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Peace Order and Good Government

Author - Ms Initially No, policy writer, independent journalism, CEO of The Painter And The Writer Gallery.

Australian Government asks -

Have your say on

Improper thinking,

That improper thinking is improper

A Commission, that has improper thinking should not be funded by Government, or Government is blamed for the fascism.

Have a say? In what? Must not draft legislation that makes non-sense of legal terms – stigma, discrimination, reduction, and strategy.

First there must be no civil conscription.

None of the provisions, services of 1-V-51-xxiiiA of the Federal Constitution, are ever to be forced.

If any of the provisions, services of 1-V-51-xxiiiA cause disturbance of peace, order and good government, then, do not fund them further.

Holocaust prevention is necessary

Do not misdirect funding

The National Mental Health Commission, seems corrupt of purpose, in legal definitions, and holocaust prevention. The National Mental Health Commission, seems to have fascist leanings, and seems to be aiding and abetting spies evasion, international data-theft, and foreign interference espionage, and violent crimes against Australian citizens; as well as mucking legal language.

Cannot send a document to that is corruption of good governance!

Legal Definitions –


That when a person is disapproved of, the disapproval must have Tangible Object evidence, such as an espionage device, that perpetrated the sabotage. That is the discrimination necessary for the Courts/ Tribunals, so that the Courts/ Tribunals, venues, and Street Guides and policing of alerts and guides radiocommunications and telecommunications, and spectrum allotments are not violated. The old version of Stigma is Attainder, or Attainted with Treason. And people were branded to mark them for life. Corruption issues, meant that there was fascist blame-shifting onto people innocent of the crime of treason, trespass, traitor. It is easily understood that RANZCP fellows are disapproved of, fascist, and the RANZCP fellows are the Attainder, to be branded with Stigma for life.

The RANZCP fellows are perpetrating outrageous violations, fascism, and are enemy combatants to Australian people. RANZCP fellows are violation peace, order and good government. Don't protect & promote their improper thinking!

RANZCP fellows and their intercorporate cartel have perpetrated sabotage against law-abiding citizens in Australia, their businesses and property. That is whitecapping offense.

RANZCP fellows have redirected audits on their equipment, onto human bodies, in their own houses, and business. Though, when RANZCP fellow perpetrate the shift of the monitor of the dangerous machine patent compliance and conditions, and audit, onto a person that the RANZCP fellows arbitrarily detain, and inject with poisons standard breach, the RANZCP fellows attempt ‘i patent lodge’ and claim to have ‘typographical error’. That is outrageous fraud by espionage device, and the RANZCP fellows need to be charged with the offenses, and typosquatting, or cybersquatting by espionage device.

When RANZCP fellows perpetrate typosquatting against Australian civilians, that are more educated, intelligence, and capable of building the Australian economy – the RANZCP fellows perpetrations being visually obvious in the Parade of Horrors in the street surrounding the business, and person that the RANZCP fellows and their cartel pharmaceutical violators, persecute. The stigma then becomes obvious to eye witnesses - violation of spectrum, mechanical contrivances, the devices unlawful used that are spyware. Then, there are more than two witnesses.

Besides, RANZCP fellows boast about forced human experimentation on Australian citizens. RANZCP fellows have also boasted about sales and sharing of information to every country in the world. RANZCP fellows have been sharing biometric ID of Australian citizens. RANZCP fellows have been sharing spectrographic information of human biology, when that information was never permitted, obtained under torture, arbitrary detention and RANZCP fellows intended slavery on that citizen, as a shield to serious cartel activities, against their will, for the rest of their lives!

That RANZCP fellows tie people to beds, to perpetrate antitrust laws, and make tying arrangements.

RANZCP fellows and their cartel violators need to be locked in jail for serious espionage offenders. Not regular jail, due to the offenses, and potential hidden devices, polymers, or ways of using materials engineering to code, or unlock, via sky.

People also need to know when pharmaceutical cartel, is attempting Plainsfolk Propaganda, and is actually, in the employ of the intercorporate corporate medico-pharmaceutical cartel. That cartel, have been claiming ‘disability access’ equipment that is spyware, not permitted, and other ‘improvements’ via ‘NDIA/ NDIS’. That is a co-conspirator with RANZCP, though, may be under pressure recruit, though isn’t to be protected, while firing electronic weapons (that have hit and flick data-theft) to blame-shift onto citizens whom are law-abiding and are victims of psychiatrists’ violations.

Cartel activities must not be aided and abetted by the Australian Government.

Australian Government must take action to jail RANZCP fellows and their Spital staff, pharmaceutical staff, and security staff (Wilson), that perpetrate Crimes Against Humanity and the Commonwealth.

Discrimination –

Discrimination is necessary to stop criminal activities, and to be able to recognise the difference between a victim of psychiatrists’ violations; and a pharmaceutical recruit that is perpetrating espionage assaults on law-abiding citizens, and their equipment, businesses, and using the violations to scam the Government.

Don’t allow criminals to conceal as good-citizens.

Got to out the criminal, and jail them. That is purposeful discrimination.

Do not stigma district, township, or Australian citizens. Discriminate between that which is the crime, and that which is the good citizen, and good business.

Recognise that which is an unambiguous, lawful document, and that which is not doing the job of peace, order and good governance; and is a violation of legal language. Be law-abiding recognise:

· Care-take things, never people, is Legal Language.

· Advertise for ‘shitzy’ is an advertise for an unlawful electronic weapon, and must not be used in frequencies in public events.

· Military Acoustic Defence must not be mixed up in MAD acronym for unlawful medical contraptions used in public events.

· Unlawful listening devices must not be promoted or permitted in performance tests on the community.

· An Addict, is too much of a Poisons Standard, and potential hazard, in criminal hands, that is threat and menace on community. It is not a human, an Addict is a thing. Though when a human is smuggling an Addict, then, the human has an Addict.

· Perpetrating unlawful conduct, is a crime, charge the person with a crime, don’t let the spies evade justice by medicalisation, and certainly don’t let the RANZCP fellows exploit and good citizen, to conceal for the Foreign Interference Espionage, or Internal Attack, Enemy Combatant.

· A disability is a thing, a device, Government Office have Disabilities. A pharmaceutical device, or medical device that is named disability app, has some International Secrecy, and may not be permitted in Australia, and may be classified as unlawful spyware.

· That when there is use of Library ‘Ab’, in an acronym, and anything that is ‘star’, the reference to UK Courts, and military is there. And to have a workshop report of this acronym, for a ‘consulting’ this is very dangerous conduct, that that Australian Government, via the commission into improper thinking, is perpetrating just prior to an election, when due diligence to null & void repugnant legislation should be the priority.

· Violent, persistent, prejudice against Australian citizens, in their own country –

that, is a war crime. Australian people have the right to speak the truth, in their own country.


Black’s Law Dictionary; 11th Edition Bryan A. Garner, Editor in Chief; Thomas Reuters.

Australian Government, Have Your Say, National Mental Health Commission

Radiocommunications Act 1992

Assaults by espionage, Intrusions and violations on this day 24-11-22

Cartel violation, intercorporate, Pfizer device, transmits, ‘we’ll get everyone pouring their hearts out again and they won’t suspect our plot this time to usurp the whole systems electronic while they do it.’ That is serious cartel conduct violation, of Weaver, Cathleen, that has ‘plugs’ in ‘adjoining wall’ that are not permitted trespass. The app that the WEAVER, CATHLEEN; ABN 31 988 927 787, are using are ‘inner spring’ is gaming app piracy intrusion, and ‘herheleigh’ giggle from kitchen, is robotic. That there is concealment for counterfeit money, and other fraud, and data-theft.

That attempts to ‘fume paint or other’ that Pfizer is perpetrating via ABN 33 395 659 642 GARDNER, JEFFERY, and accuse on ‘Paint Right’ Castlemaine (That shop isn’t violation at this time).

Pfizr device is firing espionage, that is ‘I won’t be able to get into the polling booth unless I use her id or other do you think that is right/ riot or do I get caught in the said hacktheif and just a little’; that violator fired at CEO of Fine Art Gallery.

That data-theft, espionage, electronic weapons, biometric ID theft – that needs to be immediately detected. That 25 years in prison for espionage, and make certain that the cartel horrors understand that, might be due diligence at Polling Booths that know they’ve been trespassed. Very serious offense is espionage.

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