, and denied justice, and subjected to the denouncement intended for the RANZCP fellows.

Australia, having so many skillful, educated people – not permitted to exist, because their biometric ID is being exploited by RANZCP fellows, the intercorporate cartel, and corrupt Government.

Are the RANZCP fellows using an old Denouncement of War, being used against Australian citizens? Which one, the intercorporate cartel transmit errata on roadmaps, that are ‘fork’ and ‘T’ intersections, and then in come the gobbledeygoop, medicos talking up intersectionality, in a way that if has Denouncement of War on that, is very serious security violation data-theft, put upon unarmed civilian, citizens.

There is also the claims that are scam, or unwelcome sabotage, of claims or grants to work a mine that is either ‘discovered’ or ‘forfeited’ – and it is scandalous in Australia, because Australian people want the right to work in their own country without being sabotaged and assaulted by espionage, or usurped by claims that don’t even pertain to anything the citizen is doing, however the scandalous mining claimant, is exploiting biometric ID of the good citizen.

Don’t allow RANZCP fellows and their cartel, to declare war against law-abiding citizens, unarmed-civilians. Denuntiatio belli against RANZCP fellows and the intercorporate cartel. The RANZCP fellows must not be permitted to attempt to control the human mind, or the government mind, with equipment that is unsound, used outside licence, without permit, in a dangerous way deliberately, ignoring the conditions that apply to the dangerous machine, and with permits that should not have ever been issued.

A writ for keeping the peace and adherence to the laws (or good behaviour) for the Premier of Victoria, and a promise to make certain the Official Stamp on the repugnant legislation is used immediately.

Any intercorporate cartel that attempt to breach the peace, and data-theft, including journalists, must have a writ – de pace et plagis.

There should not be espionage assaults on Australians whom are unarmed civilians, citizens, while they sleep, or while they are working, or wanting quiet enjoyment.

There shouldn’t be profits from firing espionage at humans.

All departments of Government must be law-abiding, and never tolerate corruption.

All people must understand victims of psychiatrists’ violations, whom have been subjected to slavery, torture, arbitrary detention. And why for peace, order and good governance, in Australia, psychiatry must be abolished.


Federal Constitution of Australia Act

Black's Law Dictionary; 11th Edition; Bryan A. Garner, Editor in Chief; Thomas Reuters.

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