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Points of Law

That of something innocuous, as in not going to hut anyone to stop that which was termed rude for a reason, because it is about Points of Law, rudimentary, that everyone should know; and know, if they do that crime, that horrible crime, they are going to be subjected to enmity, everyone will hate them.

The medico wanted to be immune to that, the enmity, and the punishment that the Legal system imposes on such crimes, that are so horrible, everyone hates the people that perpetrate those crimes. The medico, in Australia in 1886, when people demanded Royal Commissions into what medicos were doing, that went beyond grave robberies and in 1901, and 1921, and 1946, and 1966, 1986, 2016 and 2021 and in 2022 Australian people must demand, that medicos stop perpetrating horrible crimes, and that the Legal System, must Prosecute the medicos that perpetrate those horrible Crimes Against Humanity and the Commonwealth.

Medicos wanted that, immunity to the Law, and has concocted ways - that because of the invasion of Australia, and imposition, they got to really upturn the scales of justice, and take so much away from Australia. Medicos wanting to be immune, and claim skills against the Points of Law, that are there to gaol them. The medico wanted to railroad the law, and take the Judges point - and say it was a medical miracle in a vacuum container, 'like the old hallow bone is filled with potent potion'.

That the old system of vacation, were also taken, by the medicos, and people were murdered, sabotaged - and told that, while the medico profited and gained power by the shifting of the Points of Law, and threatening the transport, while sport was played.

Threats from the poison handlers whom by then were also thinking themselves, 'wizards of electricity', and doing demonstrations to demolish animals and naming it 'magnetism' - such as 'watch the stupidity of these animals plummet to their death by force of these magnets' - that then did such with humans, got angry stares. people are never easy to control, when they know the routine; and the extreme pain of violent weapons medicos used, that had invisible electro-magnetic and radiation frequencies - that didn't make people want to aid and abet the violating medicos.

Think about that, and communications devices and prohibitions on such. The legislation is there. Though, always has to be updated. That the activities of medicos when fraudulent are subversive, as in an attempt by stealth to not be discovered, and an attempt to conceal such.

Fear of transmission - it is such as restricted and prohibited devices and information secrecy. People are allowed to speak of it though, telecommunications, though not use devices to cause Prohibited, or Excess Frequencies, that interfere with life, and conceal criminal activities. That the fear of transmitter and communications devices being awry and medical personnel say they've got a poison or two that will aid and abet the concocting of a lie down and rest and forget about having the best time in the world while the business of recognising whom and who is mucking up the devices necessary to communication - is fully worked out. Though, that's a flaw, when the medical personnel claiming military status, ministers confidence, and saying they're in medical admittance modes of mask make more money, take more memory; and murder people and claim it is merciful.

That all just law matter, and known. Nothing new.

People world-wide, know the fraud, the medical fraud. Do they know The Points of Law, regarding the crime of concealment medical fraud? Do they know The Points of Law, regarding aiding and abetting medical fraud? And do they know the Points of Law regarding forced human experimentation?

Abolish Psychiatry, because Psychiatry is medical fraud, and demand all medical fraud be Prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

No one wants a hostile Spital. And that's the correct spelling when the Ho, is doing fraud at the Spital, and isn't a good Host.

Athletes world-wide know that.

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