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'Persons with disabilities' are whom?

What people need to understand about the legal term 'persons with disabilities', is that it applies to people with access codes to high security, or people that use biotech equipment. Applying 'persons with disabilities' to people other than that group of people, is a hideous human rights breach, that has enabled horror of all horrors to occur in Australia. It is only people that have access codes to high security coding, or use equipment that is biotech, or biometric, that may cause interference, or disturbance to security systems world-wide, that need to flagged, 'disabilities' as in needing to be checked at 'access' points to high security facilities; generally that. The question then being - does the equipment need to be disabled before access is allowed? It's a far more complex law than, 'show your face' laws, that are also to do with high security, that have been debated heavily in Australia, and falsely called 'racism' when that's not what they are, they're about security systems, and the people challenging the laws, know that. That security system piffle, compared to 'disabilities', just a facial recognition check point, I'd think. People wanting to challenge that, then have to be considered 'persons with disabilities', then that.

Military, that as well, if you're foreign interference, especially. And, you should know better, on that, is there, and usually if you belong to one of the forces, you don't muck with drones that fire at the population, though, sometimes, 'persons with disabilities' such as pharmaceutical companies impersonate military personnel, and do that, and psychiatrists and psychologists, even muck their own. Psychiatrists and psychologists that are military, are not heroes, they're villains, and they're 'persons with disabilities', with access to high security, and biotech, biometrics, and they violate the population, and then do 'demos' to crowds via their pet pharmaceutical firms, for officials. Which is why, Court Martial, rather than Civilian Courts, might have to apply to psychiatrists in Australia for their slavery and torture and treasons offenses.

Australian people don't want to be pushed into working for pharmaceutical companies, that violate, threaten and terrorize the Australian people. That these pharmaceutical companies, such as AstraZenica, or Pfizer, may work with another country, for retrieval of security data, that some seditious spy is using in their equipment, doesn't apply in Australia, because Australia does not have such a pharmaceutical company, that does that; and these companies do not work for Australian people, they skirmish on Australian people, test their horrifying stealth weapons here. Both AstraZenica and Pfizer need to be disabled of high security access in Australia.

Abolish Psychiatry party will make certain this is pushed through as legislation, in the Senate, and taken up by mainstream media.

Want to be a member of our party, then join.

If the Australian Government gets the job done, before 2022, when the next Federal Election is scheduled to be held, good. But, there's still likely a lot of work to be done, that needs the intelligent view point, that isn't corrupted by contracts signed, and such. Human Rights in Australia, is a necessity, it isn't a flippant ideal. It is a necessity for Australia's security, and people. Part of that understanding, is recognising what eugenicists have done to Australian people, and how Australia has not yet addressed something that is to do with Foreign Influence.

For years Australian people have been subjected to words such as 'we're all migrants here'. We're not, and we're certainly not all 'my grants' for people whom use stealth weapons, called 'medical instruments' and foreign influence and interference, to get grants from government. People whom do that, are 'persons with disabilities' that need to be flagged under the Australian Constitution.

Local people, know their area, what happens there, what occurs, what's going on, and are people that want to stay there, look after it, and not have it wrecked. People whom are flying all over the planet doing 'sensors' on this and that, are not able to do that; and have to be guided by what local people want, not use stand-over tactics to take their everything by stealth!

How has a 'person with disabilities' come to mean a person 'with special needs' or 'differently abled'? Through medicos, and the eugenics branch of the government that is the Department of Health Human Services. A branch of government that is so utterly corrupt, it covered up human rights violations and fraud with 'robo debt' and attempts to burden make every Australian business and person, even if the Australian people have nothing to do with that department, or the welfare system. Attempts by psychiatrists and their coterie of eugenicists to substitute person for person, and call Performing Artists 'criminal actors' is notorious, and insidious.

A person subjected to chemistry or physics stealth weapons violations, that are human rights violations, and accused for speaking out against that, is not a 'person with disabilities' or a person that should be medicalised. They're not the person with the stealth weapon, or the electronic interference high security equipment and coding, unless they are such.

Psychiatrists terms for people, calling the people they violently exploit 'persons with disabilities' is the human rights violation, that the world is meant to stop - that of slavery and torture, that should never be in the legislature.

That those systems and equipment exploiting the person by subjecting them to physics and chemistry experiments are 'systems and personnel with disabilities' - to be subjected to disabling. That unless a person has an implant or device, that can be called high security access alert, that may cause errata to some systems - it is not the person that is 'with disabilities' and it is not the person that must be disabled of 'access', because 'access' via device, or authority codes given to high officials, some government employees and security firms, then, they don't have 'access' to, what might cause errata, or be exploited for such. In the systems errata caused by exploitation, it is better to chase the villain, that the person wearing a device to aid them with hearing, or mobility, and such, though, all systems as they are security is essential, and if the person has biotech aids then they are to be considered a 'persons with disabilities' whose equipment might be come security issues, that need disabling for access to occur. That people need to understand that priority, and find alternatives that are not intrusive to security systems.

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