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Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer; author; visual artist: owner of The Painter And The Writer Gallery

When there is a crime so obvious, that there is no doubt it is happening, citizens want justice to be immediate.

With secrecies of espionage paraded in a street, in a way as to give the unlawful item an unlawful sales in the street, under law-abiding shop verandas – citizens want justice to be immediate.

Facts there. The espionage weapons exist. Only a corrupt officials are in the way of justice being immediate. Espionage is a reality, not a factual impossibility. Find the espionage item, when that isn’t difficult, when the items are paraded in a street, and used to perpetrate witness intimidation, the facts are there.

The corrupt officials being obvious in their lack of due diligence, and obvious serious cartel activities, require an impeachment, so that the rest of the world doesn’t look on in horror at the country allowing the fascism to increase.

The law-abiding citizens violated instead of the criminals, is the most outrageous fascism. The citizens in Australian want justice to be immediate.

Legal impossibility meaning an impossibility due to the fact that what the defendant intended to do is not illegal, and interpretations of that. That when intercorporate cartel set-up activity lists based on this idea, of boundary pushing, such as parking in a No Standing Anytime Zone. It is actually an offense, a drivers licence requires that a driver always look for where the parking signs are, and where the no parking signs are, otherwise they do not qualify for a drivers licence in Australia. Then, to add to the crime, of mechanical contrivances, that are linked to other cartel activity, and meet-ups with cartel, and particular uniform contrivances including colour-codes and costume rituals, are parade of horribles, and the electronic devices, co-inside with espionage intrusions of foreign interference into the circuit layout, and spectrum violations, and citizens whom are assaulted, or their equipment or work sabotaged. That is why the intercorporate cartel know they are perpetrating a crime, even though, they may not know all the details of the criminal activity, they know they are firing espionage torture at a human, to disguise sabotage and data-theft of the circuit layout, and they might also know, that they are further concealment for another cartel group of the intercorporate that is perpetrating terrorism, carting of an infect, or other crimes such as burglary.

The frustration of Legislation, that is there for citizens to read, that names the crimes of espionage, of foreign interference data-theft, of intrusions on circuit layout, and serious cartel activities. The frustration is there, in the same way that there is a frustrating attempt deny that a medical device tortured a human, that poisons forced on a citizen, are narcoterrorism; that arbitrary detention under unconstitutional legislation is a horrifying crime against humanity perpetrated against citizens, by the medical appointment of RANZCP fellows whom are trained in weapons use, and theft of data, for the purposes of obstructing holocaust prevention.

The contracts are void, that allow for force human experimentation on unarmed civilians. The contracts must not, and should never be allowed for. There isn’t any fact or circumstance that excuses the performance rate of this or that poison, or electronic weapon. The crime isn’t of the contract, where denial that humans are being exploited is sometimes covered up as studies on the ‘PSY’ of ‘RATS’. When there is paperwork boasting of forced human experimentation, of numbers of humans whom died after being forcibly injected and tortured during 2 years of the ‘study’, the cover-ups are not even the evidence. Australia has that. I gave a Royal Commission the opportunity to look at that horrifying paperwork and address that violation in 2019.

RANZCP fellows push for the conversation to be about the ‘contract’ and the facts or circumstances that cannot occur, exist, or be done, said to be the ‘secrets’ of the ‘potential patents’. The facts and circumstances of that which cannot occur, exist or be done, is the prohibited crimes of forced psychiatry, and the RANZCP fellows must be charged for these with war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, torture, arbitrary detention, forced human experimentation. The facts and circumstances that which cannot occur, exist or be done because they are totally against all fundamental laws; and if such a crime occurs, that charges must be brought immediately.

The perversions, of espionage, in a country that is 250 years post-invasion status, so cruel, so horrifying, and the corruption there, every time, getting in the way.

RANZCP fellows interfering with industry, promoting spyware into government offices, into industrial offices, and with an intercorporate cartel, making the criminal intent and actions so obviously wrong, and promotion of espionage so obviously wrong, that everyone should be naming the criminal cartel, and demanding openly that RANZCP fellows be shut down and shut up and jailed. RANZCP fellows are poisons, and weapons that are based on stolen data, that perpetrate a horrible torture on humans. RANZCP fellows, have run the economy of Australia, and Australia’s reputation into near ruin, and we don’t want RANZCP fellows to ruin us further.

The fact of circumstance that excuses the performance, because the obligation cannot be performed because of the nature of the contract – what does that matter when the contract is void because of forced human experimentation on unarmed civilians. The contract is unlawful, and any focus that looks at the vague parameters of a contract, has to do with a contract that is lawful, and to do that with a contract that is unlawful, is pointless, and corrupt.

When the ‘subject’ is said to be both a patent and a person the RANZCP fellow is naming ‘patient’, that ‘deteriorated’, or ‘has been destroyed/ deceased’ or ‘is no longer available/ lost to follow up’, there is an attempt to correlate citizens with laboratory animals, and name them ‘pests’. That and the thing that is the ‘patent’ attempt, as well. All that in espionage, and when the contract is void due to forced human experimentation, all those circumstances should be disallowed, because RANZCP fellows and their intercorporate cartel, are guilty of serious crimes, that do not permit them to own a business, run a business, or live in the community. Government should never be paying RANZCP fellows to perpetrate war crimes on Australian civilians. Method of delivery or payment has failed for an overseas contract? Too bad, don’t hostage a human to get a delivery or payment, that is terrorism.

A human has to alert an authority as to serious cartel activity by being subjected to a pain-threshold that is torture on the circuit layout? Whom thought up such a horrifying notion must be a criminal. The humans subjected to pain-thresholds on circuit layout, for decades have not even been permitted ways and means of reporting the espionage, they’ve instead been silenced, for attempting to speak about the intrusions on their humanity. The violence against them, then being said to be the victims ‘illness’, when, no it wasn’t, the victim was thinking properly enough to attempt to report the espionage.

Don’t mix that up with the personnel that have spyware now. Citizens, unarmed civilians, whom actively protest against forced psychiatry, and demand that the espionage be reported, and the serious cartel activity be subjected arrest, jail, and confiscation of the unlawful items – the citizens that do that are never using the spyware. The Government officials are corrupt, if they allow for unarmed civilians to be violated instead of the espionage violators, that have tangible object evidence (though sometimes hidden as a hair piece, or something else, usually a phone device that is so obvious, and any authority with a good enough camera could zoom in for the evidence there on the device.)

Increased or unexpected difficulty and expense, not usually qualifying as an impossibility - legal matter. The funding of that, which is forced human experimentation, when there was a necessity to do due diligence, to reinforce the law, that first of all there must not be civil conscription. That the repugnancy in the legislation to be made null & void – should have been the priority, instead of increasing forced human experimentation on Australian citizens, for foreign interest intercorporate that no decent country accepts. For the Australian Government to sit on their hands, while the MP for Bendigo West, and Mt Alexander Shire Council, with the intercorporate cartel, perpetrated electronic weapons tests, in a shopping area, deliberately intruding on a witness (myself) whom had not only attempted to report the violators as early as 1998, have also written 2 authored-biographies, songs, and attempted stand up comedy, fine art exhibitions, to get the message across – I will not tolerate the intolerable crimes against humanity and my country. I will not sit by and allow people to tell non-factual information, while they perpetrate serious cartel activity. I will not tolerate my country being violated.

Impossibility of performance and thus do not excuse the performance – the espionage devices are not to be tested on your civilians Australia. Don’t do it further. Alert. It was there. Everyone would have known it was there whom was a Member of Parliament. So, now what do they do now they all stand accused and embarrassed, try to say that every human whom is a thespian, or a musician, that performs for entertainment purposes, is their ‘spyware device’. No! We will not tolerate that. Do not allow any PA system to use spyware in Australia. Out it, name it, do not allow the musician’s equipment to be sabotaged.

Members of Parliament, are embarrassed when they haven’t done due diligence, since 1986, The Australia Act, demanded that the null & void of repugnancy was their employment office, and UK would not interfere. Members of Parliament must be horrified as to the corruption in their parties, or parties in parliament that must be disallowed. Members of Parliament must be horrified enough to do something, or Members of Parliament look like evil fascist robots.

The contract that is not permitted, is not a contract, and therefore any claims of ‘performance enhancing spyware for politicians’ is to be regarded as a criminal offense, when the spyware intrudes on the secrecies of parliament, and has been tested on unarmed civilians (whom have reported the torture, in very accurate ways).

Frustration, that anyone would allow an intercorporate cartel a contract with a government to torture their unarmed civilians, and by that contract also intentionally murder the unarmed civilians, and test how long that takes, with attempts to speed that up, by attempting to demand that civilians be brought into Spitals and arbitrarily detained and subjected to narcoterrorism. Then for the Government allow that to be named ‘care’, as in ‘take care of the unarmed civilian narcoterrorist, so they don’t allow the corruption to be known and the war crimes might be fruitful for the purposes you explained’. Police the explanation in any co-conspiracy by any Government Official and RANZCP fellow that colludes to perpetrate war crime against their civilian population!

Impracticability – excuse from contractual duty. That which a person whom is responsible, has, when the contract isn’t quite right. That which the RANZCP fellows perpetrate, saying that their war crimes are necessary, to achieve security for the country, while the RANZCP fellows sabotage, deceive, and violate, and there is that forgotten – holocaust prevention, first of all there must not be any civil conscription, forced human experimentation, being a horrifying war crime, that never benefits the country that perpetrates that on their civilian population. Never benefits other countries either, whose industries, also get sabotaged. The extreme violation, the unreasonable contract – void, not permitted. That, is not frustrating a contract, because the contract is not permitted, and that which becomes more and more difficult, and expensive to perform – is the concealment of the not-permitted-contract, the difficulty and expense the RANZCP fellows and their cartel corruption into Members of Parliament, cited as unanticipated expense, is laughable. RANZCP fellows have been perpetrating this same routine for decades, their robot antics are notoriously known to victims of crime. There is no doctrine to excuse ignorance of something so obviously organised, crime, by espionage devices, and encroachment on legal terms, just outrageous.

The fact or circumstances preventing the commission of a crime. That, is only when the warrant or authority from government or court, that empowers the person named to execute official acts, is usurped.

RANZCP fellows usurping the circuit court, via the circuit layout, and their encroachment on legal language with the term ‘triage’ and their psychologists and other violators, whom perpetrate the defrauding on Australian people, by firing espionage at citizens, to torture them. The psychologists then profiting from this with their ‘triage’. The arrest on the psychologist, employed by the circuit court, then, does the circuit court recognise that? Or is there a circumventing of that warrant as well?

How much the psychologists that use those horrible physics weapons, to data-theft industry and government, intrude on relationships, is horrifying. The programs so obviously errata, when the couples do not ever perpetrate a crime. However it is horrifying to have to watch not just one person, but several people driven silly by an app, that is known to belong to a security matter sabotaged, that they did not sabotage, though walked into like it were a giant spider’s web, that takes their tongue and all their thinking into a character unbecoming them, and so obviously robotic, violence on them and the person they do love more than anyone else.

There must not be further circumstances preventing a warrant being given authority to arrest the RANZCP fellows as narcoterrorists, and the parade of horribles, so obvious in their perpetration of treasonous intent, actions, torture on civilians and sabotages to Australia’s law-abiding businesses.

There must not be a RANZCP fellow with a pompous app claiming ‘I’m a commissionaire’; and ‘I was a commissionaire on the royal commission’ and ‘I circumvent the warrant’, or ‘I was a commissioner on the productivity commission’; or any RANZCP fellow claiming they are ‘royal commission’ or ‘royal collegial’ because that is where they frustrate all basic laws.

RANZCP fellows and their intercorporate cartel must be denied all access to our circuit layout, and our courts, and not intrude on humanity again, because the RANZCP fellows are so indecent.


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