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People are never medical property

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer; owner of Fine Art Gallery; author, visual artist; performing artist; song writer.

Claims of property, things, that don’t pertain to humans – very wrong when the legal system goes with anything that makes people akin to property. Never own a child, look after, cherish, make certain of all maintained for a child. You don’t care-take a child anymore than an adult.

Aged Care Act 1997, is repugnant legislation. Laws regarding care-take of property that is more than 70 years old; or a company/ corporation contract, or a Canberra 99-year-lease. Queries on that regarding a portfolio in Victoria Parliament, as to suspicious Spital activities. The words 'Ageing' of things. The words 'Care' of things, including recognising security matter that is 'old as the' such as 'do not tap on glazing' of Fine Art Gallery, then that of woman on street bench front of my Fine Art Gallery, on 29-12-22, talking 'kill' three times to Pfizer 'look like youth, like under 18 but not'. That and the data-theft on device espionage of woman on streetbench firing espionage assaults (on myself). The woman whom was Pfizer syndicate group 'court matter triage' was talking scandalous matter, coding in, and improperly put, deliberately, with 'when I was young' and 'say a little prayer'. Had 'glasses' on head, to 'shader' were spyware, that are 'disabilities access code lines to' said 'success rate zero oh oh oh drop today but try again tommorrow'; 'for 'diamond ring near your shop accuse to push the beach shifter up to find the 35 grand one'. It isn't worth the destruction of irreplaceable. The Minister Portfolio with - 'disabilities' is never to go with cartel, and that is so difficult to maintain, without immediately arresting the obvious cartel activity in Main St, Maldon, Victoria, before the animals and children that are not responsible start mucking into it. That there was then climbing on street bench and walking around veranda posts by small children, means, only this - please get the data-theft out of the street's wiring. That and parents should never allow children to play in places where cars might drive, was the more serious offense of parents, that were cartel, deliberate, and were aware to the traffic locations by their devices. Cartel crimes, espionage are High Crime, offenses, that are being misdirected into medicalisation, and 14 year old patents, 2 year old patents, then contrived deliberately by RANZCP fellows to name a child a patient for patent.

Caretake 'things/ disabilities/ devices' not people. And disabilities are 'things' that need Corrections Portfolio and Police Portfolio, as with the bikes on veranda posts under my veranda with 'assortment' of 'tests' such as 'backpacks' and 'suspicious water-like substances', and attempts to 'espionage drop shop' name my law-abiding Fine Art Gallery, by 'flashing lights' scare tactics, that really must be understood caution for everyone to disallow. That the espionage group could not 'drop fake diamond ring claim', because I did the Police employment office, and really think that Police, or Traffic Control, should be doing that. Otherwise why are they being paid. Once or twice in a day, but not all the time, constantly traffic violations unattended to by professionals with skills in weapons and combat training.

Then there is attempt to usurp wage-theft claim of my Fine Art Gallery, The Painter And The Writer Gallery. That I bill Parliament Office for that. Then in comes a usurp, that of not permitted 'disability app' of the intercorporate cartel, firing espionage assaults (at myself). There is a clause writ for 'disability apps' as to 'don't allow for break down' and 'age limits' to 'replace'. Modifications not permitted, is there, and some apps really are experimental and non-government, and need to be challenged, because they're spyware. That of data-theft on 29-12-22, that is 'Community Health worker or other' Pfizer, 'I have an appointment I just forgot to change the app over for my daughter's clip on gear' is 'fraud' and 'disability app' isn't for children, is high security access code and 'Hospice worker 9' is 'ritual abuse' on that app naming it 'curtains and blinds'. The violations go on like this with the Parade of Horrors all day on 29-12-22, in front of my Fine Art Gallery, I do my best to maintain care-take of heritage listed property that I own, though the employment is Corrections, Crime Prevention and Policing Portfolio, that needs more attention. When they do work to intervene, it isn't enough, arrests have to be prompt, or the Portfolio gets sabotaged.

Medical Research portfolio is in error of war crimes against citizens. Not a portfolio if perpetrating war crimes via Pfizer, 'bingo' and 'i medical research or other' in transmitters in Main St, Maldon, Victoria. Whitecapping of my business, and humanity, not permitted Australia, Victoria Government. And the 'spyware with teeth' and 'handle to' sky access violation to 'headache' is very serious cartel conducts said to be 'medical research entrapment area code x for subversives from NZ and other Commonwealth countries' via 'Maree Edwards MP input code line in' necessitate deny access immediately Corrections Portfolio. Which was actioned, and then later undone to fire at myself all night. Yes, I did alert the officials, the via Social Media. And now, due to this - of Journalists not recognising what it means to properly put scandalous matter. That there must not be aiding and abetting of cartel crime, or espionage assaults on humans. For any press to name 'human' as 'humor' is horror medico muck, cartel 'yuck yuck yuppie truck' for the packets horrible IGA that is anticompetition, not a business permitted chain of cartel operations for subversive violations on Australian citizens.

Understanding to systems errors regarding Creative Industries portfolio, to not include 'fan art'; may be essential to understanding Fine Art Galleries in Australia, and creative law-abiding fine artists. Artworks that have royalties, copyright, are very clearly defined. No boundary pushes here. Fan art must never diminish artwork that is copyright.

As Gallery owner, I, Ms Initially No, should not be said to be 'helping hand' for another paid a wage, another whom is Government Office. Contract, wages, are necessary, and whitecapping of my business on 29-12-22, reached that of cartel mucking into 'white slavery' via Weaver Cathleen 'Gold Exchange' an anticompetition, non-business due to serious cartel activity, including passing stolen 'gold' in cups of 'coffix' and serving to streetbench arrangements, or getting the cartel to 'walk under veranda' to 'pass it as her the drop shop'.

Law-abiding business, my fine art gallery, The Painter And The Writer Gallery.

The Painter And The Writer Gallery, is being subjected to whitecapping, Parade of Horrors, espionage assaults, and traffic violations, with spectrum allotment intrusions pointed at my business, instead of where the data-theft is being perpetrated, or, where the detect is. This is justice issue. Portfolio for Victim Support.

'White' spectrum violation security matter, is High Security requiring Government access codes. That there was muck attempt for 2 days to 'play into racism accuse' though it was only transmit, the intercorporate cartel didn't know how to do as instructed, because the security matter is so wrongly directed, with that with wrong words in transmit misdirect as well. Said the 'racism' should've been directed to mainstream media, whom have security and must be - scandalous matter properly put, or address the crime of racism against Australian people, if they perpetrate they incidentally, or accidently, when their mouth moves the wrong way on air, or anything else. Responsibility with position and power, is always there.

That my fine art gallery, isn't usurper, Gardner with 'cycle' and art theft questions, and use of word 'cascade' that is printing that which isn't permitted, and using espionage, and Council codes and keys, and Foreign data-theft arrangements.

'Stump trailer' parked in No Standing Anytime, is threat and menace, and attempt to convert Treason charges, with the violation of sacred. There is data theft pertaining to 'women and babes' is wartime data-theft UK and other, very serious, for that still being in espionage, intrusion on radiocommunications; and other wiring; horrible crime. Attempts to 'steam roll' and further 'sweat work' the data must be prevented and corrections arrest search warrant for seizure for contrivances.

If The Painter And The Writer Gallery, owner (myself) doesn't take action, by posting blog, or social media, or contacting authority, or other means, such as moving on the No Standing Anytime unlawful traffic violation, then the intercorporate cartel increases their criminal activities. That which I write isn't 'inactive copy'. I want the authority to do the employment office justice, though, they cannot be exploiter to do that task. Not with the horrid data-theft in the devices, they have to look at civil rights, and speak to people whom have the skills to speak to civil rights. No, I will not use the term 'activist' in regards to myself, as that is non-compliant with standards of lawyering context, and colloquial term, is really not applicable. I am patriotic, and reinforce the laws, and demand that the legislation be in order.

Trouble is legislation that is repugnant, understanding to that.

When there are systems in error naming The Child Care Act 1972. The scandalous matter is ambiguous, too ambiguous to pass.

Don’t use the words ‘care’ on a human or a child, make certain there is no ambiguity that care-take means maintaining property, things. That children are the parents responsibility, and children must be obedient to the laws of Australia, via the parents.

Estate guardian, should never be mucked into the contrivances of State, being a ‘guardian’.

Too many children taken from parents by weapons and poisons dealers in Australia, and put into ‘fosters’ cartel situations. The child doesn’t have a say in that.

The idea is that between two Australian parents, the child chooses whom they want to be with.

That which claims a decent law-abiding citizen, as ‘wrong to name a camera flaw’ or ‘shrinkwrapper’. Whom is that? Whom lays this claim of that which is improper/ ill to speak of? Scandalous matter must be properly put, though, please recognise the context, when the citizen put the scandalous matter properly, and the newspaper and tv did not. The big corporations aided and abetted organised cartel crimes, by following their sabotaged piece of equipment, sabotaged by foreign codes and keys that are security matter, data-theft, intrusion and disobedient to fundamental laws.

I’m thinking of a beautiful woman, whom stood with me Oct 10the 2019, to demand her child not be drugged by RANZCP, and taken into ‘fosters’ cartel, and her denied access to her child, and her husband denied as well. No reason in the legislation that is unconstitutional here, The Mental Health Act of the States/ Territories, utterly repugnant legislation, outrageously wrong, null & void ab from the beginning of 1946, yet giving powers and access codes to RANZCP fellows to monopolize peace, order and good governance into repugnancy in 2022.

People must understand how there are successful Australian citizens, whom save money of their own in their youth, in law-abiding occupations, are violated in Australia.

Name the crime of aiding and abetting abducting children via faux-medicalisation and Structural Error of the Courts, and allow speaking to of the misuse of the term ‘triage’ by medicos, to usurp the Circuit Court.

Understand that a ‘custody battle’ between parents is when medicalisation is there. The medico has no rights to take children for experiments, weapons tests and court data-thefts.

Don’t allow medicos in courts.

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