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Policy on Mechanical Contrivances

Author - Ms Initially No, Policy writer

Too many trucks in a no truck zone, and espionage mechanical contrivances, that include spectrum distortion, intrusion.

Pharmaceutical personnel sits at known cartel cafe, and impostor attempt, 'police or other'; 'journalist or other'; 'ASIO perhaps'. He is unlawful activity - the spectrum is violated while he is there, the traffic too fast, there's fires on CEO of Gallery (myself), and there's idling truck in the truck, all not actioned. Left to perpetrate the radiocommunications. Authorities action the crime quickly, or the cartel gets ahead.

That there is also other interference that can easily be understood by an eye witness, as intrusive, cartel activities, that must be immediately arrested, and jailed.

Good policy around how-to do this, when the offenses are so obviously wrong, is important to Abolish Psychiatry.

There should not be cartel that is in Main St, Maldon, Vic, Australia.

The white-capping, of my business, The Painter And The Writer Gallery, has been reported, given as evidence, and really, it should be obvious in 2020-2022 to every authority.

That which is Foreign Interference Espionage, is there in data-theft, not really a country to country matter. There is old data-theft, on this day, and a known RANZCP fellow, intruding with old data-theft that is apartheid (South Africa).

When there are the same trucks that are no permitted, in Main St, Maldon, nor in Tobin Lane, Maldon - the same trucks are cartel, known, and Infect issue, as well as interference espionage, and biometric ID theft, and other data theft.

The trucks and other cartel businesses have trustee, and that, is the medico-pharmaceutical corporation. They are not small business, and they are not legitimate businesses, they are crime - carriage is Infect, and data-theft, and lobbies to Parliament that should not be happening, via the radiocommunications, telecommunications breaches.

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