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Printing industry & books

Author - Ms Initially No, Policy writer

Australia needs better policy for making certain books and all printing, as well as distribution is lawful.

The intercorporate cartel, they write for each other, they’re never meant to be printed. When a writer is deliberately aiding and abetting crime, and using unlawful apps, they are not meant to be able to profit from that.

In Australia, something strange has happened, where their cover-ups for criminals, are being exposed in books, and then, civil rights books are being, exploited as cover-up material, torn apart by printing machines desperate to print a book, that the intercorporate cartel (medico-pharmaceutical) has paid to have printed. It is their cover story, they like it, doesn’t mean it has to be printed, but they love for their co-sign to have a good rapport with the public, and for their lines to have the printer’s wring on it, and such as another’s book, they don’t even think about the consequences, the printers, whom just attempt that.

That it was said the intercorporate cartel attempted to put a whole dictionary through, forgetting it was a law dictionary, naming the dictionary outlaw, and censored book.

The people whom do the cover-ups writes, it is about the content theft from other books, showing here and there, and harm that results. Said is they want money, from those they are covering for, or a gift, and usually the story is never for print – was the old way, and that was the outlaw, the hush, the never tell it.

People talked though, they did, because it gave them pleasure, then someone goaded them on to publish it and said they would help with the translations, to other countries.

That – to be exploited for that, is horrible, when there is every reason the book should never be mucked with, and should be printed, and people should be able to fly, or catch a train, or tram and read a decent book without a problem.

The threat on a co-sign, is that if you print or in anyway distribute this, you won’t be able to turn your machine on again; that should not be blame-shifted onto another author, whom doesn't use anything like a witness protection app, that these writers whom aid and abet cartel are using. That the violators use another's biometric ID, of civil rights activists, such as myself; and then attempt to theft on-screen content.

I want policy to be enabled to make certain that Australia's printing industry has a good understanding of their citizens, unarmed-civilians, whom don't use espionage; and are authors, skilled writers that should not, and must not be usurped further.

Australian people must be able to read books that abolish psychiatry (slavery, torture and arbitrary detention); must be able to read law dictionaries, and not be obstructed by crime.

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