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Powers privileges and immunities

Immunity in the Federal Constitution of Australia Act, is legal responsibilities, that which a Politician may not be obliged to pay heed to, or be investigated for, such as 'Parliamentary Privilege'. Medico-pharmaceutical use of the word 'immune' and 'immunisation' as 'biological system' has confused the legal sense of the word, as well as the whole truth, about 'concoctions' and rules and orders made by each House of Parliament with respect to 'the mode in which the powers, privileges and immunities are exercised and upheld' (Part IV-50-i).

Legal term Mode, again, has a euphemism, 'mood' - that, psychiatrists have exploited in interrogations, that include poisons and other intrusions, such as likely stealthweapons, that are frequency violations. That psychiatrists demand in interrogations, 'how is your mood', and 'map your mood for me' and 'colour chart your mood for me'. Which is an attempt to extract and answer from the person being arbitrarily detained, otherwise coercively-controlled, to identify with the legal term Mode.

A mode or mood is a particular way that a machine, device, or piece of equipment can operate. That there are restrictions of mode for travel; or building; streets; areas; or businesses. That doesn't mean illicit modes are ever permitted.

That psychiatrists, and other medicos and pharmaceutical companies are perpetrating prohibited and restricted modes on dangerous devices - means control orders are needed on the way the equipment can operate. That would be there, however, it needs to be more readily enforced in Australia.

Psychiatrists attempting to get around an audit, on their control orders, put control orders on people, after they have fired a stealthweapons program at the person, and the person has attempted to give report that, and didn't speak to the correct authorities, or didn't speak to an authority at all, whom then directed the person to a psychiatrist. That the person whom does that direction, may or may not be in the pay of medico-pharmaceutical companies. They may be a person, whom just goes-with-the-flow of another program of stealth, that inducts that person to say that is what the other person should do. That said, once the person is taken by the psychiatrist, the psychiatrist attempts to claim the person as property, and name the person a patent. The law matter in Australia, through which the psychiatrist attempts to make that claim, is more to do with furniture, being moveable and immoveable, though, medicos have adapted that, to mock humanity with.

Obstructing the audit detect, is that which the psychiatrists attempt, while interrogating a person on 'mood/mode', and demanding the person identify with flick switches on a device application. It is a mockery of humanity. It is also an attempt to obstruct detect from the stealthweapons fired at the person that are restricted, and prohibited and unlawful to fire at a human. That reasons for psychiatrists firing stealth at humans, has to do with the Fixated-Data-theft, that psychiatrists intend to acquire from all that the person is interested in, associates, with, and, sometimes has nothing to do with the person at all.

Psychiatrists attempting to get a powers, privileges and immunities and make rules and orders with respect to Parliament, is that of the holocaust, no one wants. That is why it is essential to Report Corruption of Rules and Order by Part IV-44: Disqualification. Such as (i) Allegiance to a Foreign Nation, because even with New Zealand, though a sometimes ally to Australia, is, still a Foreign Power. And, if rights and privileges are foreign influence, that is not a strength for Australia, or a good understanding, or direction for Australia. (ii) If convicted of a crime, that would mean imprisonment for a year or longer as punishment is also disqualification. Psychiatrists are guilty of slavery, torture, arbitrary detention, espionage, fixated-data-theft; treason, treachery and murder. (v) Pecuniary interests is where Parliamentarians must never be corrupt. That induction devices must never be found to have forced a funding issue.

What makes a parliamentarian immune that a psychiatrist wants most? Defamation. And psychiatrists enjoy defaming people more than anything else they do. Usually the defaming is such as standard template in Australia, that it looks ridiculous, and outs the psychiatrists in what they've been up to. That psychiatrists don't always realise that, or that they program matter is exposed through the defamation attempts the psychiatrists put in writing about the people they torture, enslave, and arbitrarily detain, and their relatives and friends, some of which they have never even spoken to. That psychiatrists still attempt a phrenology-like eugenics doctrine on condemning the people they have thefted biometric ID from, and used in devices, without permission, to test how the person reacts to fixated-copyright data, that the psychiatrists have also thefted, so that the psychiatrists can then attempt to control that Industry, or branch of Government, that is none-of-their-business.

Fixated-data-theft, must be stopped. Horrifying human rights violations must be stopped. That is why psychiatry must be abolished.

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