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Powers of Parliament in Australia

Speculation as to what is allowable by Commonwealth and State Powers, to make laws on for, is given in Australia’s Constitution. That there has been perversion of the Federal Constitution, has made insecurities for Australian people and Government. The perversions of the Constitution have been in scandalous violation, a breach Human Rights, and the Crimes Act, as well as International Agreements. That corruption of authority, with criminal intent to monopolise government through Crimes Against Humanity and Crimes Against the Commonwealth, must not continue. The foreign entities being pharmaceutical based stealth militias and the medical organisations that are criminal intent, such as psychiatrists and psychologist programmers using interference stealth equipment to induct, torture, and cause schisms to Australian businesses, and cause damages to Australian property, and the economy. The medico-pharmaceutical companies are destructive world-wide, not only to Australia.

Blocking patents, unlawfully patented biodata id, the Commonwealth has power via 1/5/51/18 to make laws regarding this, for good government, peace and order. That bounties on production or exports only apply as power to make laws for peace, order and good government. Government is not obliged to support exports or production that is treasonous, or a Crime Against Humanity, or otherwise criminal in intent.

Patents for inventions not made lawfully must be disqualified. It does not matter how long the Patent has been unlawfully registered, in violation of The Criminal Code; the patent must be immediately disqualified. The unlawful registering must pay reparations, and sentencing likely to incur a gaol sentence, when the patents have been Crimes Against Humanity.

That pensions for retired State Secrets staff under 1/5/51/23, must no longer be confused with civilian provisions and allowances. The right to refuse provisions, is in the Constitution for a very good reason 1/5/51/23A, must be recognised, as the amendment made to the constitution in 1946, so that forced human experimentation in the guise of medicine, or by any other means of social services provisions would not be allowable in Australia. The ‘civil conscription’ is not to be applied to any Australian citizen, and, it is not about the personnel in the position to doll out provisions. This 1946 amendment to social services, is about not allowing forced psychiatry, forced aged systems, or any kind of forced pharmaceutical, medicine or dental services, or social services, that are considered ‘provisions’ in 1/5/51/23A. That the clause here, cannot be altered. Civil conscription is not allowed via ‘provisions’. This amendment is not open to interpretation; persons attempting to say that it is, must be subjected to background checks, on their likely profiteering, past or present from 1/5/51/20, foreign corporation, or corporations known to profit from sabotage and terrorism related espionage activities, human rights violations and theft of State Secrets. That 1/5/51/24, then must apply to criminals and their activities that have escaped notice, and reparatory needs for local community and actions needed to stop the further violation of 1/5/51/23A, via medical, pharmaceutical, laboratories, psychiatrists, psychologists, the corrupt department of health and human services and associates profiteering from forced human experimentation.

Reporting to authorities, of stealth weapons attacks, must be something that is done quickly by Government Employees, and other Australian people. That must be recognised as one of the worst crimes in Australia, that if not stopped, escalates. Terrorists with medical instruments that are being used as stealth weaponry, must not be allowed to delay or defer reporting of these crimes, that are in violation of the Criminal Code; and in regards to stopping forced human experimentation and other forms of slavery and civil conscription that are in violation of the Criminal Code, the Australian Constitution, and International agreements. That breaching the Australian Constitution, and the Crimes Act is bad for good governance, peace and order, and International Agreements are contracts as well, that Australia either agrees with, or doesn’t sign.

That Australian people whom have ancestors from over 250 years ago, likely have knowledge of local areas that can be considered race, or people, group related to an area, trajectories, and continent knowledge, history and visual, song and language of land, people, and culture, that requires respect on matters of law regarding that knowledge, that an authority that doesn’t have ancestors from that locality must be obedient to the knowledge of the lore, and the need for laws and action to recognise authority, interpretative powers and directions, from Australian people whom have ancestors from over 250 years ago living in Australia, that give knowledge with respect to heritage, sacred of that location in Australia, is given in 1/5/51/26 of Australia’s constitution, for such Commonwealth laws to be made through that 1967 amendment, that would make sense to Australian people and be directed and written by Australian people whom have ancestors from over 250 years ago living in Australia.

Fisheries, in Australia have been subjected to sabotage. That the sky link mechanism, heavy chemistry and physics stealth weapons, to sabotage life in oceans, in regards to fish farming – are laws that need to be attended to, under 1/5/51/20, of the Constitution, for good governance, peace and order. What sabotages life in oceans and coastal areas, and a natural big fish catch, must be considered terrorism hazards, a criminal intent, and havens for terrorist assaults; that do damages that are extensive, and profit and power is got via the companies, through medico-pharmaceutical industries, and foreign based entities that deliver hazard waste, dressed up as ‘feed’. Laws must be made regarding not only hazard limits, but due notice on what is an industry that encroaches on Australia’s productivity, by stealth. That making laws regarding 1/5/51/20 regarding fisheries in Australian waters beyond territorial limits, may also apply. That it is in making laws regarding fisheries in territorial waters, regarding foreign corporations, and trading with, 1/5/51/10, that what Australia does. No argument from Foreign Nationals, powers, or those seditious persons profiteering from the sabotage and terrorist attacks on Australian waters via unlawful businesses that are terrorist havens. That the enemies to life and livelihood are hated world-wide, so Australia, making laws regarding stopping sabotage of oceans, and maintaining good fishing practices – is necessary. That bonds and bounties, from such destructive fish farms and their connected foreign entities, accounting for reparations needed for action and debts to local community, accounting trace, are what Australia needs, to further stop any damages and menacing of local community and government that has put necessary laws in place in line with Constitution Powers. That people whom disregard these laws will likely, lose their privilege, to own a fishing license.

That 1/5/51/29, the notice of another country, and what their travel issues are, given as the country wishes, by Australia, as regarding external affairs, with respect of the country’s authority and to keep violence, attacks, sabotage out of declaratory statements by officials of another country, such as Australia. That when respect is given, Australia notifies punitive measures result, to deter further travel to a country in order to not be labelled with a foreign interference accusation, in regards to a dangerous conflict in another country, that Australians would not understand and might be accused of contributing to, and then if their intent is criminal, to also prevent that.

It isn’t appropriate for Australian forces and people to be asked to assist another country with security matters in 2021, or likely at other times, or years. Experience is interference is the accusation, afterwards, and profiteering from Crimes Against Humanity. Australia doesn’t need that, with domestic-based security matters to attend to.

Laws made as far as 1/5/51/28, the influx of criminals, that have stolen via espionage Trade Secrets, State Secrets, perpetrated Crimes Against Humanity and Crimes Against the Commonwealth; and/ or intend to stealth Australian money, or goods of value to other countries, or that of human biodata id, human remains, and that which would be considered stealth weapons against Australian people and good governance, laws must be made to stop them. That 1/5/51/27 immigration and emigration, when and where breaches are evident, or linked, or following a known serious criminal trajectory, or hostility, extreme racism that is sabotage towards Australian people and their businesses, accents, habits, art, dance music and lingo; and to further stop any militia; and stop infiltration of Australian policy and governance, and stopping the usurping of the Australian people with skills for the authority position, local knowledge, local language learnt over generations, figures of speech still used by elders, and that trade based heritage knowledge to maintain infrastructure, and recognise traditions of the continent’s habits. That terrorism, sabotage, slavery, civil conscription by stealth weapons and all forms of forced human experimentation and that which is physical torture and sabotage of a person’s life and livelihood, theft of Australia’s State Secrets; these crimes need to be stopped, and prosecuted.

The Criminal Code and Australia’s Constitution, has potential for reparations, that have been taken by medico-pharmaceutical criminal intent, and the course of justice perverted, in 1/5/51/31. The crime of stealing land and property, and people and naming people as property, slavery, is something that is against all laws. Any organisation found to be perpetrating acts of slavery and medicalisation for the purposes of invasive, cruel experiments and sabotage by stealth weapons, and promoting ripper legislation, must be immediately investigated, and that entity, corporation, be subjected to the full force of the law, including having property held for prosecution, costs and reparations to victims of sabotage, slavery, torture and forced human experimentation.

Australian lives and livelihoods, Australia’s heritage, treasures and that which is sacred to Australian people, have an understanding of how 1/5/51/31 must not be perverted, that generations of Australian peoples with ancestors going back over 250 years, have suffered the crime of land being stolen from them, by invasive cruel ways and means, via the criminals that inflict forced human experimentation, that is treasonous, terrorism and sabotage of Australian lives, livelihoods, and Australian heritage, treasures and that which is sacred.

There have been mining claims that have involved espionage weaponry being used in a way to violate people, their non-espionage related equipment, land and authority of local knowledge, and Australian people’s traditions. That such mining claims that violate Australian lives and livelihoods via stealth weapons, must be recognised as a crime and their licenses disqualified; mining equipment and other stealth weapons confiscated, and assets needed for reparations of damages inflicted by stealth. Hazard equipment must be quickly confiscated, from any companies, militia, corporation involved with owning and firing stealth weapons. The use of stealth weapons for profiteering from the crimes of assault on human/s by stealth, sabotage, treason, and making false claims by stealth and criminal intent, to disturb the peace, order and good governance – that must incur criminal sentencing that includes disqualification from involvement with mining industries, for profits and power (that might includes a scam charitable status), including subsidiary companies, that have hazard-based licenses. That a false property acquisition, that is a mining claim, intent on sabotage, must be stopped, as soon as the intent is recognised, and the conspiracy to do such, before such a claim is issued.

That of 5/119 powers to protect the States from invasion and violence, must be about making laws to stop the perpetrators of serious violence; crimes against the commonwealth, crimes against humanity. That includes espionage, that can be detected by the device that was fired, and the people recognised to be in the employ of the stealth-militia, particularly regarding the medico-pharmaceutical industries militia-like activities, that and to do with criminal actions; and conspiracy via stealth device that is likely encrypted, likely uses biosphere, and can be considered tangible evidence.

That people will report theft, petty theft, but not seriously violent stealth weapons being fired, that induct a person to steal something, is outrageous. Of course it’s more serious to be fired at by a stealth weapon, or fired by their employee for allowing items to get stolen. That there’s other details here of espionage activity that makes reporting petty theft necessary, to make certain that the shop doesn’t get accused of the Crimes Against Humanity and the Crimes Against the Commonwealth, that the medico-pharmaceutical company perpetrating, via the conceal of petty theft induced by one of their operatives that are perverting the course of justice via stealth weapons programming.

Extreme violence of espionage activity that conceals serious damage in a fuss made about petty theft, when the action should be on stopping the stealth weapons being fired; the electronic data that is encrypted, any conspiracy to do serious damages to lives and livelihoods, and conspiracy to monopolise government through acts of terrorism, treason, slavery, torture and murder.

That I, Ms Initially No, have written books, 2 autobiographies, that give an understanding as to my knowledge here. I am allowed to say this, I am not in breach. I have never used espionage equipment, and have no disabilities, regarding running for Senate or the House, that would disqualify me.

People must understand, in their industry, their union, or publication, if and where people do horrible crimes of stealth weapons violence, then write books about it, or publish such data – that must not be allowed, because they’ve violated people’s lives, livelihood and must not gain profit and power from that crime.

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