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Powers of the Executive Government

Author- Ms Initially No, policy writer

I was asked a question in my workplace, The Painter And The Writer Gallery, if I were into Republic or Monarchy.

It may seem erroneous for a country to have a Royal Family, that isn’t directly connected to thousands of years of that country. That and, the Executive Government may then pose difficulties, if there is too much vested interest in negotiating with overseas, to attend to the understanding of 600 nations within that country, Australia.

However, one would think, attending to an International agreement, a holocaust-prevention-writ and a Constitutional amendment, should not be obstructed, by the Monarchy, it should be – agreement honoured and complied with.

Enforcing the corrections on any legislation that is awry is the duty of the Federal Executive Government.

The Executive Government is the branch of government responsible for the effecting and enforcing of laws. That means, the non-compliant Legislation passed, in error, or due to corrupt purposes – are the duty of the Executive Government.

Wrong, if that part of Government insists on forced human experimentation, and repugnancy in the legislation.

Duties to the nulling and voiding of non-compliant legislation, must be accomplished. And if any State/ Territory has not yet nulled & voided the legislation, that is in flagrant violation with The Federal Constitution of Australia Act, those State/ Territories must be forced to comply.

All legislation must be consistent with the Constitution. Any Act of Parliament passed is not-valid if it contrary to The Federal Constitution of Australia Act 1-V-51-xxiiiA. For an Executive Government to insist on there being legislation, that is non-compliant with holocaust-prevention-writ 1946 amendment to the Federal Constitution of Australia Act – is to act against the people of Australia, and perpetrate war crime. The long overdue honour of compliance with 1-V-51-xxiiiA, must be enacted by nulling & voiding all legislation that is non-compliant. All Australian people must have the right to refuse medical-pharmaceutical-dental provisions and services.

Proper thinking that!

Document is by Ms Initially No, and should only be used as intended, lawfully, and without harm to anyone.

Federal Executive Council_10-10-21
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