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Privileges must not be trespassed

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer; owner of The Painter and The Writer Gallery.

Privileges, they’re generally about a licence that can be disqualified. That means, there are restrictions on that privilege.

Printing a document, that is a privilege, you must not print unlawful material, must not print anything that is a copyright violation. There might be a query, regarding legislation, for instance, that is Government Legislation, do you have to buy a copy in order to print it, or may you print it as long as you don’t distribute it, or make another pay for the copy?

Answer is there, on the Government website.

Took a photo of Legislation, that had Government logo on it, next to some food, and put a caption on the photo and posted it on Social Media once, was I wrong? Strictly yes, that was infringement, and do not perpetrate further, remind yourself of that mistake, and don’t do it again, and you are lucky you didn’t get fined for it (usually a fine, unless something else is involved). A Government logo, isn’t permitted to be used, to deceive. If the picture was intended to insinuate that your office was a government office, then, that might be more than a fine, you might then be under investigation for other matters.

Artwork that is copyright of a Fine Artist (though not Government Employment Office), is similar to Government logo, there must not be infringements on copyright, or anything that attempts to claim that the artwork is another’s work of art, therefore usurping the Fine Artist and their moral rights to copyright.

An author’s work, is copyright of the author. If the author is paid and with contract with Government Employment Office, then, the Government has copyright for all writing that is written as part of that employment.

If an author sends information to Government Office, or Industry (such as a newspaper), the copyright remains with the author, and the Office or Industry has to ask for permission to publish or use the content. Then, the author either agrees or doesn’t, and good practices are to have contract to sign (to better understand the agreement, and proof of that understanding).

When the publication involves radiocommunication devices, or other devices that broadcast a transmission signal that is a crime, if there is infringement, that requires more than a simple fine. Anyone with a licence for radiocommunication has a position of power and responsibility, and if they haven’t got a licence then they’re perpetrating a crime of espionage.

Testing boundaries of copyright, and blaming someone else, by asserting, or naming them is slander and libel, and can endanger a person’s life, when radiocommunication or other communications transmitters are involved, that are high security management related. An artwork used unlawfully in a circuit mask, for instance, would be very deliberate violation of copyright. That of ‘human body markers’, is another area of law, that is extremely wrong, and terrorism related laws on copyright regarding this.

Circuit Layouts Act 1989 – Eligible Layout (EL), has laws that are very serious, that must not involve hidden content, mask, or involve ‘human body markers’ infringement; and attempts to conceal this by infringement. Sometimes the infringement is an obvious violation attempting to look like a simple mistake, that is part of a group that deliberately contrives with a serious intercorporate espionage war crime; other times, the infringement isn’t deliberate, and exploited by an intercorporate espionage group, intent on having the person blamed for the very serious infringements of circuit layouts and other crimes involved (that might include crimes against humanity and terrorism).

A telecommunications line, that a person ‘owns’, must not infringe, or intrude on another person whom also shares the telecommunications line. That copyright and fraud, of one person, must not be said to be another person. The making of circuit, isn’t to be tampered with, or altered. A person must have a licence to make an Eligible Layout, and Integrated Circuit, not be copied and exploited when not the licenced owner of the right to do so. That is owning architecture of a city-grid, it isn’t a simple licence to use internet. Commercially exploiting Circuit Layout in Australia, or authorising the commercial exploitation of and knowingly doing that without licence to do so, is an infringement that must be recognised as commercial when profits are made in teaching or research (and there is overseas interest groups likely to take advantage of that). In Australia, there is evidence that this is an area of infringement that involves extreme cartel operations, an inveigling of public office, usurping of grants and justice systems.

An act done by the Commonwealth of Australia, or by a person authorised in writing by the Commonwealth of Australia, must comply with defence or security of Australia, and is not thereby infringement on those grounds, of an Eligible Layout or Integrated Circuit, that may be corporation, non-government, and necessary action must be taken, with or without informing the owner.

There is infringement of legislation and circuit data theft, relating to 25 (3) Circuit Layouts Act 1989, that RANZCP fellow perpetrate, in attempting to conceal the truth, after violating a person with arbitrary detention, and narcoterrorism. That RANZCP fellows seem to be usurping defence and security authorisation, naming the victim of RANZCP’s crime, as ‘the owner of Eligible Layout rights’, whom may not be informed, ‘unless informing the owner or disclosing the information would, or might reasonably be expected to, cause damage’ to the person, as if the person is ‘the defence or security of Australia’. That, in files, and censored parts of files, and those words used, when requesting FOI. The person is being violated by RANZCP, in being named ‘eligible layout’ as if their humanity is ‘layout’ for code of conduct charges and devices registry. That is criminal, and is narcoterrorism, deceit, and Defence and Security of Australia, must not allow that. People being put into dangerous machines, where the person is being accused of being an infringement on their own humanity, is something that Australia has to immediately take action to stop that which war crime.

That RANZCP fellows, and pharmaceutical corporations are active in the war crime of buying and selling, ‘human bio markers’ as ‘article’, with a RANZCP fellow publishing papers regarding the narcoterrorism violations (pertaining to Poisons or Electrical torture used on citizens and how many died, were injured, and how many were broken under the torture), to say that is the article, when the article also refers to the sales not only of the published papers with RANZCP fellows names to that, and the ‘human bio markers’ extracted in narcoterrorism, that are said to be ‘protective period of layout’. The Commonwealth of Australia doesn’t own humans, they’re not permitted to map and own humans, and perpetrate crimes of torture, slavery, and destruction of strength of country.

Reminder that which RANZCP fellow have perpetrated is war crime, and theft of Government Legislation perversions of meaning of Circuit Layouts Act 1989, and deceived and intruded on defence and security. RANZCP is very serious crime in regards to infringement, that is flagrant violation of circuit layout, and repeated sabotage of circuit layout, defrauding, and sales of human bio markers and National Security matters.

For this reason, it is essential that understanding of whom is qualified to draft a legal document, that is for Circuit Court purposes, isn’t usurped, by another office, that might be able to theft the Circuit Layout, and seem similar, though is actually perverting the course of justice.

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